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^/nnual publication of 
the Students or 


of the binit/erditu of 
r forth L^arolina 


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^MnniAal publication of 
Ike ^tuaentd of 


0/ /A# LAniuerditu of 
r forth Carolina 









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To Seek and Flourish 


Group Identification 


The Arts 


Social Environment 

>ut the pages of this, the 1956 edition of PINE NEEDLES, you, 
idents and friends, will find a quality of ne 
'"' f and pride, apprehension and ho| 

s in the divisions will be obvious; 

Hon in order that you may better understand the chan< 
vored to group the activities of the C 
life of a ' 
For example, we teel that our three campus public 
fitly different in function, t' 

As the underlying theme of the 1956 PINE NEEDLES wc 
thing Quality. With this our inspiration, 
irsonal and communal growth within I 
■■«»■»■ io add that the picture 

jbjecr lends dignity to the u 
ich as "A Girl In A Libra 



Searching — for strength. Seeking — for 
character. We find . . . humbly we dedicate 
this book to Mr. Charlie, our Friend, our 
Example, and our Guide. We found him in 
religious work — we found him in com- 
munity life — we found him in campus 
activities. His genuine handclasp eased by 
a merry twinkle, his sincere appraisals, his 
constant interest endear him always not 
only to the State, or to Greensboro, or to 
Woman's College, but to each one of us. 
To you, CHARLES W. PHILLIPS, we are in- 
debted for so beautifully exemplifying the 
spirit of our College. 

_yv yj'in in a cJLlm 



Ri printed bj i lission ol Harcourl Com| tny, In. I 

M VJ N l EAG1 I < Rl i< in S opyrighl 19 

And object among dreams, you sil hen with youi shoes "if 

Anil curl vi hi i It us up iindi i \ mi, \ \ i 

( lost i"i .1 moment, youi face moves toward sleep . 

Shrinks from its object with .1 thoughtful sigh. 

This is .1 waist tin spini breaks its arm on. 

The gods themselves, against you, struggle in vain. 

This broad low strong-boned brow; thes< heavj eyes; 

These calves, grown muscular with certainties; 

Tins nose, three medium-si/cd pink strawberries 

— But I exasperate. In a little you will leave: 

III hear, halt squeal, halt shriek, vour laugh ol greeting 

Then, iecteuendo, ,.t thai strange speech 

In which each sounil sets out to seek each other. 

Murders its own father, marries its own mother. 
And ends as one grand transcendental vowel, 

(Yet for all I know, the Egyptian Helen spokt s,, 1 

As I look, the world contracts around you: 

I see Brunnhilde had hrow n braids and .classes 

She used for studying; Salome straight hrow n bancs. 

A calf's brown eyes, and sturdy light-brown limbs 

Dusted with cinnamon, an apple-dumpling s 

Many a beast has gnawn a leg off and got free, 

Many a dolphin curved up from Necessity — 

The trap has closed about you, and you sleep. 

It someone questioned you, 11/'.// Jnt\t thou here} 

You'd knit your brows like an orangoutang 

(But not so sadly; not so thoughtfully) 

And answer with a pure heart, guilelessly: 

I'm studying . . . 

ff only you were not! 


the Official Rulebo, i 
Ol B.itketb.tll — ah. let them go. you needn't mind. 
The soul has no assignments, neither cooks 
Nor referees: It wastes its time. 

Here in this enclave there are centuries 

For you to waste: the short and narrow stream 

Of Life meanders into .1 thousand valleys 

Of all that was, or might have been, or is to be. 

The books, just leafed through, whisper endlessly . . . 

Yet it is hard. One sees in your blurred eves 

The "uneasy half-soul'' Kipling saw in dogs 

One sees it, in the glass, m one's own cms 

In rooms alone, in galleries, in libraries. 

In tears, in searchings of the heart, in staggering im> 

We memorize once more our old creation. 

Humanity: with what \awns tin unwilling 

Flesh puts on its spirit. O my sisu 1 ' 

So many dreams' And not one trouhlis 
Your sleep of life? no sell st.nes shadow ily 
From these worn hexahedrons, beckoning 
With false smiles, tears .' . . . 

Meanwhile Tatyana 
Larina (gray eyes nickel with the moonlight 
That falls through the willows onto Lensky s tomb; 
Now young and shy, now old and cold and sure) 

Asks, smiling "But what is shi dreaming ol fat thing? 

1 I" ' 

She purrs or laps or runs, .ill in hi r skip; 

Believes, .. 

She mil 1 I 

Around mans head that inconceivable cmhantment 

1 hi 1. 1 -line back t" hit 

To find our graves dug, families dead, selves dying 

Of all tins, 1 anya, she is inn 

! realirj 

They look alike already 

They say, man wouldn't hi 

llli best thing in this world and isn t In ' 
If he were not too good for it. But she 
M11 s good enough tor it 

And yet sometimes 
lit 1 simdi form, in its pink strapless formal. 
Is .is it bathed in moonlight modulated 
Into a form ol joy, .1 l.vdian mode; 
I Ins Wooden Mean's a kind, furred animal 
That sp,.iks, in tin w ild .,t things, delighting riddles 
To the soul that listens, trusting . . . 

P.... 1 senseless l.itt 
When, in the last light sleep of dawn, the messenger 
( omes with h^ message, you will not awake. 
Hi II giv« his feathery whistle, shake you hard. 
Vou II look with wide cms at the dewy yard 
And dream, with calm slow factuality: 
'Today's Commencement M\ bachelor's degree 
In lh -in. I 1 . my d.utorati of philosoph) 
In Phys. Ed. 

[Tanya, they won't even .<.;;/] 
Are waiting for me . . 

Oh. Tatvana. 
The Angel comes: better to squawk like a chicken 
Than to say with truth, "But I'm a go:, J girl. 
And Meet his Challenge with a last firm strange 
Uncomprehending smile; and then, then!- set 

rh< blind d.itt that has stood you up: \oui lift 
(For all this, if it isn't, perhaps, life. 
Has it t, .it least, .. languagi "t its own 
Different from tin books . »,m t than the books ) 
"let , , vet . . . 

to have one s life add up to n .- ' 

Vou sigh .1 shuddering si C h ratyana murmurs. 

Dun I cry, little pi.tsant ; leans us with a swift 
"Good-bye. bood-byt Ah. don't think ill of me . . 

Your eves open: you sit here thoughtless]-. 

I love vou -and vet and vet- 1 love vou. 

Don't cry. little peasant. Sit and dream 
One comes, a linger s width beneath your skin. 
In tin braided maidens singing as they spin. 

i nd the shepherd's pipe, the watchman's rattk 
A, ioss the short dark distance of the years. 
I am a thought ol i.'ins and vet. vou do not think . . . 

hi ol a long, blind, dreaming storv 
Lingers upon your lips; and I have seen 
Firm, fixed forever in vour .losing eve^. 
The Corn King beckoning to his Spring Queen. 



>J w, 


•'•> . 







Search for Leadership 

in Student Government 


Secretary of Student Government 


Treasurer of Student Government 

"We, the students of the Woman's College, 
University of North Carolina, acting under the 
authority granted by the Board of Directors and 
faculty, in order to assume individual and com- 
munity responsibility in the life and conduct of 
the students of the college in all matters that 
are not reserved in the said grant of power, and 
believing that there is honor and dignity in Stu- 
dent Government, in accordance with the agree- 
ment between the President of the University 
and the students, do ordain and establish. . . ." 

These are words taken from the preamble of 
the Constitution of the Student Government 
association. They formulate the meaning of 
having a governing body in which the student 
voice is heard, in which the student herself may 
practice the principles of democratic living. In 
a tripartite community of students, faculty, and 
administration, Student Government Association 
is the official organ of student opinion and co- 
operation in the promotion of common welfare 
at Woman's College. 

Dr. Walter Demrath speaks to pre-school conference members. 



Fran Turner CIkhuii.ii! 

Julia Ann Crater Secretary 

Miss Marjorie Leonard Upperclassman Counselor 


Miss Janice Murchison . . . Freshman Counselor Advisor 

Dr. Richard Bardolph Faculty Advisoi 

Tina Bat)-, Mary Ann Baum, Ann Braddock, Mary Miles Bridgers, Fay 
Brown. Alice Bull, Eleanor Butler, Carolyn Cooley, Diana Davie, 
Barbara E. Davis, Pat Davis, Frances Deal, Dottie Dixon, Beverly 
Dorman, Betsy Doughton, Sadye Dunn, Judy Ellison, Sandra Farmer, 
Martha Fulcher, Gladys Geltman, Evelyn Greenberg, Mary Hargrove, 
Sara Ann Hickerson, Ann Hill, Christine Hill, Jo Len Jamerson, Helen 
Jernigan, Libby Kaplan, Esther Krasny, Margie Leder, Harrold Lee, 
Martha Legette, Clarajo Lovett, Sharon Lupton, Eleanor Martin, Eliza- 
beth Martin, Karen Martin, Helen Maynard, Mary Nell Meroney, 
Louisa Mordecai, Martha McBrayer, Pat McCauley, Betty McGee, 
Marion McKay, Neill McLeod, Janey Olds, Jo Phillips, Eleanor Powell, 
Carol Pittard, Bernie Roan, Judy Rosenstock, Ann Rutherford, Peggy 
Sanders, Mary Lou Sette, Lu Stephenson, Patty Vaughn, Chris Velonis, 
Mary Wilkinson, Shirley Wilson, Sarah Cole. 

Finance Board 

I in. hi. < Board ■ mill ii. m i.i both students and fatuity 

. irdjng group fimui 
jiiint s hou funds an to I" distributed amon Ann Hided 

s..n, chairman Mis Ma) Adan ind nun. 

bx is \\ iniin ,l Smith, ind I hi 

Honor Board 

I'unin Ki.l., sun .i,„l ( 

Points Committee 

Points Committee strives to hav( .1 greatei numbei ol girls 

semng .is leaders cm campus. This group decides the num- 
ber oi points appropriate for each office according to the 
responsibility it tarries. Sarah Cole is student chairman, with 
members Ann Mi Arthur. Raihel Pharr. Fay McClellan 
Martie Yow, Sarah Holroyd, Advisor, Madeli M 1 



Elections Board 

This group supenisc-s the many elections on campus through- 
out the year, and handles the tedious paper work that is 
an inseparable part of our democratic method of election 
Janey Olds is committee chairman with members Winifred 
Smith, |o Strickland, Sarah Shuping, l.u [ordan, Sail] Scott 

and Man Lou Sette. 

Student-Faculty Reviewing Committee 

Led he Mrs Anne F. Carter, the members. Man Van Dyke, 
loAnni Safrit, Lu Jordan. Gladys Gelfman, Bunm Robeson. 
Ruth Sides, Margaret Hood, lulu Shore. William Deveney. 
Dr. Jean Gagcn. and Dr. James Hagood. seek to maintain 
smooth relationships between faculty and students. 




Judicial Board 

Judicial Board is the student judiciary authority entrusted with handling 
all major offenses. Hall Board, held in each dormitory, is the branch 
of Judicial Board which deals with minor offenses. 

Working with corrective rather than punitive measures in mind. 
Judicial Board strives to instill the idea of responsible freedom and 
a democratic way of life in each student. 

Fav Brow n 

Barbara Burroughs 

Mary Nell Meroney 

Martha Fulcher 

Mary Michal 

Shay Harris 

Mary Jo Myrick 

Ellen Lewis 

Carol Pittard 

Catherine Maj 


ia Wilson 

Ann Rutherford 

Miss JaYI I i Mi iM \>. 

UE . . . 


wr to Judicial Board 

Chairman of Judicial 





Judy Rosenstock 


* w 

The Consolidated 


In mJci to fulfill the needs ol the < onsolidated I Wversit) ol North 
Carolina on campus, the students .it the three branches ol thi I ni 
versit) termed the Consolidated Universitj Student Council in l'ns 

The purpose ol the counc il is to a< i .is a liaison among the thn i 
campuses and to represenl the opinions, interests, and welfare ol the 


The three schools .ue represented by .1 board ol eleven members. 
Meetings are held quarterly, alternating among the schools, and 
executive council meetings are held after each general council meet- 
ing with the President of the University. 

Each year. "Consolidated University Days" are held at the three 
schools so that the students may know their University, and one 
another, better. 

University Council 


Left to right: Luther Hodges, Jr., Chairman, U.N C; Gladys Gelfman, W.C.; Jim Martin, U.N.C; Barbara 
E. JDavis W.C.; Craig_ L. Bornhardt,_ State College. John Lane, State College: James Kimsey, U.N.C; 

State College: Ed Rose. 

'.C Fran T 
State College: Harrold Lee. W.C.; Bob Garner, U.N.C: Patt 
Fulcher. W.C; 

ner, W.C. Ed 

I.C.; Don Fowler. U.N.C: 


W "1 *B 3 

w ^^^^! 

r/" W 

Upperclassman and 
Commercial House 
Presidents and Counselors 

The smiling face, the enduring patience, the necessary, perfect- 
ly-timed pat on the back — all combine to remind us of house 
presidents and counselors who make us a unit, a dormitory. 

Hinshaw Hal 


Kirkland Hall 

Mendenhall Hall 

House President 


Mary Foust Hall 


New Guilford Hal 



North Spencer Hall 

Weil Hall 

House President 


Ragsdale Hal 


Winfield Hall 



South Spencer Hal 


National Student Association 

It is the aim of National Student Association Council to represent student opinion to regional and national assemblies and 
to gain from these assemblies concrete ideas which will enable them to aid their student government and campus. 

The seven official members of the Council are chosen on the basis of their, interest in the campus, the student govern- 
ment, and National Student Association. They act as representatives of their own class to the local National Student Associ- 
ation and to other member student governments promoting such projects as the National Student Association travel program, 
the campus international program, and the student government leadership training program. 

Notional Student Association Council relaxes for 

Service League 

With its twofold purpose of serving the campus and 
the less fortunate, Service League had a full year 
sponsoring the Hook Exchange, the Clean-Up Cam- 
paign, the Bloodmobile, and the Clothing Drive. The 
Annual Purse Drive was Service League's greatest 
objective, and the proceeds were apportioned to 
.World University Service, Negro Scholarship Fund. 
Christmas Seal Fund, Care, Community Chest, Can- 
cer. Polio, and various other worthy organizations. 



row: Barb 

Morgan, Anne 

Peggy Shcrrill, Joon Bonduranr. Sara 
Jo Anne Eller. Frances Settle Fourth 
Blue Firth row: Bobbie Ro»h, Alma 

of Clean 
m Quinn, Chain 
of Publicity; Mary Ann 

Elliott Hall 

The Elliott Hall Council functions as the policy-making board of managers of Elliott Hall. Realizing the entertainment and 
cultural needs of the campus, the Council attempts to present a diversified and flexible program which includes every student. 

The Council consists of the President of Elliott Hall, a representative elected from each residence hall, and one 
representative from the Town Student's Association. Closely integrated with the Council are the chairmen of the seven 
committees which organize the student activity programs of Elliott Hall. 

First row, left to right: Kothenne Moore, Anita Fletcher, Kathryn Clay, Harriet Conrad, Sarah Cole, Nancy Mitchell, Borl 
Eleanor Butler, Sally Scott, Peggie Beker, Lib Carnegie, Anne Denmark, Kathryn Wright, Margaret Helms, Mary Louise 
Edwards, Jcckie Gabriel, Kathleei 

Dell Johnson, Carolyn 

Outstanding Seniors 


a 14 U-Jwwn 

Chairman of Judicial Board ... to which she brings 
understanding integrity ... a quiet, pleasant air . . . 
patient . . . serene ... an increasingly respected person. 

4ka ^jr nicker 

President of Student Government . . . energetic idealism 
. . . outgoing . . . charming . . . interested ... she 
gives freely of her time, and herself. 

oij ce 


holder of the Junior Phi Beta Kappa award . . . vivacious 
. . . sympathetic . . . dependably efficient ... a valuable 
personality in campus living. 




onla cu 

Presidenl <>l the Young Women s ( hristian A 
. . . known by her sincere concern l"i others , , . 
gentle . . . intelligent . . gracious - . . thoughtful . . . 
a perfect example of her organization 

^/vidiJj Koienstocl? 

President of Elliott Hall . . . her full-time job . . 
charming . . . cordial . . . enthusiastic . . . poised 
. . .our campus hostess. 

^Atnn Kuthenoni of Honor Board . . . subtle and wholesome 
calm and alert . . . tolerant and steadfast ... a quiet. 
genuine strength 


% ^Jumer 

Vice-President of Student Government ... a strong, 
friendly personality . . . versatile . . . efficient . . . witty 
. . . surprising . . . reason personified. 


uHeu v Wilson 

President of the Senior Class . . . also Katishaw ol 
"The Mikiva" . . . perceptive . . . determined . . . sincere 
. . . capable ... .1 straightforward individual, 

Leadership in 

Luther H. Hodges 

Governor of North Carolina 


J. Harris Purks 

President of the Consolidated University of North Carolina 


I 1 

/ xt ^K (; 




^^^^H ttn 

' ■ 





Edward K. Graham 


A graduate of the University of North 
Carolina, Dr. Edward Kidder Graham 
has long been identified with loyal 
service to education in North Carolina. 
He came to the Woman's College as 
Chancellor in 1950 after serving as 
Dean of Faculties at Washington Uni- 
versity in St. Louis, Missouri. His ideas 
and vibrant personality have added life 
and interest to the many organizations 
to which he has given his time and 

Katherine Taylor 

Dean of Women 

Respected and admired is our able Dean of Women, 
Katherine Taylor. Formerly a member of the 
Woman's College faculty, Dean Taylor plays a 
vital role in all phases of campus activity. Because 
of her consideration and interest, as well as her 
keen insight into campus affairs, she has become the 
connecting link between the student body and the 

AAereb Mossman 

Dean of Instruction 

The smooth running of our classes is the result of 
the leadership provided by Miss Mereb E. Mossman, 
Dean of Instruction. Born in Kansas, Miss Mossman 
was educated at Morningside College in Iowa and 
the University of Chicago. Combining a wealth of 
experience in the field of sociology and the enthusi- 
asm of an interested friend, she has become a valu- 
able asset to Woman's College. 



1 ;» 

«VA /•; 

1 ^\ 

4 ' 




m ■ 





Li WM 


We owl- many thanks to those who 

comprise our administrative assistants. 
for they work tirelessly to make us a 
stronger and better Woman's College. 
Our graduate school, our infirmary, 
the dining halls, the library, function 
smoothly under their able management. 
They are sometimes overlooked by us 
in our bustle of activity, but never for- 
gotten, for without them our college 
could not exist. 



- r 





mm % 






Sylvio Kimbro th 

The Class of 



First row, left to right: Ginny Pear 
Second row: Norns Spencer, Barbar 
Robin McRae, Pat Kelly. 


s, Jeanette Bradshi 
McDonald, Rito B 

ancy Robertson, Betty Motley, Merl 
Jackie Sheets, Julie Shore, Ann Cu 


Glancing back on our freshman year we realize the progress we have made since that day in September when wc- first became 
known as College Frosh. We quickly learned the habits and "ropes" of college life and hastened to catch up with the upper- 
classmen by choosing our leaders, our motto, and song. We had instilled in our hearts the hopes of making our first year at 
Woman's College a success and we eagerly looked forward to the new fall term. 

Jody Gaddy advises Phy 

believe my bruises came from this!" yells Pat Peri- 

Each Sophomore is a queenly cat. I'm just a lowly Freshman i 

Jeanette Bradshaw, Patn 
Honet Brown, Ruth Bryan 
Phyllis Conrad. 

artha Bradley Third row: 
Campbell, Ann Chappell, 

Nancy Eberl 
Glenda Free 

Second row: 

Macon Hughes, Dorothy 

Bailey Hall 

House President 

r* «•> 

'V ■■ 

?ST" )tk 

a^. \ t^ r.»m 

* ~^ . '■■**/£ 

to right: First row: Mary Parker, Rita Parrish, Martha Paschall, 
t Pate, Stuart Pendergraft, Carolyn Phillips, Charlotte Pope. Second 

Mortha Powell, Mary Rodford, Anne Rogers, Margerette Rousseau, 
/ Rowe, Janeen Sand, Marilyn Scott, Nancy Scott, Sarah Shatley, 
lyn Shugar, Frances Sides. Third row: Kay Stewart, Elizabeth Sugg, 
; Thomos, Nancy Tilson, Lanny Walden, Sally Wall, Peggy Warlick, 
White, Bennie Williams, Jane Williamson, Luanda Woodard, Sara 

Wolfe, Ann Worsley, Etta Young, Sally Zochary, Kay Zeigler. 

Gcraldine Brannock, Patricia Burke, Kathryn Carpenter, Janet Carraway, 
Patricia Clifton Third row: Sarah Cobb, Margaret Cox, Carole Crowder, 
Moreen Delmar, Carolyn Donnely, Jon Lee Doughton, Ann Dumaresq, 
Ella Edmundson, Charlotte Egerton, Nancy Ephland, Annette Epstein, 
Nita Ferrell, Evelyn Fisher. 

Frances Holt Hughes, 
joraan i nira row: Betty Julian, Merle kot. 
ari King, Sara Kline, Judith Knowles, Sharon 
, Rachel McArver, Jean McCauley, 

Coit Hall 

Pat McCauley, 

Gloria Put 

Reed, Janet Rn 

1 row: Mattie Michel, "Snooky" Money, Allie Moore, 

Lett to right: First row: Betty Seism, Johnnie Seymore, Julia Shore, Mary 

Nancy Moore, Kay Morris Second row: Barbara 

Dale Shue, Bonnie Sigmon, Martha Smith. Second row: Clara Smith, 

Myers, Joyce Myrick, Anne Newlin, Rachel Nichols, 

Peggy Speagle, Janice Specter, Sarah Spnngthorpe, Mory Stephenson. 

rgaret Park. Third row: Lynda Pell, Jane Perkins, 

Nancy Strupe, Merle Sutton Third row: Sara Swartz, Angela Tolbert, 
Nancy Thames, Sally Ann Trainer. Norma Triplett, Ellen Turner, Nina 

tnam. Fourth'row: Mary Quilhn, ' Shirley Ray, Diana 

Walker, Sonia Warren. Fourth row: Rebecca Weatherford. Terrell Eliza- 

Phillis Robinett, Betty Rowel 1, Frances Saunders, Ann 

beth Weaver, Jean Whiting, Dru Wilkes, Barbara Williams, Bennie 

Wilmoth, Betsy Wilson, Eulo Wilson, Annie Wright. 

Left to right: First row: Mary Ruth Allen, Alice Joai 
Barnhardt, Norma Gwynn Basnight, Beverly June Bethea, Rita Rae 
Boggs. Second row: Sally Faye Brown, Linda Lee Bryan, Sandra W. 
Burke, Dorothy Burns, Barbara Bush, June Butler, Linda Caplan Third 
e Cheek, Constance Clarke, Linda Clark, 
■Jancy Collins, Suzanne Cook Fourth row: 
Anne Crowder, Mary Louise Crumbley, 
npler, Nancy Culbreath, Alice Dannenbaum, Dons Darling- 

Mary A. Carothers, 
Coleman, Mary Col 
e Cox, Nancy Cro 

DeWitt, Mary Sue Du 
Second row: Gail Fa 
Foushee, Dolores Frye, Mary Geile, 

row: Deanm 
Dwight, Fn 

Sally Gluyas. Third row: Rose Goldin, Adele Grc 
Hale, Mary Hanna, Geneva Hardesty, Edith Hargrove, Florence 
, Ann Harris Fourth row: Carol Harris, Martha Harris, Patricia 
n, Eleanor Herring, Eugenia Hickerson, Harriet Hilton, Doris 
Dorothy Hopkins, Sandra Hux. 

Cotten Ha 

Lupton, House President 

Margaret S 
Elizabeth K 
Long, Mary Longes' 
McCall, Sy " 

i.IgHc Gl'-.r 

Rose Moore, Pamela Morris, Carolyn Norris, 

an. Third row: Eunice Saunders^ 

, Sally Edna Silverstein, Wanda 

Steel, Sandra Storey. Fourth row: 

Wagoner, Barbara Jean 

. Janie Sue Bailey, Dorothy Nell 
Faye Best, Betty ' 

ck, Mary Brown, Virginia Broyhill, Emilje 
Cannon, Eugenia Cates, " 
Rebecca Conner, Edna Cox, Peggy Craver, Grey Davis, Goha Patricia 
DeArmon, Louise Holliday Deifell, Anne Diedench, Fourth row: Paula 
Dockerv, Penny Sue Dodd, Dee Ann Dorsett, Anne Duke, Elizabeth Efird, 
Carolyn Page Erwin, Peggy Essick, Wanda Fishel. 

r, Borbora Field, Grace 
.... Garrison Second row: 
Terry Garrison, Mane Goylor, Anna G.bson, Louise Gooch, Patricio 
Homer, Lilly Harper, Nancy Harper Third row: Frances Anne Horrclson, 
Bertha Horns, Nancy Hams, Floy Hawkins, Gloria Gaye Herndon, 
Monlyn Hickey, Ann Hudnell. Fourth row: Nancy Hunmcutt, Nancy 

Gray Hall 

i Stephenson, House President 
iss Joylee Montague, Counselor 


to right 

First row: 

ee. Emma Pat Leonard, Frc 

Lineberger, Mary Long, 

Barbara McDonald, Jo Ann Money 

Second row: 

Barbara Mayfield, Julie M 

ebone, Linda 

Morehead Mien Mull, Margaret Myers. Third row: L 


Mitzi Par 

ish, SyK 

la K'jo Peevy, Bettie Pettyiohn, Myma 


e Pitts Fourth row 

Emily Potter, Hannah Pro 


or', Ola 

Robbins, Peggy Roberson, 


one Russe 

Left to right: First row: Wanda Russell, Doris Shamel, Joan Sharpe, Edna 
Louise Sigmon, Sue Simpson, Suzanne Sistare Second row: J.mise Skill- 
man, Edyth Smart, Rebecca Smith, Helen Patricia Snuggs, Ellen Norris 
Spencer, Annie Spivey. Third row: Honet Springs, Connne Sussman, 
Harriet Sutton, Ruth Temple, Morgaret Underwood, Mary Ward, Mary Jo 

hams, Peggy 

Peggy You 

Warren Fourth row 

Mary Wiese, 

Faye Baincs, Mourdine Baker, Elizabeth Barrow Second row: 
Blackburn, Katie Boyd, Martha Jean Boyette, Carol Dee Boyku 
Jane Braak, Bilhe Brewer, Kay Bridges. Third row: Barbara 1 
Joan Brock, Helen Browning, Evelyn Bruton, Susan Burdette, Mir 
Byrd, Gladys Carter, 

. Joyce Farthing. Second row: 
, Betsy Fulp, Shirley Gales, Becky 
Gold Third row: 

Havilond. Fourth 




Jamison Hal 


the, HOUS 



Jr^Lt! ' & '<* ^^ 





Left to right: First row: Wilma Jones, Pat Kelly, Betty Keener, Carol 
Kinsland. Joanne Kiser, Marsha Kneger, Anita Long Second row: Phoebe 
McDonald, Robin McRae, Patsy Maddox, Patsy Madry, Glynda Manor, 
Shirley Massie, Betty Jo Mercer, Virginia Minges, Clara Jean Minton. 
Third row: Barbara Moore, Rebecca Moore, Shirley Moron, Mary Morris, 
Ann Newbould. Third row: Joy O'Connell, Nell O'Connell, Jo Parsons, 

Left to right: First row: Jane Powell, Elsie Prevette, Brenda Registei, 
Maxine Revelise, Carol Samisch, Betty Ann Scott, Denise Shea. Second 
row: Elizabeth Sikes, Lois Smith, Mary Lou Smith, Mryna Smith, Mary 
Snell. Patricia Spivey, Diane Stone, Patricia Strickland, Emmie Lou Teal, 
Charlotte Thomas. Third row: Mary Tibbets, Peggy Torrans, Virginia 
Vickers, Shelia Vincent, Billie Jo Wall, Claudia Walsh, Anne Wellons 

Vyrettie Wrench, Betty Zeh. 

Barton. Second row: Mary Taylo 

r Batten, Constance Beleos, Barbora 

Second row: Bo 

tsy Jonc Hicks, Mory Ann Hunter, G - 

Alice Bennett, Margaret Virgini 

a Biddy, Betty Lee Billings, Mary 
n Blankcnbecler, Patricia Foil Bost. 

Janice Olivia Iv 

ey, Barbara Dale Jackson, Patricio Ann Johnston, Noncy 

Frances Blackwelder, Joyace An 

Lmdo Joyner. Third row: Sue Gorrell Kasey, JaneMe 

Third row: Virqinia Lorene Bridge? 

., Mory Elizabeth Bush, Betsy Rebecca 

Frankie King, A 

Aeredith Bloke Lcntz, Mory Morgaret Lewis, Martha Ann 

Byrd, Mary Evelyn Cabe, Annette 

Cecilc Cagle, Betty Ann Cagle, Mary 

McComb, Jane 

Wyatt McGee, Emmo Jocquchno McMohon, Anno Lcc 

Louise Chapman, Elaine Gwendoly 

n Cohen, Virginia Adams Cottingham, 

Peggy Ann Cottrell. 

Shaw Hall 

Legette, House President 
arilyn Hobel, Counselor 

Left to right: First row: Sandra Sue Marshall, Patricia Ann Martin, Betty 
Louise Masters, Betty Motley, Carol Townsend Nichols, Mary Katherine 
Nicholson. Second row: Patricia Merle Ogburne, Alicia Sue Ormond, 
Emma Sue Ormond, Betsy Helen Paromore, Margaret Ann Peacock, 
Virginia Elaine Pearce. Third row: Betty Louise Peck, Helen ' 

"' " i Ann Poliakoff, Peggy Joyce Quinn, Carolyn Sue Richey, 
Fourth row: Omio Sue Rummage, Mary Joanne Saleeby, 

right: First row; 



Eltzobeth Sloan, Jonet Lorctta Snow, Anno 
Louise Stallings, Jonet Louise Stautfer, Barbara Lee Sultan Second row: 
Sarah Virginia Sykes, Edna Rose Templeton, Billie Frosier Thomas, Rhono 
Tossman, Johanna Lee Trupp, Wilma Kay Turner. Third i 

Yvonne White, Carolyn Koye Whitworth. Fourtl 
Wilkinson, Mary Faye Williams, Rebecca Jane 
Winstead, Mary Smith Wolfe, Sally Porks Wolfe 

,a w V o,?o n n n 

First row, left to right: Ann Baker, Ruby Kay Biown, Mary Buck, 
Christine Cannon, Jackee Carswelt, Carole Coberly. Second row: Valerie 
Cogburn, Margaret Connatser, Mary Cox, Mary Ann Cross, Ann Doniels, 
Shirley Dixon, Nancy Dougherty, Anne Fowler, Ann Fromberger Third 
row: Peggy Gaster, Sandra Harrison, Jane Hickok, Foye Holland, Linda 
Johnson, Nancy Jones, Rmda Law, Martha McCulloch, 

Anita McDonald, Beth McLamb. 

Park, Gwen Pendergraph, Els 

Diane Rex, Jessie Rhodes, Mildred Sandrone, Barbara Schaefer. Third 

row: Jacquelyn Sheets, Dorothy Smith, Frances Snider, Ann Strickland, 

Margoret Ann Stutz, Louise Tandy, Sue Thorpe, Marcia Warford, Gloria 

Watson, Sarah Westmoreland, Nancy Wheeler, Areida Wilson, Lucy 


Woman's Ha 

Elizabeth Mo 

Pat McCauley is not sympathetii 












"he Class of 





o i 

We felt that we had finally arrived as upperclassmen when Sermon and our class project. "The Red Shoes. All year 

our green jackets were delivered back in the fall. We cele- long we grew closer to one another and to Woman's College, 

brated with a Jacket Dinner and serenaded the entire campus. We gamed responsibility and privileges in this our Sopho- 

We "ratted" the Freshmen and entertained them with a more year, 
talent show. We also worked together on the University 

wonderful weekend . 



•w If 



C. hospitality extends to Santa Claus. 


First row, left to right: Bette Mae Adams. Marilyn Adams, Patricia 
Elizabeth Addison, Janet Burnett Agnew, Josephine Albert, Ann 

Second row: Jesse Alexander, Janet Dean Allen, Joanne Dexter Allen, 
Marjorie Ann Allen, Joyce Alligood, Sarah Jean Allison, Joyce Alston, 
Stella Anderson, Joan Williams Ash, Suzanne Atchison. 

Thirdrow: Mary Atwell, Raoula Bach, Edith Balentine, Pace Barnes, 
Beth Barrow, Jennie Lee Bartlett, Gloria Bass, Nancy Jean Bateman, 
Nancy Bates, Victoria Beddoes. 

Not pictured: Betty Dove Adams, Sarah Baldree, Carolyn Faye Bald- 
win, Jayne Beatty. 

Gift 0000 () o o 

First row, left to right: Titsa Beleos, Loretta Berlin, Mary Elizabeth 
Berrier, Suzanne Bethea, Cynthia Leigh Bivins, Eva Bix. Ann Black. 

Second row: Martha Jon Blackwelder, Sally Blackwell, Shirley Blank- 
enship, June Marise Blanton. Ann Foster Blevins, Geraldine Blevins, 
Betty Block. Ella Blossom, Ann Bouldin. 

Third row: Mary Howard Bovven, Myrtle Annette Boyette, Wilma 
Patsy Boyle, Elizabeth Braddy, Nancy Bradfield, Polly Gray Brad 
shaw, Marlene Braver, Joyce Worth Bridgers, Mary Miles Bridges, 
Rutisha Brigmon, B.llie Rose Britt. 

Not pictured: Nancy Carolyn Bowman, Jane Lee Braswell, Virginia 



ac>o & of>o ^n 


First row, left to right: Elizabeth Ann Brooks, E. Ann Brown, Mary 
Clayton Brown, Lou Anne Brumley, Judith Burch, Millie Clayton 

Second row: Jo Ann Burge, Annie Maude Burns, Barbara Burroughs, 
Joy Burwell, Betty Jean Busby, Claudette Butler, Glenda Cabra Cald- 
well. Sandra Carole Caldwell. 

Third row: Lynn Callahan, Elnora Callaway, Janelle Callaway, 
Claire Cannon, Marjorie Canterbury, Patricia Carden, Meeta Carlton, 
Ann Carlyle, Jane Carpenter, Mary Miller Carson, Sara Elizabeth 
Carter, Betty Sue Cash. 

Not pictured: Elizabeth Ann Brown, Patricia Broyhill, Beverly Bryant, 
Sallie Ann Carroll. 

First row, left to right: Anne- Cathay, Barbara Ann ( audle, Emily 
( hagaris, Nell < halmers, Tini Rae Chambers, Anita Chandler. 

Second rou : Janette ( hurch, Betty Sue Clarl Shirlej Kennedy Clon- 
inger, Nelda Cobb, N.uuv Cockerham, Barbara Cone, Frona Conn, 
Edith Margaret Conrad. 

Third row: Faye Cooper, Barbara Cooper, Marian Cornelius, ( arolyn 
( otchett, Cynthia Sue Courtney, Mildred Coxe, Julia Ann Crater, 
foanna (raw hud, Imogene Small Creech, Adeliah Smyer Crouch 
Patricia Crumpacker, Carolyn < uneo. 

Not pictured: Nancy Childress. [Catherine Covington, Mrs. Julia 
Elizabeth Crosby, I leanor Crosby. 





First row, left to right: Roxanne Dark, Florine Davenport, Barbara 
Jean Davis, Carolyn Jane Davis, Carrie Naomi Davis, Mary Louise 

Second row: Nancy Elizabeth Davis, Norma Davis, Beatrice DeHart, 
Carolyn Denny, Phyllis DeYoung, Marian Dickens, Frances Doby, 
Judith Dockery, Irene Dodson. 

Third row: Rebecca Doughton, Janie Draper, Johnnie DuFour, 
Margaret Dunlap, Patricia Anne Eason, Doris Jean Edwards. Mary 
Anne Ehle. Carol Epstein, June Eudy, Frances Evans. 

Not pictured: Helen Maria Davis. Gayle Mane Dobson, Edna 
l)nw dy. 

First row: Nancy Lee Everett, Nancy Everhart, Sandra Farmer, Diane 
Fary, Erna Feldman, Janet Finch. 

Second row: Rita Fishkin, Rebekah Fitzgerald, Joan Forester, Mrs. 
Rev a Pauline Fortune, Sylvia Fowler, Julia Ann Fox, Game Freeman, 
Adelaide Jeane Fuller. Barbara Funderburk. 

Third rou : Sylvia Gallaway, Carolyn Gardner, Nancy (lamer, Emily 
Sue Garrett, Elizabeth Love Garvie, Mary Arnold Garvin, Carolyn 
Gaskill, Beverly Gates, Christine Dale Gentry, Janel Gibbs, Mary 
Gilmer, Suzanne Glenn. Evelyn Hope Goode. 


Not pictured: Julia George, Gloria Gilmore. 

k nno^ o^o ml 


First row, left to right: Cordelia Goodnight, Peggy Grady. Alma 
Graham, Beverly Sale Graves, Nancy lone Greene, Linda Griffin. 

Stir, nd row: Patricia Ann Griffin, Meda Cash Grigg, Joan Griggs, 
M. Patricia Grubb, Freida Louise Hagan. Voye Haithcock, Jane Ham- 
mond, Anne Hamor, Olivia Lee Handy. 

Third row: Joyce Hannah. Martha Ellen Harbison, Rebecca Ann 
Hardin, Elizabeth Waye Hardy, Ellen Douglas Harris, Nancy Harris, 
Wayne Hart, Rebecca Louise Hatcher, Frances Haynes, Margaret 
Head, Helen Morgan Heck. 

Not pictured: Judith Goodman, Sarah Harriss, Patricia Helgeson. 

First row, left to right: Madeline Gail Herman, Rebecca Hestei 
Wanda Hester, Joanna [Catherine Hinds, Jane Hoke Joyo Holland 

Second row: Sibyl Freda Holshouser, Carolyn fean Hon, Valerie 
Honsinger, Rachel Howell, Anna Neese Huffine, Betty ( arolyn Hufl 
man. Verlena Faye Hyatte, Gladys Jacobs. 

Third row: Jacoby, Jo Len Jamerson, Mary Douglas Jenkins, 
Nancy Ray Jernigan, Patricia Jernigan, Martha Jester, Dagmar John- 
nessen, Dorothy Jane Johnson, Elizabeth Dalton Johnson. 

Not pictured: Christine Hines, Mary Jo Hippie, Lana Jon Htx, 
Harriet Hodgin, Phyllis Jean Hutchins, Theresa Hyatt, Dorothy Anne 




First raw. left to right: Graye Johnson, Mary Tew Johnson, Sara Jo 
Johnston, Norma Jones, Patricia Ann Jones, Frances Jordan. 

Second row: Sandra Kalhn. Nancy Jean Kearns, Mary Ann Kennedy, 
Barbara Kennedy, Genelda Kepley, Mary Elizabeth Killian, Elizabeth 
Ann King, Mary Kirkland, Nancy Lee Kiser. 

Third row: Phyllis Gertrude Kistler, Barbara Kleinert, Marlene 
Carole Kleet, Carole Knight, Elizabeth Kominers, Barbara LaMar, 
Joy Hunter Lambert, Stella Lambeth, Sue Carolyn Lanning, Mary 
Fenton Larson, Carol Lavine. 

Not pictured : Faye Jordan, Cecelia Justice, Elizabeth Lane. 

First row, left to right: Nancy Rose Leonard, Mary Ruth Lesesne, 
Martha Lineberger, Janice Little, Rosa Jean Little, Frances Helen 

Second row: Mary Ruth Long, Kay Lounsberry, Sandra Jean Love, 
Evelyn Lowe, Mary Lowey, Mary Ann Lucas. Betsy Lyon, Julia Ann 

Third row: Patsy McClung, Dorothy McConnell, Dons McCraw, 
Bobbie Jean McGuire, Ila Grey Mcllwean, Barbara Lee McKeown, 
Joyce McRorie, Sue Caldwell Ma. key. Sally Ann Make-ever. Margie 
Malone, Janice Manning, Gloria Ann Maready, Jane Davis Marlette. 

Not pictured: Anne Everette Leach. Martha Leonard, Julia Mc- 



First row, left to right: Katherine Marsh, Ann Calvert Marshall, Ida 
Ruth Martin, Mary Esther Marus, Carol Ann Matheson, Phyllis Ann 

Second row: Joanne May. Jennie Margaret Meador, Nancy Amanda 
Meiggs, Juliene Metters, Gladys Evelyn Miller, Norma Faye Mills, 
Carolyn Minogue, Mitzi Jane Minor. 

Third row: Natalie Evelyn Moel, Barbara Jane Moore, Katherine 
Moore, Margaret Bland Moore. Celia Mullen, Patty Mumford, 
Rebecca Murray, Carole Ann Nance, Marilyn Adrienne Neerman, 
Carole Newman. Glenda Noble, Nancy Noble, Esta Mae Nobles. 

Not pictured: Patty Lou Mayne, Christyna Mecca, Jean Mincey. 

First ■'••u. left to right: Mary Louise Noice, Frances Nooe, Marj 
Glyn Norman, Mary Evelyn Norpoth, Peggy Jan Oakley, Sylvia 
O'Connell, ( aroline Morton Osborne. 

Second row: Nancy Overton, Shirley Ann Owen, Phyllis Pake, Judith 
Am, Parker, Ruth Parks, Norma Jean Parrish, Gloria Paschal, Phyllis 

Third row: Patricia Patten. Carey Lela Patterson, Peggy Patton, 
Shirley Pearman, Mary Anne Peter. Eloise Phillips, Jacqueline 
Pickard, Noel Faye Pinner, Patty Pittman, Jennie Ray Pope, Jacque- 
line Potter. 

Not pictured: Carolyn Norris, Atha Geraldine Pfaff, June Potter. 





First row, left to right: Yvonne Louise Potts, Alice Powell, Eleanor 
Powell, Katherine Presrwood, Lois Amelia Privette, Nella Purring- 

Second row: Jan Rankin. Barbara Rash, Carolyn Rawls, Annie Frances 
Rayle, Dale Reaves, Linda Reece, Martha Anne Reid, Eleanor Law- 
ton Reynolds. 

Third row: Ann Rich, Nora Richards, Charlotte Ridinger, Louise 
Barnwell Robertson, Mary Bartram Robeson, Lois Robinson, Nancy 
Robinson, Betty Roper, Elaine Rose, Lenna Elizabeth Rose, Patricia 

Not pictured: Martha Doub Rainey, Barbara W'rav Rankin, Suzanne 
Elizabeth Rexrode, Dorothy Richmond. 

ro ^ft^oo 

4? Co° 00 O^Oo(l'"' 

/•'//M/ row, /t // /" right: Barbara Lee Rosser, Shirlene Royster, Eleanor 
Mae Rufty, Phyllis Runyon, Emily Ryals, Virginia Sabistan. 

Second row: Peggy Sanders, Eloise Saunders, Louise Saunders, Jane 
Crowell Sawyer, Virginia Scarborough, Adelaide Schnell. Mary 
Sandra Schulken, Marilyn Lee Scott. 

Third rou : Ann Scripture, Flavia Josephine Seeger, Christine Lor- 
raine Shaw, Sylvia Shelton, Dorothy Quinelle Shipp, Patricia Jane 
Shore, Sara Shuping, Sue Sigmon, Rochelle Simon, Betty Sue Simp- 
son, Rascha Sklut, Mary Jane Smiley, Bettie Jeanne Smith, L. Clifford 


Not pictured: Ann Ruth Scheidt. 


i* afihfc* &**P 


First i mi, Uft to right: Gerrii Blanche Smith, Laura Lee Smith, 
Margaret Smith, Quwatha Smith, Dorothy Smitherman, Susana 


Second row: Marjorie Anne Spencer, Ellen Spielman, Helen Sproul, 
Margaret Diana Stampley, Dorothy Stanley, Jessie Stanzel, Gail 
Steach, Barbara Jane Stewart. 

Third row: Miriam Storey, Mary Storey, Susan Stout, Frances Strother, 
Billie Joan Stubblefield, Peggy Byrd Swaringen, Patricia Ann Swart, 
Ikey Ellen Tarleton, Dorothy Marie Taylor, Diana Teague, Doris 
Jane Teeter. 

Not pictured: Joyce Ann Smith, Amelia Stockton, Katherine Strong, 
Rebecca Swaim, Priscilla Swindell, B. Jane Terrell. 

First row, left to right: Nan< v I harrington, Amelia Thomas, Shirlej 
Ann Thompson, Evelyn Amu- Tice, Margaret Jean Tillett, Margaret 

Second row: Ann Mae Toler, Elizabeth Preot Townsend, June Trol- 
linger, Sandra Tucker, Rebecca Ray Turner, Shirley Turner, ( ynthia 
Tyack, Laura Underwood. 

Thirdrow: Elizabeth Mitchiner Uzzle, Kay Vaughn, Ann Randolph 
Voorhees, Elaine Marie Voss, Hilda Walker, Martha Jean Walker. 
Jacqueline Wallace, Jo Ann Waller, I'. Sue \\ alton, Mary Ann Ward. 
Mary Irene Waters. 

Not put /in J: Sara Jeanette Thompson, Sarah Gail Thrower, Bettie 
Jane LJpchurch, Lettie Sue Waddell. Nancy Walton. 


■ ■ ;.' i< .= ■■■■ it- -. 'AV- 

i I I* 


First row, left to right: Loretta Weatherly, Anna Webb. Nancy 
Webster, Beryl Ann Weckwerth, Jane Wharton, Rose Evelyn 


Second row: Margaret Whelan, Janelle Elizabeth White, Katherine 
White, Peggy Mae White, Grace Whitehurst, Emma Sydney Whi te- 
ller. Phyllis Whitley, Sylvia Elaine Whitley. 

Third row: Sara Whitlock, Sandra Wilkerson, Jean Williams, Sarah 
Katheryn Williams, Fayrene Wilson, Miriam Elizabeth Wilson, 
Margaret Ann Winkler, Inez Woodard, Jo Ann Woosley. Clara 
Yelton. Suzanne Yerman, Martha Lee York, E. Ann Young, Polly 

Not pictured: Ann Wylie, Patricia Carolyn Young. 

•> A 1 :•■•■ 

Spirit indefatigoble 

"he Class 

Summer ended and we found ourselves involved in our majors. The list of 
required courses was behind and we could concentrate on individual goals. 
Fewer Saturday classes brought more free weekends. We took Friday night 
off for a dinner date and reserved tables at the Plantation. We were sophis- 
ticates with black rings on our fingers, noisy howlers with our own show, 
endless talkers about majors, and eternal dreamers about senior year. 

Dillon Dawson 

ng the weekend 





f 1957 





placed our hope in the hands of Annan Buff and Jo Sofri 

itmLwS f : jgL dt! 

k r *^. »» 


^*iif i 



S7 jiJLM 


1 ijri^!!^ 


Irene Idol Abernethy 
High Point 

fohnsie Abernethy 

Joan Sue Ackerman 
Nutley, New Jersey 

Elizabeth Lyles Adams 
Hartsville, South Carolina 

Mrs. Evelyn Daniels Albea 

Sarah Lynn Albright 

Norma Ann Alderma 
Galax, Virginia 

Marilyn Amelia Alexande 
Wrightsville Beach 

Gail Allen 

Barbara Jane Alley 

Helen Alspaugh 

Betty Lloyd Ami 

Audrey Judith Anderson 
Nutley, New Jersey 

Caroline Anderson 

Mary Henrie Arthur 

Sally Ellen Ausband 

Class of 


Edith Miriam Ausley 

Jane Carol Austin 
\\ inston-Salem 

Bessima Edna Bach 

Marilyn Joyce Baker 

Mary Bell Baker 

Dorthy Lee Barrier 

Joyce Biser 
Kings Mountain 

Ben Nita Black 

Julia Mae Black 

Marcia Powell Black 

loan Blanchard 

Betty Jean Bland 

Psgg) Ruth Blanks 
Danville, Virginia 

Marilyn |e\vell Blanton 

Shirley Adelia Blanton 

Lucy Catherine Blue 


An, In \ Lynn Bi 
Maumee, Ohio 

Sarah Glenn Bo 

Sarah Bradf( 

Mrs. Kathryn Stutts Hi 

Dorothy Jean Breazeale 
Spartanburg, South < arolin 

Joyce Breeze 

Patricia Ruth Brendk 

Geraldinc Brill 

M.irth.i Brookslurc Scott Brown 

Mrs. |oan BrinkerhoiT Brovl 

Ginna Karen Bryant 

Annah Barkley Bull 

Naniv Ann Burke 
Silei Citj 

Peggj LaVerne Burke 

P. ttshoru 

^ V ■ 

Not picked: 
Glenda Brady 




Jam ' obfa Burns 


— * 


Sarah Nan Burns 





Beverly < arson Burson 
Richmond, '• 

Lillian Eleanor Butli i 



' ; 

A """*» 


I v 


Rose 1 lizabeth ( allahan 
Union Level, Virginia 


■ ^ ■ 

M,ir\ Johns ( .micron 
Southern Pines 



Mary Lou Cameron 



Patricia Annette ( ampbell 



Delia ( anacl.i 
High Poinl 

Janie Anne Cannon 


X it 


Billie ( ansler 
Pisgah Foresl 


Virginia Carole Cardwell 
Stonei illi 


K.ithennc Ann ( ailson 

Elizabeth Ann Carnegie 
Rutherford ton 


Cynthia ( artledge 

Mt. Holly 



Jean Mane Cauble 








Patric i.i 1 lope Chappell 

Nancy ( arolyn Chesson 

Mary Ann ( hilders 

Betsy Muriel ( layton 

Nancy Alice ( laytor 

( arul Sue ( en hran 

M.iiiu i I lizabeth ( oni 
\\ ayn< sboro Vii einia 

Mary fosephine ( 
( harlotte 

Marjorie ( oopei 

losc-phinc ( oikIi 

Nancj Little Coultei 

< j nthia Ann ( o\ ington 

Patricia wrenn ( ramer 
Norfolk, Virginia 

[ane Rae Cranford 

Arsula Ann Craven 

Ann ( o\\ man ( raw ford 

Class of 

v% iry 

Dons Elizabeth Crews 

Frances Isabel Crews 

Sylvia Joan Crocker 
Rock] Mount 

Mona Rae Crotts 

Minnie Ella Currin 

( .ircih n Virginia Dalton 

Dorothy Elizabeth Dalton 

Phyllis Ellen Dam'ron 
Elizabethton, Tennessee 

Mattie Speight Danford 

Barbara Ann Da\i 

Barbara Evelyn Da\ is 

ft, A 

Martha Ann Da\ 

Dillon Dawson 
Elizabeth Gty 


Mrs Mm rrj IV. 

\ .■,,. : Ann< De\ 
( isau 

Nanq Lane DUlard Loretta Dillel 

Shirley Anne Dixon 

Nancy Jo Doggett 

-- ' 


Bcttii Margarcl I dmond 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Jacquelyn Barton Edwards 
Rich Squan 


ir* th Elder 

Mis Marion Mo Elliot I 

Martha Carolyn Ell 

Doris Ann Husky 

( laudette Lorene Epting 



Hilda Sain Donuk 

Elinor Sara Dorsk 
Petersburg, Virginia 

Margaret Duke 

Elizabeth Campbell Duncai 

Lois Anne Dun 

Inli.i Mae Dunn 

Elizabeth Evans 

Lucy Rhea 1 verettc 
Lion College 

Syh ia Sophie Evose\ ich 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Shelb) Anne Paircloth 

Mary Virginia Farr 

( hristine Feather 

Sadye Elizabeth Dunn 

JoAnn Elizabeth I berei 


Shirley Featherstone 

Ruth Wilson Ferrell 
Elizabeth City 


\ £.-i 

Nancy Fishel 

Barbara Jean Fisher 

Ann Joyce Fitzhugh 
Kensington, Maryland 

LaVerne Fleming 
Rocky Mount 

Hetty Mae Flinchum 

Sandra Jean Freeman 

Margaret Neal Fringer 
Baltimore, Maryland 

Sarah Carolyn Frink 
Taboi Citj 

Barbara Jacqueline Gabriel 

Elizabeth Joanne Gantt 

M. Elaine German 
Baltimore, Maryland 

Laura Edmondston Gi 
Bethesda, Maryland 

Sue Jo Glasby 

Lena Anne Gordon 

Mrs. Marjorie Ward Gore- 

Mary Patricia Gorman 
Winston Salem 

Not punned: 
Nancy Flowe 

Patsy ( oble Freeman 

Class of 


\ - 

Willie Mae Graham 

Sally Jane Grant 

Priscilla Anne Graper 
Upper Montdair, New Jersey 

Betty Victoria Gravitte 
Pilot Mountain 

Carmen Alberta Greene 

Patticia Marilyn Greene 

Mildred Irene Gregory 

Felice Guld 
\\ ilmington 

Edna Mac Guyer 

Patricia Ann Hammond 

R.u hcl Haralson 
Greensboro\ Isabel Hargrove 

Mary Carol Harmon 

Jane Louise Harrell 
St, Bridges, Virginia 

Gwendolyn Harrington 

Ann Bryan Harris 

Not pictured: 
Leslie Perry Hall 


Mrs. Cynthia Ann Weld 



Bettj |ean Harri 
Hendi i 

Davis Harris 
foccoa, Georgii 

Virginia Dare Harris 
l ittleton 

Harriel Laurena 
Front Royal, Virgil 

Peggy O'Neal Hartsell 

Bettie Stewarl Hawes 
Rose Hill 

Caroline Hayc 
Moravian Falls 

Hobby Joan Helton 
East Bend 

Carolyn Hendri: 

Clara Herron 

Margaret Hester 

Bennettswlle, South Carolina 

Mrs. Patricia Camp Hickn 

Carolyn Hill 

Dorcas Hill 

Lana Jon Hix 
Moravian Falls 

Patricia Ann Holton 
New Bern 


£* (v> 

Bcti |o i 

Martha Ann Horm 

Peggy 1 1 ai 

Frances Hosley 
Green I 

( arric Allison Howell 

Florene Howett 


Martha Hoyt 

Barbara Hiulgins 

Ward Huffma 

Betty Claire Hunt 

Virginia Ann Hvatt 


Mary Isabel Ingram 

Mrs. Norma Lew is [rvi 
Henderson ville 

Mary Faye Jackson 

Mount Airy 

Frances Maxine Jarrett 
South Carolina 

Mrs. Lucy Banc Jeffries 

Not pictured: 
Patricia Gay Huff 
Columbia. South Carolina 


erry Anne Jervis 

Mildred Anne [essup 
Mt. Airy 

Julia Agnes Jessup 
Mt. Airy 

Betty Jinnette 

Barbara [ohnson 

Dale Johnson 

Elaine Johnson 
Bronxville, Nc« York 

Mrs. Greta Jones Johnson 

Mary Dell Johnson 

Nancy Lee Johnson 
Spartanburg. South Car 

Janic Gay Jones 

Mary Frances Jones 

Shirley Jones 

Betty Lee Jordan 
Elizabeth City 

Lucille Jordan 

Martha Joida 

O f ::t 

Class of 

Mrs. Betty Lou Harvel Kelli 

Barbara Jean Kelly 

Gretchen Kelly 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Ltllie Nan Kelly 

Ruth Ann Kelly 

Cecilia Theresa Kennedy 

Annie Hellen Kent 

Shirley Gooeh Knott 

Margaret Susanna Lachot 
Rutherford College 

Lelia Jean Lamm 

Patsy Lamont 

Lillian Lane- 
Tabor City 

Elizabeth Ellen Lavinder 

Mary Frances Lawrence 
Mount Airy- 

Mary Louise Ledbetter 

Dorothea Lee 

Peggy Jean Lamb 


Lorena 1 1 1 
Man Mill 

Martha Lois I egeth 
w inston Salem 

ah Jeanette Leonard 

Sara Ann In ingstonc 

'oily Cray Uoyc 

Jacquelint I, 

Clayton, Misso 

Janel Lee Long 
Danville, Virginia 

Barbara Louder 


Lou Aunt Lundy 

Sharon Lupton 

Sarah Ellen Lydav 

Laura Lylc 

Martha McBrayer 
\\ inston-Salem 

Patricia McCauley 
Bluefield, West Virci 

Mary Frances McCracke 

Not pictured: 

( arolc ( harmaine Mc( ada 



ft P 


i : 

Pats) Ann Mi Danii I 
Fayette' illi 

Kathleen Rai M 
Elon College 

Miriam M( Donald 
Mi Irose, Massai husetts 

Mary Lave McDowell 
Spartanburg, South I 

Linda McEvoy 
Drexal, Pennsvlv 

Betty McGee 

Carolyn McGranahan 


Ann Mcintosh 

Catherine Mclaughli 

iv McLellan 

amer, South Ca 

Neill McLeod 

Mar\ Frances Mackie 

Granite Falls 

Luc) Joyce Mahaffe] 
Uncaster, South Carolin 

Mrs. Rebecca Currin Mangurn 


Marguerite Adele Mann 


Shirley Barbara Ma 

Class of 

Pats) Battle Moore 


Elizabeth Martin 

Elizabeth E. Martin 

Karen Elizabeth Marti 
Elon College 

— Mary Lou Martin 

Shirley Matheson 

Kay Masterson 

Catharine Hornsby May 

Robbie Deree Mayberry 

Mary Nell Meroney 

Elizabeth Tuggle Miller 

Jane Carolyn Mills 
Norfolk, Virginia 

Marilyn Lee Mondy 

Doris Moore 
Elizabeth City 

Elizabeth G. Moore 

Martha Moore 

^ ^ 


Peggy Moore 

Martha Anne Morgan 

Dorothea loan Moser 

Jacqueline Moser 

Mrs. Barbara Kin" Moss 

Mary Jo Myritk 

Beverly Nance 

Rebecca Anne Neel 


Mrs. Janice Woosley Nelson 

Rose Marie Newton 
Atlanta. Georgia 

Johnnye Oglesby 
Kingsport. Tennessee- 

Sharon Eileen O'Neal 

F. Ernestine Osborne 
--< '\ Clyde 

Not picturt J: 

Tamara Osikouska 


Patsi Nell (iv 

I lizabeth Parrish 
Bessemei ( ih 

Julia Ann Parsons 
( harlotte 

Mane Marston I'.irtr 

Nancy Jo Paschal] 

Helen Patterson 


Thelma Payn 
Black Mountai 

Beryl Peters 
Rodq Mount 

Rachel Pharr 
( herryville 

Mary Frances Philbeek 


Dorothy Phillips 

Marj Franci i Pi 

Ann Powlas 


( atherim Ann Priest 

Annie Lou Pugh 

Betty Ann Rahil 
w eldon 

Nell Louise Ramsey 

Mary Sue Rankin 

Joanne Agnes Rathnian 
Baltimore. Maryland 

Mary Ellen Reece 

Mary Ann Richardson 

T ' 

Marietta Phillips 

Georgiana Photi 
Norfolk. Virginia 

Sally Pickett 
Biu c ManJ. (Ill 

Joan Pitts 


Not pictured: 
Tamara Oskikowska 

Anne Carrington Robe 

Nancy Roberts 

Janet N'eal Robinson 

Barbara Russell 

I ,* 

Nancy Pass 

Jo Anne Safrit 

Emily Lyndall Payne- 
Rural Hall 

Margaret Stuart Sanders 


Class of 

Margaret Elizabeth Smith 

Martha Elizabeth Smith 

.' ' 


Kay Speas 

Mac Spell 

Anne Spell 

Virginia Spencer 

Shirley Louise Spivey 

Dorothy Allen Stafford 

Gladys Stamper 

a Janet Stanton 

Mary Mdler Starr 
North Wilkesboro 

Lucille Stephenson 

Nancy Stilwell 

[osephine Strickland 

Carolyn Montgomery Strong 

\ ol pictured: 

Barbara Stubblefield Starr 


Johnsie Ann Sugg 


Mildred Frances Suttoi 

Carolyn Talb 

Margaret Tandy 

Josephine Tanner 

Eleanor Anne Tatum 

Ena Faye Taylor 

Sail ie Mae Taylor 
New Hern 

Barbara Terwilliger 
Ho-Ho-Kus, New ler 

Betty Thacker 

Anne ( arolyn Thoma 

Sarah Joan Thomp 

Eleanor Tidwi 

Joyce Tilley 

Anna Claire Tilson 
Chapel Hill 

Not pictured: 
Molly Kate Thoma 




Sara J( an Trent 

Barbara Tucke 

Joyce Turlington 

Margaret Tyson 

19 n 



Doris Westbrook 

Frances Anne Westmoreland 
Tabor City 

Kate Wharton 

Adelia Rhodes White 

Weeta Louise White 

Anne Whitlock 

Vearle Odessa Whittington 

Nancy Wilkerson 

Carolyn Wilki 

Dorothy Wilkinson 

Mary Wimherley Wdkinson 
Rocky Mount 

Margaret Blanche Williams 
Siler City 


Barbee Winchester 

Virginia Wi 

Carol Winston 
Virgilina, Virginia 

Minnie Ann Woody 
Bessemer City 

Anne Wooten 


Mrs. Patsy Odom Wright 

Margaret Wyatt 

Phyllis Carolyn Yates 


Jean Yelton 

Mrs. Mary Corpening Young 
Horse Shoe 

Martie Yow 

Jewell Dean Williams 

Not pictured: 

Ruth Helen Zelinski 

Sue Williams 
Noroton, Conne. 

Betty Willmgham 

Patricia Ann Willis 
Morehead City 


way through fall 

The Class 

Choked with feelings of mixed emotions, in September we 
packed our gray jackets for their last year at Woman's Col- 
lege. With each hour claimed by numerous senior activities, 
the days vanished too swiftly. Fall class meetings were 
dominated by plans and revisions for graduation festivities. 
Woman's College's two foreign exchange students received 
class jackets and were legally adopted into the group. 

Writers' cramps became a common malady as we voted 
for mascots, our most outstanding octette, and signed away 

our lives to the Placement Office. The hectic, yet rewarding, 
hours of practice teaching brought satisfaction as well as 
weariness. Nothing, however, gladdened our hearts more 
than the tappings into various honorary organizations. 

Even memories of final exams now fade into the back- 
ground as remembrances of our traditions — Sister Day, 
Founder's Day, Senior University Sermon, Senior Show, 
family style meals, rainy chapel days — claim first place. 

of 1956 

i understanding 


dream fulfilled. 


The pleasant momcn 


I \ ELYN Adams, Henderson; A.B.. Elementary Education 



fv 1 

Sarah Catherine Adams, Morganton; A.B.. Primary Education 

Mars Hill Junior College ( 1. 2); Baptist Student Union (3, -4). Greater Council (4); 
F.T.A. (3. 4), Membership Chairman (4) ; Dorm Committees (3 4); Hall Board (4). 

Alice Prances Albert, Shelby; B.A., Sociology 

Dikean; Junior Advisor (3); Presbyterian Youth Fellowship (1, :. 3, 4); Sociology 

Club (4). 

Polly Jane Allen, Charlotte; A.B.. Biology 

Cornelian; Deans List (i); Section Leader (I); Westminster Fellowship (1. 2, 3,4); 
Home Economics Club ( 1 ) ; Medical Technologists I 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4); Beta 
Beta I 3, 4 ). Secretary (4) ; Chemistry Club (1, 2) 

Ann Marshall Allmond, Thomasville; B.A.. English 

Carolinian Staff (I, 2, 3); Section Lead,, (3) ; Y.W.C.A (1,2, 3); Wesley (1, 2, 3,4); 

Square Circle (s|, International Relations (s); ETA (3 1) ; Spanish Club (1. 2); 
North Spencer Spotlight (3, 4) ; Dance Group (3,4) ; State Student Legislature ( 1, 2,4). 

N.wo ( arolyn Andrews, Durham; A B \Au i 

Dean's List (3); Honor Roll (I); Greensboro Symphony Orchestra (I. 2. 3, 4); 
Chamber Musk Group (3. 4); Woodwind Ensemble (4). 

Rr i h Geigi r Andri w s, Greensboro; A.B.. Primary Education 

Deans List 14); Elliott Hall Council (4); Town Students Organization (1, 2, 3, 4); 
( hoir (I); Botany Club 1.2) . I T \ (4) 

Beverly Jean Annis, Chattanooga, Tennessee; B.S. Secretarial Administration 
Adelphian; Deans List (3,4); Honor Roll (1, 2); Wesley (1 ); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); 
Galilean Club (I); Spanish Club (I); Sigma Alpha (3, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (4). 

Medora Ann Arnold, Elkins, West Virginia; B.A., Sociology 

Senioi < lass Council ; Sociologj Club i _' ) . Secretan ( i ). President (4); Zoology Field 
Club (I. 2); FT A. (4). 

F. Joanne Arrant, Brasstown; A.B., Mathematics 

Deans List (3, 4); Curriculum Committee (s); Town Students Organization (1); 
Square Circle ( 1. 2, 3, 4) ; Galilean Club (3). Vice-President (4); Square Dance ( 1 ) 

(r* cu 

Joan Streeter Atkinson, Fatmville; A.B.. Psychology 

Junior House President; Consolidated University Council (2); Student-Faculty Re 
Mewing Committee (4); Section Leadei til. Greensboro Symphony Orchestra (1) 
Darhnettes ( I ) ; Psychology Club (3, 4). 

Mary Edith Bagwell, Hendersonville; A.B., Biology 

Dean's List (3); Baptist Student Union I 1. J. 3, 4); Botanj Club (. 

Carolyn Bain, Hickory; B.S. , Business Education 

Deans List (3); League (I); Choir (1. 2, 3); Gamma Alpha (3, 41; Squ 
Dance (1,2). Secretary (2). 

Carolyn Douglas Baldrid<,e, Winston-Salem; A.B.. Primary Education 

St Maj) S Junior College (1, 2); FT A. (4). 

Not pictured: 

Frances Atkins, Lillington 


vi Barnes, Lucama; B.S., Business Urn. hum 

V.W.C.A (1); Canterbury Club (1); BoUny Club I na Alphi 

I A (3,4); Spanish < lub (2); Sigma Alpha ( n 

Smmmii Romainj Barnes, Lucama; A />' Primary Education 

Al.ilui.m. V w ( \ (1); Westminster Fellowship (1 !, I) Botany Club | i) 
i i \ i I ii Recri ition Association (I I 

Edwina Louisi Barni i r, Durham; B.S.H.E., Housing and Management 
Cornelian; Elections Board ill Home Economics Club (2, J 4) Secretai 
Square Dame (I. 2) . 


irvn Batv, Alexandria, Virginia; B.A., Spanish 
i,..r House President (4); Section Leader (1); l»n,.., Advisoi (3); N< 
J, II, Sigma Delta Pi (3, 4); F.T.A. (II: Spanish Club (3,4) 

M.\m Ann Baum, Merrick, New York; A.B., English 

Legislature ( s, 4); lunior Show Co Chairman; Cifliuun (1. 2. s. I). Reporter (I). 
Make-up Editoi (2), Feature Editoi (3); Deans List (3); Consolidated University 
Council (3, II; Purse Drive Chairman (4); Daisy Chain (.?); Hillcl (I, 2, J), 
Treasure! (2); University Sermon Committee (4). 

Ina Jam BAYSDON, Greensboro; BS. 
F.T.A. i ii 

Amaryllis STANFORD Beasley, Henderson; B.S.. Secretarial Administration 
Aletheian; Pint Needles (4), Typing Editor (4) ; Spotlight (l). Co-Editor (4); Dei 
List (3, 4); Section Leader (1); Gamma Alpha (3. 4). 

Beverly Jean Beauford, Burlington; B.S.. Busint u Educat 

Mars Hill Junior College (1, 2); Baptist Student Union (3) ; < 
F.T.A. (4). 

Mary Lou Becker, Jamestown; B.S., Busint rj Education 

Aldelphian; Town Students Organization (1, 2, J, 4); 
F.T.A. (4). 

Alpha (3, 4); 

Betty Holland Bell, Elizabeth City; A.B.. Elementary Education 

Cornelian; Deans List (II; College Hand (3); F.T.A. (3, 4); Tap Dame Club (2). 

Marijane Walker Beltz, Springfield, Massachusetts; B.S., Physical Education 
Section Leadei (I). Newman Club (i. 2, J, 4); Recreation Association ( i. J. J. il 
Cabinet (4) ; Camp Counselors Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Co-Of (3, 4). 

Esther Gilbert Beni di< r, Kingsport, Tennessee; A.B.. Primary Education 

Dean's List (3, 4); Honor Roll (1. 2); May Court (3); Funior Advisor (3); \\ ■ 
minster Fellowship (1. :. s. 41; F.T.A (4); Dolphin-Seal (1. :. M: Xatio 
Students Association CI; Marshal (s); Chiet Marshal (41 

Kathlrim Covington Biles, Maxton; .!/->. Prim 

Staion Leadei I s. 4 | . Y W'.C A. ( 2. s. 4 ) . I 1 \ ( 

Grace Gwendolyn Blanton, Hazelwood; A.B.. History 

Mars Hill Junior Collc.ce (1. 21; Deans List (4). Baptist Studc 


© <■ 


Diana Reeves Blevins, Galax, Virgini, 
Adelphian; Dean's List (3); Y.W.C.A. ( I 

Botany Club (2); F.T.A. (4). 

3.. Elementary Education 

4); Baptist Student Union ( 

Laura LaVerne Blue, Mount Airy; A3., Elementary Education 

Dikean; Service League (4); Section Leader (1); Baptist Student L'nion (1); 
(4). Spanish Club (3. 4). 

Joan Carol Bondurant, Glyndon, Maryland; A.B.. English 

Dikean; Pine Needles (4), Feature Editor (4); Dean's List (3); Service League (4); 
Junior Advisor; Elliott Hall Committee ( 1. 2, 3. 4). 

Nancy Ellen Bonner, Raleigh; A.B.. Primary Education 

Cornelian; Treasurer of Freshman Class; Service League (3); Daisy Chain (2) ; Elliott 
Hall Committee (3. 4); [unior Advisor; Y.W.C.A. (I. 2, }, 4}; Botany Club (2); 
F.T.A. (4). Publicity Committee (4); Tap Dance Club (1); Le Circle Francais (I, 2) 

Barbara Gail Bost, Kannapolis; A.B.. French 

Dikean; Dean's List (3) ; Section Leader; Le Circle Francais (1. 2, 3, 4), 
Vice-President (3). President (4); Tau Psi Omega (3. 4). Vice-Presiden 

Rebecca Bowen, Asheville 

Dikean; Recreation Associat 
Co-Of (3, 4). 

>.S.. Physical Education 

( 1, 2, 3, 4) ; Dance Group (4); Tap Dance Club (3) ; 


Dorothy Jean Bowman. Browns Summit; B.S.H.E., Institution Management 

Cornelian; Dean's List (3); Intcrt.iitli Council (4); Y.W.C.A. (l, 2, 3. 4); Wesley 
( 1, 2. 3. 4). Council Member (2 1. Vice-President (3). President (4) ; Home Economics 
Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Spanish Club (1. 2) 

Anne Elizabeth Braddock. Morganton; A.B.. Economh i 

Dikean; Legislature Representative (1). Carolinian (I II. News Staff (l(. Business 
Manage! (4); Deans List (3). Curriculum Committee (4); Section Leader (s); 
Junior Advisor; Recreation Association (1. 2. 3); Colt Club (3); Dorm Committees 
(1, 3) ; Intercollegiate Commission (2) ; Junior Show; Fencing Club (2). 




/"" " 

Betty Havnes Bradford, Reidsville; A.B.. Mathematics 

Aletheian; Town Students Organization (4); Y.W.C.A. (1. 2. $, A). 
(3,4); F.T.A. (3,4). 

Elizabeth Ellen Bratten, Winston-Salem; A.B.. Sociology 

Senior Council (4); Dean's List (3); Honor Roll (21; Section Leader (2); Inter- 
faith Council (4); Canterbury Club (1, 2. 3. 4); St. Mary's Vestry (3, 4); Sociology 

Club (3, 4); Recreation Association (1); Alpha Kappa De 
Book St,. re Committee (4); Classical Club (4). 

Margaret Crouse Bray. Thomasville; A.B.. English 
High Point College (1) ; Dean's List (3); Town Students 

(3, 4), President (4) ; 

I (2,4). 

Myrna Breitbart, Bloomtield, New Jersey; B.S.. Physical Education 

Aletheian; Carolinian (3); Section Leader (1, 3) ; Junior Advisor. Hillel (1, 2, 5, 4) 
F.T.A. (3. 4); Recreation Association ( 1. 2, i, 4); Camp Counselors Club ( 1. 2, 3, 4) 
President (2) ; Co-Of (2. 3, 4); Junior Show; Co-Chairman of Senior Show . Dolphin 
Seal (1, 2, 3. 4). Vice-President (2). Secretary (3). President (4) ; Archery Club (2) 
Hall Board (1). 

Nancy Gwendolyn Bright, High Point; B.S.H.E.. Teacher Training 

Adelphian; Legislature ( 1 ) ; Section Leader (2. 3 ) ; Daisy Chain ( 2 ) ; Home Economic 
Club ( 1. 2. 3. 4); F.T.A. (4) ; Dorm Committee (4). 

Mai Yvonne Britt, Lumberton; A.B., Primary Education 

Dikean; Marshal (3,4); Y.W.C.A. (1.21. Baptist Mudent Union (1,2,3,4); Botan 

Club (2); F.T.A. (4); Spanish Club (1 


Martha Elizabeth Brooks, Gastonia; .1 /<'.. EA mental | Education 
Gardnei VI ebb Collegi 11 !); Dean's List (3); Baptist Studenl 1 nion ( 
live Council 111,1 1 A (3, 4); < lassical < lub (3); MM (3). 

1 1 1 

Nanct Lou Bri 
Dain ( hain: I 


2, V II. V \\ ( A ( 1 
2, v i», F.T.A. I I). 

11, Baptist Stu 

11. Brothers, Elizabeth ( ity; A.B . Elemi ntai 1 / ducation 

D.IIHC ( luh 1 2). 

ider; F.T.A, (3, 4); North Spi 

v Brown, Selma; B.S.H I . Veachei Training 

-President of Senioi Class; Carolinian ( I. 2), News Stafl I I. 2); Dean's List (3); 

.Sum; i 

Honoi Roll (1,2, J)l I"""" Advisor; Wesley (1,2, 5); Omicron Nu (3, 4) treasurei 
(4) ; Home Economics ( lub ( i. J, 5, 4), Publicity < hairman ( }), v,,< President (4) . 
Recreation Association (1, 2, 3); 4-H Club ( l. 2, j, 4), President (3); Chemistry Club 
(i. J); Funiot ( lass Council. 

Si i via I'.vi Know n. Four Oaks; A.B., Chemistry 

Cornelian; Outstanding Senior; [udicial Board Chairman; lunior House President; 
Legislature (3, 4) ; Golden Chain (3,4), Treasurer (4); Hall Hoard (l); Consolidated 
University Council Honoi Knar, I (4); Baptist Student Union (1, 2. 3, 4), Executive 
Council (2); Square Circle (2); Medical Technologists (2. 3, 4); Chemist, > ' luh 
(2, V 4); Student Advisory Committee (4). 



VtRiitNiA Orlando Brown, Boone; A.B.. Primary Education 

Pit:, Needles (2, 3, 4). lunior Editor (3), Managing Editor (4); Sectil 

AU1 a BRU< i . Atlanta. Georgia; A.B.. Prim, 
D.kean; Botany Club (2, 3, 4); F.T.A. (3, 4) 

tar) Education 

Annii; Pearl Bun;, Bladenboro; B.S.. Business Education 

Aletheian; Marshal (3, 4); Secretary of Senior Class; Sectii 
Student Union (I. 2, 5, 4), Treasurer (2. J), Greatej Council 
Alpha (3, 4); F.T.A. (4). 


Ai ii i |i w i i i Bull, Orcein ilk. South Carolina; B.S. Physical Edited! ion 

Legislature (4); Deans List (3); Section Leader (1); Y.W.C.A. (I. 2, 3, 4); Bapti 
Student Union (1. 2); Recreation Association (I, 2. 3. 4); Archery Club (1); Squa 
Dame (l); Camp Committee (3); Co-Of (1, 2, 3, 4). 

JEAN Marie Bur<,in, Charlotte; BE. A., Art Education 

Aletheian; Coraddi (3); Carolinian (4); Dean's List (3); Honor Roll ( 1, 2, 3) ; )u 
Advisor; Arts Forum Committee (3); Elliott Hall Chorus (2) ; Coraddi Club (3) ; 
Club (2, 3, 4), President (3). 


Barbara Jean Burkett, Wood\ 

Cornelian; Baptist Student Union 
(2); Senior Council; Junior Show- 

He; B.A., Elementary Education 

1.2 S, II. Elliott Hall Entertainr 
F.T.A. (3.4). 

Mary Frances Burroughs, Reidsville; A.B., Histor) 

Dikean; Treasurer Student Government (2); National Student Association Represent.!- 
ti>c (1); Legislature Representative (1); North Carolina State Student Legislature 
12. V II. Interim Council (3). President (4); Rules Committee Ml; Deans List (3); 
Curriculum Committee (s). Chairman (3); lunior Advisor; Social Science Committee 
(3); Debating Society (2. 3, II. Vut Piesident (2). President (3). National Student 
A ation (3). 



Louise Marvin Butts, Halifax; A., 

Dikean; Carolinian (3. 4). Circula 

Pnn/.m EJih .:li'>n 

Elections Board (4) ; 
Board (-1); Dorm Co 
Deans List (II. 

Annii Blue Cameron, Raeford; A.B.. English 

Dikean; Cirulinun (4); Deans List (3); Honor Roll (II. Dance Committee (21; 
Hall Board (-). Westminster Fellowship (I. 2 J, -I); Hum. Economics Club (1. 2); 
F.T.A. (3, 4) 










Marv Frances Campbell, Nichols, South Carolina; B.S.. Business Education 
Dikean; Carolinian (3), Exchange Manager (3); Baptist Student Union (1); Gamr 
Alpha (3, 4); F.T.A. (4); Tap Dance Club (2). 

Carol Ann Carlton, More-head City; A.B.. Elementary Education 

Deans List (3); Elections Board (3); Section Leader (3); Dante Committee (I); 
Baptist Student l/nion (3, 4); Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (3, 4); FT. A (4); 
Recreation Association (2). 

Pauline Betsy Carroll, Zebulon; A.B.. Elementary Education 

Dikean; Sociology Club (3); F.T.A. (3, 4); Square Dance (1, 2); Woman's College 
Theater (1). 

Patricia Anne Carson, Statesville; B.S.S.A., Secretarial Administration 

Dikean; Coot,,,,,,,, (4), Exchange Manager (4); Elections Board (2); Elliott Ha 
Council (2, 3, 4); Gamma Alpha (3. 4). 

Sylvia Colleen Carter, Kernersville; A.B.. Mathematics 

Cornelian; Deans List (3. 4); Honor Roll (1, 2); Honor Board (4); Currici 
Committee (4); Section Leader (1); lunior Advisor; Square Circle (1, 2, 3, 4); 
Beta Kappa (4). 

Hi isi ( astelloe, Winterville; A.B.. Mathematics 

\delphian; Phi Beta Kappa (3. 4); Deans List (3); Honor Roll (1, 2); Curriculum 
Committee (s). Chairman (4); Student-Faculty Reviewing Committee (3); Junior 
Adcsor; Cho,r (I); Square Circle (2. 3, 4); F.T.A. (4); Rules Committee (4). 
Chairman (4). 

Margaret Davis Clark, Greenville, South Carolina; B.F.A.. Art Education 

Dean's List (3, 4); Honor Roll (2); Dance Committee (3); lunior Advisor; Aits 
Forum Committee (4); Elliott Hall Chorus (2); Masqueraders (3, 4); F.T.A. (4); 
Woman's College Theater (1, 2. 4); Art Club (3, 4), President (4). 

Evi ivn Kathryn Clay, Vilas; B.S.. Busmen Education 

Cornelian; Deans List (3, 4); Section Leader (3); Elliott Hall Council (4). Com- 
mittee Chairman (4); Elliott Hall Chorus (2. J, 4); Wesley (1, 2. 3. 4); Gamma 
Alpha (3. 4); F.T.A. (4); Recreation Association (1, 2, 3, 4); Sigma Alpha (4); 
Senior I'niversity Sermon Committee (4). 

Peggie Ann Cochran, Arden 

Dikean ; Section Leader ( 3 ) ; D 
Square Dance (1, 2); Cosmopo 
(1.2, 3,4). 

Ann Cofield, Edenton; A.B.. Sociology 

Adelphian; Hall Board (4); Dean's List (3. 4); Section Leader (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. 

(2, 3, 4): Sociology Club (2. 3. 4); Psychology Club (3, 4). Vice-President (3). 
Secictari (41 ; Cosmopolitan Club (2); Alpha Kappa Delta (3, 4). Secretary-Treasurer 
(4); Marshal (3, 4); Chemistry Cluh (!) 

Nadine Grimes Cole, Fayecteville; B.S.H.E.. Teacher Training 

Cornelian; Flora Macdonald College (1); I'niversity of Hawaii (4); Dean's Li: 
Home Economics Club (3); F.T.A. (3). 

Sarah Jane Cole. Raeford; A.B.. Elementary Education 

Dikean; Dean's List (3. 4); Elliott Hall Council (4); Dance Chairman (3); lunior 
Advisor; Elliott Hall Chorus (4); Wesley (1); Freshman Commission (1); junior 
Council; Points Committee Chairman (4) ; F.T.A. (4). 

June Carol Collier, Pikeville; A.B.. Primary Education 

Cornelian; Hall Board (4); Wesley (4); Botany Club (4); F.T.A. (3. 4). 

Mary Paula Condrey, Murfreesboro; A.B.. Primary Education 
Section Leader; Wesley (1, 2, 3, 4) ; F.T.A. (4). 


( AROl V N Ml l'< Al I 

harlotti , .1 /> . Malbemalh i 
lioi Advisor; Squari G'rcle (I, 2 i I) Via Pi i li 

t$ $ 

Jim ( ope, Drexd; .1 B . Drama 

< omelian; ( oraddi | \ 4), Literary Stan" (3, 4); An- Forum < ommittei id < hoii 
(2. J); Masqueraders (3, 4); Coraddi Club (3, 4); Woman's Coll 

(J, s. 4); < lassual < luh (3,4). 

Shirli i Franc i v ( ouncii man. Mi. Vernon Springs; 
A.B.. Elementary Education 
Peaa College (i, .'). Deans Lisl (3); Dana Committet (3); Interfaith < ouncii (4), 
Chairman of Interfaith Forum (4); Westminster Fellowship (3, 4) Council Ml 
F.T.A. (3, 4), Secretary (4); Junior Show. 

i in Mauri li ( nx. Moyock; B.S., Homi li, 

innali ta l.i wis ( o.wvill, Roanoke, Virginia; R.M.. Minn Education 
Daisy Chain (3); Elliott Hall Chorus (2); Choir (I, 2. 3, 4), Treasurer (4); Mu 
Education Club (1, J, 4). President (4) 

Mary Frances Crawley, Morganton; A.B.. Primary Education 
Adelphian; Wesley ( I, 2. 5,4); IT A (3. 4). 

Mary Crousi r. Waynesville; A.B., Primary Education 

Adelphian; Station Leader (I, 4); Westminster Fellowship I 
Recreation Association ( I, 2) ; Junior Show. 

3, 4); F.T.A. (3); 

MARGARET Ann CrYMES, Oxford; B.S.S.A., Business Education 

Dikean; Honor Roll (2); Y.W.C.A. (l. 2, }, 4); Baptist Student Union (1 
Gamma Alpha (3. 4); F.T.A. (4). 

SHIRLEY Ann Curran, Reidsville; A.B.. Psychology 

Cornelian; Dean's List (3. 4); Daisy Chain (2); Social Science Committee (4 ); 
Y.W.C.A. (1. 2, 3); Square Circle (2); Marshal (4); Student-Faculty Committee 
(3 II; Handbook Advertising Committee (3); Spanish Club (2); Psychology Club 
(3, 4), Secretary (3), President (4); Tap Dance Club (2); Cosmopolitan Club (2); 
Carolinian Circulation Staff (l. 2. 3). 

ORMA Jim: CURTIS, Norwood; B.S.S.A.. Business Education 
Dikean; Section Leader (3); Junior Show; Marshal (4); Gamma Alpha (3, 4), Social 
Chairman (4); Home Economics Club (2); F.T.A. (3); Spanish Club (2. 3. 4). 
Secretary (4); Tap Dance Club (I. 2), Treasurer (2); Camp Counselors Club (4); 
Pine Needlei Typing Staff (4). 

Glraldini: Somhrs Davis, Burlington; A.B., Chemistry 

Legislature (3); Dean's List (3); Section Leader (3); Town Students O.yjni 
(4); Recreation Association (1); Chemistry (luh (2. V 4 1 

Hilda Ann Davis, Pikeville; A.B.. Primary Education 

Dean's List (3); Honor Roll (I); Section Leader (2 1; Wesley (1, 2. 3, 4). Cou 
(I): F.T.A. (3. 4). Historian (4); Spanish Club (2); Cosmopolitan Club (1. 2' 

JESSIE Mae Davis, Wake Forest; B.S.H.E.. Teacher Training 

Dikean; Section Leader (2. s); Daisy Chain (2 1 ; Y.W.CA. 12. J); Sooal Committee 
(4 1 ; Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3. 4); F.T.A. (4); Woman's College Theater (2); 
4-H Club (1); Y.D.C. (2). 


Margaret Ann Davis, Wade; B.S.H.E.. Teacher Training 
Cornelian; Home Economics Club ( 1. 2. 3. 4); F.T.A. (4). 

4 w? 




^5 ^ 


Esther Carol Dawson, Goldsboro; B.S.. Physical Education 

Alctheian; F.T.A. (4); Spanish Club (2); Recreation Association (1, 2, 3, 4); Co-Of 

Joan Sprinkle Day, North Wilkesboro; A.B.. English 
(2); Carolinian (3, 4); Dean's 
are Dame (1); Classical Club (2, 

Adelphian; Pine Needle* 
Spanish Club (2, 3); Squ 

Jane Deans, Wilson; A.B., Education 

Bob J 

Leader ( 

Union Council 

ies University (I); National Students Association Representative (3); Sect 
(3); Daisy Chain (2); Dance Committee (3); Junior Advisor; Interfa 
(4); Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (3, 4). President (4); Baptist Stud 
:ouncil (3): Sociology Club (2) ; F.T.A. (4) ; Marshal (4). 

Dorothy Elizabeth Dixon, Monroe; A.B., French 

Wingate lunior College (1, 2); House President (4); Dean's 
Leader (3); Y.W.C.A. (3, 4); Baptist Student I'nion (3, 4); Re 
(3, 4) ; Le Circle Francais (4); F.T.A. (4). 

ni; Kathrvn Dixon, Statesville; B.S.. Business Education 

Adelphian; Carolinian (2). Circulation Staff (2); Section Leader (3); Dance Com- 
mittee (3); May Queen (4); May Court (3); Y.W.C.A. (2, 3. 4); Wesley ( 1. 2. 
3, 4); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); F.T.A. (4); Marshal (4); Junior Show. 

SUDU Doggett, Blueticld. West Virginia; A.B.. Biology 

Dikean. Caduceus (2, 3, 4); Zoology Field Club (2, 3), Program Chairman (4), 
Secretary-Treasurer (4); Square Dance (1); Beta Beta Beta (3, 4); Chemistry Club 
(2. 3.4). 

Dorothy Ann Donalson, Montgomery, West Virginia; 
. Primary Education 

Dikean; YAV.CA. (1,2,3,4); Wesley (1, 2, 3.4); F.T.A. (4). 

BEVERLY Ann Dorman, Danielson, C 

Legislature Rcprcscrntati\ c (4); Recreation As: 

President (4); Deans List (3); Canterbury Club (1); Co-Of (2, 3, 4) 

ticut; B.S.. Physical Education 
►ciation (I, 2. 3. 4), Vice-President (3), 

Elizabeth Stricker Douc.hton, Sparta; B.S.. Howe Economics 

Dikean; Daisy Chain (2) ; Junior-Senior Dance Chairman (3); Junior Advisor; Choii 
(1, 2); Wesley (1, 2, 3, 4); Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); F.T.A. (4); Marsha] 
(4); Elliott Hall Publicity Committee (2, 3); Junior Show; Legislature Representa- 
rive (4) ; Dorm Committees (I, 2, 3). 

Susan Eaton Dunham, Cary; A.B.. Drama 

Alctheian; Pine Needles (3). Organization Staff (3); Coraddi Business Manager 
( 3. 4|; Daisy Chain (2); lunior Advisor; Arts Forum Committee (4); Elliott Hall 
Chorus (2, 3. 4). President (3); Y.W.C.A. (1. 2, 3, 4); Baptist Student Union 
(1, 2. 3); Masqueraders (3. 4). President (4); Tap Dance Club (2); College Band 
II. 3); Classical Club (3, 4); Elliott Hall Committee (2. 4); Woman's College 
Theater (1,2,3,4). 

Mary Cowles Dunlap, Kernersville; A.B., Primar) Education 

Alctheian; Y.W.C.A. (4); Westminster Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4); 
Square Dance (2). 

Elizabeth Ann Dunn, Leaksville; A.B.. Elemental) Education 

) i 


Sylvia Janet Durham, Burgaw; A.B.. Chemistr) 

Adelphian; Section Leader (4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Baptir 
(1, 2, 3. 4); Botany Club (2); Home Economics Club (I); Ga 
Spanish Club (2, 3); Chemistry Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (3). 

Mary Wells Edwards, Chocowinity; A.B., English 

Carolinian (1, 2, 3); Coraddi (2, 3); Honor Roll (2); Deans Lis 
Committee (3, 4); Arts Forum Committee (2); Wesley (1. 2. 3. 
Square Dance ( 1 ) ; Cosmopolitan Club (I. 2). 

(3); Curriculum 
4); F.T.A. (4); 


Etta Jani Elliott, Gastonia; A.B., Elementar) Education 

i ornelian; Dean"s List (3); S. n Leadei (1); Y.W.< A (4); Wi 

ship ( i. .'. v ii . I l A (3,4); (unioi Show 

Judith Ei in Eli ison, Aiken, South ( arolina; B.S., Physical Education 

Dikean; Sei Housi President; Section Leader (1); 1 l A (4); Spanish Club (2) 

Recreation Association ( '<, 4); Dance Group (2, }); Dolphin-Seal (i i Cam| 
c ommittei (3) Co-Of (3 1 1 

\i;-i Ins 1 1 r I i iiNi,, Roanoke Rapids; B.S., Physical Education 

Adelphian; Danci Committee <^); funioi Advisor; Hall Board (4); II A. (3,4); 

Recreation Asm., iation (V I). Dan.c Group (1, 2. ), i); Tap Dance Club (1); 

Co-OI I-', S, II 

Betty Jani; Elzi y, Creston; B.S.H.E., Institution Management 
Weslej ; Home Economics ( lub (3, I); Square Danc< ( I I 

Doris Elizabeth Ethewdge, Elizabeth City; A.B., English 

i n. Feature Editoi (4); Dean's List (1); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3); Section 
Leadei (4) ; Daisy Chain (2); lun.o, Advisor; Choii I I. 2. J); Square Circle (2, J): 

Coraddi Cluh (•!)'. 

Jean Sykes Eubank, Wilmington; A.B., Primary Education 

Adelphian; Wesley (1); F.T.A. (4). 

Madgi; Hoval Evans, Greensboro; A.B., Chemistry 

Mary Enola Falls, Gastonia; B.S.. Business Education 

Cornelian; Dean's List (3, -4); YAY.C.A. (4); Westminster Fellowship (1, 2. 3, 4); 
Gamma Alpha (3, 4); F.T.A. (3, 4) ; Junior Show. 

Betty Caroline Felmet, Waynesville; B.S., Home Economics 

Dean's List (3); lunior Advisor; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3. 4); 4-H Club 
( 1, 2, 3, 4) ; Pine Needles (3,4). 

Hattie Elizabeth Ferebee, New Bern; A.B., Biology 

Service League (3); Y.W.C.A. (1); Caduccus (2); Medical Technologists (2, 5, 4); 

Chemistry Club (2. V 4) ; Elliott Hall Publicity Committee I i) 

Sarah Nan Ficquett, Dunn; B.S.. Home Economics 

Flora Macdonald College ( 1 ) : Westminster Fellowship (2. J, 4); Botany Club (3. 4); 
Home Economics Cluh ( 2. s. 4 ) ; Galilean Club ( 5 ) ; IT A (3, 4), Dorm Representa- 
tive (4); 4-H Club (2, 3, 4). 

Acni s Miriam Flake, Rockingham; B.S.. Business Education 

Dikean; Pon Needlei (4), Typing Marl (4); Deans List ( s. -I): Elections Board (4); 
lunior Advisor; Hall Board (s); Gamma Alpha (V I); FT A (4); Spanish dub 
(3); Sigma Alpha (4) 

Anita Boykin Fletcher, High Point; A.B.. English 

Cornelian; Dean's List (3, 4); Honor Roll (2); Elliott Hall Student-Facultj Con. 
nuttcc (2. s, 4). Secretary (2. i). Chairman (4); Elliott Hall Dance Committee (4); 
lunior Advisor; Botany Club (2. i); F.T.A. (4); Woman's College Theater (1. 2); 
Classical Club (2. 3, 4), Secretary (4) ; junior Show. 

Jean Wright Fletcher, North Wilkesboro; B.S.. Business Education 

Dikean; Pine Needles (3); Carolinian (i); Baptist student Union (1); Gamma 
Alpha ( s, 4 ) . F.T.A (3, II: Square Dance (1). 


f> t 


- * * ,^> 


® f? 

Not pictured: 

Rita Fleishman, Fayetteville 





W' - 

Edna M. Forester, Mars Hill; B.S.H.E., Institutional Management 

Mars Hill Junior College (1, 2); Home Economies Club (3, 4); Baptist Student 
Union (3, 4). 

Frances Elizabeth Fortune, Brevard; A.B., History 

Brevard Junior College (1, 2); Section Leader (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); Wesley 

(3, 41, FT A, (4); History Club (4). 

Edith Virginia Foster, Lexington; B.S.H.E ,, Teacher Training 

Cornelian; Junior Advisor; Baptist Student Union (1, 2, 3. 4); Home Economic 
Club (I, 2, 3, 4); 4-H Club (I, 2. 3, 4), Treasurer (4); Marshal (3, 4). 

Patsy Coble Freeman, Guilford College; A.B., Primary Educi 

Cornelian; F.T.A, (4). 

Jam i J. Frederick, Greensboro; A.B., Bwlogy 

Dean's List (3); Honor Roll (1, 2); Curriculum Committee (2, 3. 4); Elliott Hall 
Committee (3), Secretary (3); Town Student Dance Committee (1); Junior Advisor; 
Town Students Organization (1. 2. 3. 4); Botany Club (3); Zoology Field Club 
(2, 3, 4); FT A. (4); Beta Beta Beta (3. 4), President (4); Classical Club ( 1, 2, 

3,4), Secretary (2), Vice-President (3). 

Katherine Dudley Friar, Rocky Mount; A.B.. French 

Dean's List (41; Section Leader (1, 4); Canterbury Club ( 1, 4); FT A. (4); Le 
Circle Francais (4). 

Barbara Rae Friedman, Portsmouth, Virginia; A.B., Primary Education 

Adelphian; Section Leader (1); Dance Committee (2); Hillel (1, 2, 3, 4); F.T.A. 
(3, 4) ; Archery Club (2); Elliott Hall Committee (4). 

Martha Elizabeth Fulcher, Davidson; A.B.. Sociology 

Student Government Association (3. 4), President (4); Junior House President 
Golden Chain (3, 4); Deans List (3); Consolidated University Student Council (4) 
Section Leader (1); Tumor Advisor; Social Science Committee (3, 4); Choir (1) 
Westminister Fellowship (1, 2, 3. 4); Sociology Club (3. 4); Pre-Nursing (1, 2) 
Dolphin-Seal (2, 3. 4 ) 

Ellen Rae Garrison, Weaverville; A.B.. History 

Mars Hill Junior College. 

Gladys Gi-lfman, W'oodmere, Long Island, New York; A.L., ^^,^„... J 
Adelphi College; Carolinian (3, 4), Make-Up Editor (3), Editor (4); Consol 
University Council (4) ; Student- Faculty Reviewing Committee (3, 4) ; Section I 
(2); Social Science Committee (4 1; Hillel (2. 3, 4); Legislature (4); Wo 
College Theater (3). 

Woman s 

Jo Dure Gillikin, Wilmington; A.B.. English 

Wilmington College (1); Dean's List (3); Arts Forum Committee (4); Masqueradcrs 
(3, 4); Recreation Association (2. 3. 4); Coraddi Club (2, 3, 4); Woman's College 
Theater (3,4); Coradd, (2. 3. 4). Literary Staff (2, 3), Co-Editor (4). 

Patricia Elizabeth Godwin, Wilson; B.S.H.E.. Hoi/sing 

Aletheian; Elliott Hall Chorus (3, 4); Home Economics Club (I 
Club (3); Spanish Club (2, 3, 4). 

Rosa Kelly Godwin, Wilmington; A.B.. French 

Dikean; Class Elections Chairman (4); lunior Council; Dean's List (3. 4); Section 
Leader ( 1, 2, 3); Junior Advisor; Greensboro Symphony Orchestra (1); Westminster 
Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4); Square Circle (2, 3); F.T.A. (4); Recreation Association ( 1 ) ; 
Golf Club (1); Le Circle Francais (1,2,3,4); Tau Psi Omega (3,4). 

Margie Libby Goldman. Greensboro; B.S.. Secretarial Administration 

Aletheian; Dean's List (3); Town Students Organization ( 1. 2. 3. 4); Hillel (I 
3, 4) ; Gamma Alpha (3. 4). 


\i ami \ ( Ioodi . Mounl ( Hive; B.S., Business Education 

Dikean; Section Leadei (2); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2); Wesley (1, 2 I) Gai i Mpl 

I y ii . I I A i ii i II ( tub (1,2 1,4) freasurei I !) 



Mamm Louisi Goodv in, New Britain, ( onnecticut; B.l .1 . Painting 

Dean's List (3); Curriculum Committei (3, I) ; Arts Forum Commitl Irl 

Johanna F Gortj r, Asheville; B.S . Secretarial Administration 
Dikean; Coraddi (3) Circulation Managei (3); Garima Alpha (3 u 

Evelyn Mabei Goslen, Pfafftown; B.S.H.E., Teaches Training 

Dikean; Dean's List (4); Y\V( A (1, 2, v 4); Hom< Economics Club (3, 4); 
F.I A (4);4-H< lub (1,2,3.4) 

a. i nia COL! Cm i N, Ramseur; B.S.H.E., Teaches Tra 
Adelphian; Dean's List (3); Section Leadei (3); Home E< 
I inance ( hairman (3); 4-H < lub ( l, 2, V 4). 

Club (1, 2, 3, 4), 

n i "i \ Grj i nbi in,. Greensboro; A.B.. Sociology 

Universirj of Alabama (1); Legislature Representative (4); Handbook Advertising 
Stan" (31; Dean's List (3, 4); Honoi Roll (2); Elliott Hall Chorus (3); Sociologj 
Club (3,4); Student Faculty Committee (3); Alpha Kappa Delta (3,4). 

Jacqueline Holmes Griffon, Arlington, Virginia; A.B., Elementary Educath 
Dikean; Section Leadei ( l); Canterbury Club (1. 2, 3,4); funior Show; F.T.A. (4). 

Bf.lmar SHEPLEY Gundfrson, Ft. Meade, Maryland; B.S.. Physical Education 
Lutheran Students Association (4); F.T.A. (4); Recreation Association (I, 2, J, 4); 

Camp Counselors Club (1, 2, 4); Camp Committee (1); Co-Of ( 1. 2, 3. 41; ( lassical 
Club (3, 4); Hotkey Club (3, 4); Recreation Association Cabinet (I, 3, 4); Golf 
Club (1). 

Peggy Irenf Gunnell, Mount Airy; A.B., Mathematics 

Anna Elizabeth Hagen, Charleston Heights, South Carolina; B.F.A., Art 
Wesleyan School of Fine Arts (1, 2). 

Eva Gfraldine Hagan, Gastonia; A.B.. English 

Dikean; Dean's List (3) ; Elections Board (2); Daisy Chain (2); Elliott Hall Counci 
(3); Junior Advisor. 

Billie Jane Hall, Rich Square; A.B., English 

Mars Hill funior College (1,2); Section Leadei (3); Baptist Student U 

Social Committee (4); II A. (4). 

idith Edwina Hall, Springfield, Massachusetts; B.S., Physical Education 

Choir (1); Newman Club (4); Recreation Association (1. 2, j, 41. Cabinet (4); 
Danc< Group ( 1, 4); Camp Counselors Club (2); Co-OI (3 <>, Woman's < olleg 
Theater (3); Le Circle Francis (ii; Classical Club (3, 4); Hockey Club (3, 4) 


m * 





Joan Harlow, New Bern; B.S.H.E.. Clothing and I ■ 

Adelphian; Dean's List (s); Section Leadei (1. 2); lunior Advisor; Home EconOmil 
Club (1. 2. 3, 4) ; Spanish ( lub (2, s) ; C hemstn Club (2). 

Not pictured: 

Allan Hardin, Wilmington 

c * 


Marjorie Ann Harrell, Suffolk, Virginia; B.M., Org 


Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3 
Music Education (.1 

(II. Young Composers Club (4) ; 

«t? <5 


ft' » 

Nancy Carroll Harrill. Salisbury; A.B.. French 

Adelphian; Carolinian (3. 4), Interview Staff (3, 4); Pine Needles (4), Business 
Staff (4); Deans List (3); Honor Roll (2, 3); Section Leader (1, 2); Choir (1, 2); 
Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3. 4); Wesley (1, 2, 3, 4); Sigma Delta Pi (3. 4), Vice-President 
(4); Spanish Club (2. 3, 4), Treasurer (4); Recreation Association (1, 2, 3); Le 
Circle Francais (1. 2. 3. 4); Tau Psi Omega (3. 4). Secretary-Treasurer (4); Classical 
Club (3. 4); Elliott Hall Publicity Committee (3. 4); Cosmopolitan Club (1) 

Sheila Clark Harris, Greensboro; A.B.. Mathematics 

Adelphian; Junior House President; Judicial Board (4); Legislature Representative 
(2); Golden Chain (3, 4), Vice-President (4); Deans List (3. 4); Honor Roll 
(1, 2); Section Leader (1); Daisy Chain (2); Rules Committee (4); Student 
Advisory Committee (3); Wesley Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4); Square Circle (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Secretary-Treasurer (2) ; Recreation Association (1. 2. 3, 4), Cabinet (1, 2) ; Dolphin- 
Seal (1, 2, 3, 4). Vice-President (4) ; Co-Of (1); Dance Committee (1). 

Janice Myra Hartman, Summit, New Jersey; B.S.. Physical Education 

Dikean; Carolinian (3), Section Leader (1, 3); Choir (1, 2); Recreation Association 
(1, 2, 3, 4); Dolphin-Seal (1, 2, 3,4); Camp Counselors Club (1); Co-Of ( 1, 2, 3,4). 

Eunice Carolyn Head, Matthews; A.B., English 

Adelphian; Coraddi, Literary Staff (4); Deans List (3); Daisy Chain (2); F.T.A. 
(4); Le Circle Francais (1, 2. 3. 4), Secretary (3) ; Junior Show. 

Donna Thomas Hege, Greensboro; A.B.. English 
Dikean; Dean's List (3); Town Students Organizati 
F.T.A. (4). 

(3, 4); Botany Club (2); 

Patricia Raye Hemphill, Marion; A.B., Biology 

Adelphian; Dean's List (3); Honor Roll (1); Section Leader (4); Medical Techn 
logists (2. 3, 4), Secretary (3); Spanish Club (1, 2); Recreation Association ( 1, 
3, 4); Dolphin-Seal (1.2); Beta Beta Beta (J, 4); Historian (4). 

Joan Fredericka Hester, Greensboro; A.B., Elementary Education 

Junior Advisor; Westminster Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4); F.T.A. (4). 


Sara Ann Hickerson, Greensboro; A.B., Mathematics 

Cornelian; Dean's List (3); Finance Board (3, 4). Chairman (4); Rules Committee 
(3); Junior Advisor; Square Circle (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); Chemistry Club (2). 

Christine Elizabeth Hill, Greensboro; A.B.. Mathematics 

Dean's List (4); Honor Roll (1) ; Service League (3); Junior Advisor; Town Students 

Organization (1, 2. 3. 4), Secretary-Treasu 
Tap Dance Club ( 3 ) ; Junior Show ; Newr 
3, 4), Social Chairman (3). 

(2), Vice-President (3), President (4) ; 
an Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Square Circle (1, 2. 

H. Anne Hill, Ahoskie; A.B.. Mathematics 

Cornelian; Senior House President; Legislature (4) ; Dean's List (3, 4); Service League 
(3, 4); Section Leader (1, 3); Baptist Student Union (1, 2, 3, 4); Square Circle 
(1, 2, 3, 4); Recreation Association (1, 2, 3, 4); College Band (1, 3. 4); Junior Show. 

Peggy Ann Hinton, Mount Olive; A.B., Primary Education 

Dikean; Y.W.C.A. (1); Wesley (1,2,3,4); Botany Club (3); F.T.A. (4). 


Ann Goodwin Hoke, Morganton; B.S.. Business Education 

Adelphian; Wesley Foundation (1); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); F.T.A. (4); Recr 
Association (1. 2, 3, 4). 

Margaret Marshall Holland, Gastonia; A.B., Biology 

Alc-thcian; Caduceus (1 2, 3), Secretary 3; Medical Technologists (3, 4); Archery 
Club (2); Zoology Field Club (2. 3. 4); Chemistry Club (2, 3, 4). 

Not pictured: 
Kara Harrett 


Laura Marii Hopkins, Reidsvilli ,B.S.H.l Institution Management 

Guilford College (1); Daisy Chain (2) V.W.C.A (2) Westminster Fellowshi] (2) 

Hum, I, ,,n,„, ,,.-. ( Lib (.'. s, 1) 

f> < 


( arolvn Horne, Fayetteville; B.S., Business Education 
Dikean; Senioi ( ouncil ( I) . Gamma Alpha (3,4) I I A in 

Ra< hi i Elizabi m Hudson, K.i 

B.M., Mush Education 

\ni Eleasj Huff, Charlotte; A.B., Art History 

Dikean; Pint SctJIei (I. 2. 3. 4). lushnun r . I it. >i (I). Sophomore Editor (2). 
Assistant Editoi l>). Editoi ( I); Elliot! Hall Council ( l. 2, S), Publicity Committe< 
(1. 2), Chairman (3); V.W'.C.A. (1. J, V II. Spanish Club (3); Ar! Club (I. J. 
v il; Assistant Hous< President ( ) ) . Dorm ' heerleader ( I ) ; Junior Show. 

Coanne Isi.i v, Graham; A. 11, Primat i Educai 
Adelphian; Wesley ( l. 2. 3, 4) ; F.T.A. (4). 

Janie Patricia Jarrell, Charlotte; A.B., Sociology 
Dikean; Interfaith Council (4); Wesley (2. 3. 4); Ju 

Kara Kittrell Jarrett, Thomasville; A.B., Mathematics 

Dikean; Junior House President; Legislature Representative ( '■>); Carolinian (1, 2, 3) ; 
Elections Board (4); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4). Vice-President (4); Square Circle 
(2, 3,4); F.T.A. (4); Le Circle Francis (1. 2). 

Helen Ernestine Jernican, Wilson; B.S., Business Education 

Cornelian; Legislature Representative (4); Junior Council; Carolinian (1, 2. 3, 4), 
Interview Editor (3, 4); Deans List (3, 4); Elections Board (1); Dance Committee 
(2) ; Junior Advisor; Junior Show; Gamma Alpha (3, 4), Vice-President (4); F.T.A. 
(4); Recreation Association ( I. 2. 3. 4). Representative (3); Dolphin-Seal (1); Sigma 
Alpha (3. 4), Social Chairman (4); Section Leader (2). 

Libbv Kaplan, Baltimore, Maryland; A.B., Sociology 

Legislature Representative (4); National Students Association (3, 4), Coordinator (4) ; 
Carolinian (4); Dean's List (3, 4); Finance Board (3); Daisy Chain (2); Sociology 
Club (2. 3, 4), Treasurer (3); Handbook Advertising Chairman; Alpha Kappa Delta 
(s. 4); Chemistry Club (2). 

Helen D. Karras, Charlotte; A.B., Primary Education 

Dikean; Junior Council; Section Leader (1, 2, 4); Interfaith Council (3); Y.W.C.A 
(I, 2. 3, 4); F.T.A. (4); Recreation dssociation (1. 2, 3,4). 

March; Marie Kenerlv. North Wilkesboro; A.B.. Sociology 

Adelphian; Dean's List (3); luniur Uvrsor; Y.W.C.A. (I); Sociolog) Club (3, 4); 
Spanish Club (1); Alpha Kappa Delta (3, 4). 

Martha DeLay Kennedy, Atlanta, Georgia; B.S.H.E., Clothing and Textiles 
Wesleyan College (1, 2); Dean's List (3, 4); Home Economics Club (3. 4). 

Virginia Claire Kennedy, Asheville; .L/C B, 

Cornelian; Daisy Chain (2) ; Botany Club (2. s); Modern Dame Group (II: Ch< 
try Club (3. 

Mary Catherine Kirkman, Greensboro; A.B., English 

Dean's List (3) ; Honor Roll ( 1. 2); Town Students Organization (4); F.T.A. (41. 

Not pictured: 

Mm i -, Jo Beaty Horne 

f- 7 




< i 

Mary Lewis Kluttz. Albemarle; B.S.H.E., Teacher Training 

Aletheian; Dean's List (3. 4) ; Section Leader (1) ; Daisy Chain (2); Junior Advisor; 
Marshal (4); Spanish Club (1. 2); Hume Economics Club (2. 3, 4), Committees (3); 
Dormitory Social Committee (4); Danforth Fellowship (4). 

Esther Miriam Krasny, Dam ilk. Virginia; A.B., Ec 

Carolinian Staff (1); Legislature (3, 41; Service League (4), President (4); Hillcl 
(1, 2. 3. 4), Secretary (I); Dance Committee (2); Spanish Club (1, 2); Dance 
Group (1, 2, 3, 4); Sophomore Council; Section Leader ( 1, 2); lunior Advisor; 
National Students Association (2); Square Circle I 1 I 

Hloy Kyriakides, Portsmouth, Virginia; A.B., Sociology 

Dikcan; Carolinian (4), Exchange Manager (4) ; Hall Board (2, 3, 4); Section Leader 
(4); Sociology Club (V 4); FT A. (3); Woman's College Theater (3, 4); Dance 
Club (1); Hall Board (I, 2, J, 4); Cosmopolitan Club (1); Woman's College 
theater (3, 4). 

Peggy Jean Lamb, Greensboro; B.S., Physical Education 

Town Students Organization II. 2. s I), Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Recreat 

Mary June Lance, Arden; A.B. Elementary Education 

Dikean; Deans List ( J); Curriculum Committee (3); Section Leader ( I. 2 ) ; Y.W'.CA. 
II, 2, 5); Westminstei Fellowship ( 1, 2. 3. 4); F.T.A. (3, 4); Spanish Club 
II 2, J); Square Dance (1). 

Alice Deese Lanning, Greensboro; B.S., Busim rj Education 

Aletheian; Deans List (3, 4); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3, 4); Daisy Chain (2); Town 
Students Organization (3. 4); Lamina Alpha (3. 4); F.T.A. (3. 4); Tap Dance 
Club (2) ; Sigma Alpha (3.4). 

l.i < inda Adei aide Lanning, Plymouth; B.F.A.. Art 

Aletheian; Class Committees 1 2. }, 4); Pint Needles (4); Elliott Hall Committee 
I 2. 5, 4); Dorm Committee (I, 3 ) ; Art Committei 1 2. v 1 1 

Mary Joanne Lassiter, Marion; A.B.. Biolog) 

Aletheian; Zoology Field Club (2. 3. 4), President (4). 

Mar i ha Jane Laughrjdge, Rutherfordton; A.B.. Medical Technology 

Cornelian; Dance Committee (1); Medical Technologists (2, 3, 4), Treasurer (3); 
Chemistry Club (2, 3, 4). 

Virginia Katharinj Lawler, San Diego, California; B.S., Business Education 

Dikcan; Interfaith Council (I); Newman (I, 2, }, 4); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); 
F.T.A. (4). 



Valentine Romana Lazarr. Greensboro; B.A.. French 

Dean's List (3. 4); Town Students Organization (1, 2, 3, 4); Elliott Hall Chorus 
(3); Newman (1, 2. 3. 4); F.T.A (41; Cosmopolitan Club (1. 2); Lc- Circle 
Francais (4); Tau Psi Omega (3, 4). 

Marjorie Sara Leder, Whiteville; A.B.. Elementary Education 

Interfaith Council (2, 3, 4). President (4); Dean's List (3, 4); Hillel ( 1, 2, 3, 4); 
F.T.A. (3. 4); Camp Counselors Club (I); Chairman of Interfaith Forum (3); 
Marshal ( 3 ); Legislature (4). Hall Board (I). 

Ai k i Harrold Lee, Asheville; B.S.. Secretarial Administration 

Adclphian; Legislature Representative (3, 4); Marshal (3, 4); Pine Needles (4), 
Typing Staff (4); Consolidated t mvcrsitv Council (2. 3, 4), Chairman (4 1; Elliott 
Hall Council (1) ; Dance Committee (I. 31; lunior Advisor; Elliott Hall Chorus (2); 
Westminster Fellowship (2); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Recreation Association (2); 
Dolphin-Seal (2, 3 ) ; Camp Counselors Club (2) . 

Margaret Elizabeth Lee, Durham; B.A.. Primary Education 

Aletheian; Carolinian (2, 3). Advertising Staff (2). Advertising Manager (3); Deans 
List (3); Service League (II; Section Leader (1, 3); Dance Committee (1); Junior 
Advisor; Interfaith Council (4 1; Westminstei Fellowship (1. 2. 3. 4), Service Chair- 
man (2). Treasurer (3). President (4) ; F.T.A (4). 


Ni i Lennon, Evergreen; B.S., H >• ■ ' momu i 
irs Hill funioi < ollege I i !) Dean Lisl (3) Baptisl Student I nion (3, i I 

I i i i n Mi In n ism Lewis, Doravilli . ( leorgia; I B , French Board I D. Sop i mcil (2) Dean's List (3 I); Honoi Board (2, 3) 

Section l eadi i I I) i anterburj I lub (2) Le Circle ) rancais (1 ! i I) Vio 
President in, Tau I'm Omega (3 I), Presidenl ( i> 

Aha Frances Linville, Oak Ridge; 8.5 . Secretarial Administration 

Adelphian; Carolinian (1); Dean's List (3, 4) ; Y.W.CA (1); Weslej (1); Squ 
Circle ( I ) . Gamma Alpha (3, 4) ; Re< reation Assoi iation (1). 

Elizabeth Jean Littlejohn, < harlotti ,A.B., Sociology 

Dikean; Section Leadei (1); Sociology Club (3, I); Elliott Hall Committee (2, J) 

Joyci Mai Long, Rocky Mount; A3., English 

Carolinian (I, 2, 5, II. News Editoi (4); Outstanding Senioi (4); Phi Beta Kappa 
(3, n. Dean's List (3, 4); Honor Roll (1, J, J); |unior Advisor; Choir (J). 
YW.C.A. (I. }, 4), Cabinet (1, }); Westminster Fellowship (1, 2, J, -I); Spanish 
Club (1, 2, 3, 4); University Sermon Chairman (-1); Handbook Committee (3); 
I fniversit) Si rmon ( ommittee (3). 

< i vrajo Lovi it, Asheboro; A.B.. Sociology 

Dikean; Wesley (I. :. i, I); Sociology Club (3, 4); Senior Housi Presidenl 

Anna Kate Lovingood, Hendersonville; B.S.H.E., Teacher Training 

Dikean; Home Economics Club (2, 5, 4); F.T.A. (3, 4) ; Cosmopolitan Club (2, 3). 

Nancy Low hi r. Salisbury; A.B.. Biolog) 

Mars Hill Junior College (1. 2): Zoology Field Club (3, 4); F.T.A. (-4); Chemi: 

f <s> 

?•' ( 

& r. 

Pi ggy Marif Mabf. Stokcsdale; B.S., Business Education 

Cornelian; Dean's List (3); Section Leader (1); Wesley (1, 2. 3. 4). Secretary (3). 
Deputation Chairman (4); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); F.T.A (4), Publicity Chairman 
(4); North Spencer Spotlight (2), Technical Staff (2); Junior Show. 

Dfbora Amy Marcus, New York, New York; A.B., English 

Adelphian; Coraddi (1,2,3), Editor (3); Carolinian (2, J); Deans List (3); Honoi 
Roll (1, :. J); Section Leader (1); Arts Forum Committee (3); Coraddi Cluh (I. 

Virginia Carolyn Marshall, Jacksonville; B.M., Organ 

Adelphian; Dean's List (3, 4) ; Honor Roll (1, 2. 3); Curriculum Committee (3 U 
Choir (I, 2, 3. 4); Young Composers Cluh (4); Music Education Club (1, -II 

Elfanor Holton Martin, Kingsport, Tennessee; A.B., Primary Edit 

Senior House President; Class President (3); Section Leader (1). |uni 
Choir (1, 2); Westminster Fellowship (1.2. 3, 1). F.T.A. (4). 

Marietta Ait en Mason. Greensboro; B.S. H.H.. Teacher Training 

Cornelian; Dean's List ( 3. 4) ; Honor Roll (1. 2) ; Daisy Chain (2); funio' Advisoi 
Town Students Circa n i /at ion (I, 2. 3. 4); Choir (1); Y.W.CA ( 2. s. 4). Cabinet 
(2); Wesley (1, $); Omicron Nu (4), Editor (4), Omicron Nu Sophomore Scholai 

ship Award (2) ; Dance Committee (1); Home Economies Cluh (1). 

Ri'TH Parki r Matthews, Asheville; A.B , Spat 

Dikean; Dean's List (3); Servios Leagu< (3); Y.W.CA ill. I 1A (3, 11 ; Spanish 

Club (2, 3. 4). Program Chairman (4) ; Square Dance ( 1 ): Junior Show 

Sot pictured: 

Carolyn L. Lithco, Greensboro 





HELEN Gilbert Maynard, Raleigh; B.S.H.E., Teacher Training 

Cornelian; Senior House President, Legislature (4); Class Treasurer (2); Chairman 
of LTniversity Sermon Committee (1); Dean's List (3); Honor Roll ( 1, 2); Section 
Leader (1); Junior Advisor; Interfaith Council (2, 3); Choir (1); Baptist Student 
Union (1, 2, 3, 4); Omicron Nu (3, 4), President (4); Home Economics Club (1, 
2, 3, 4) ; Junior Marshal (3); Home Economics Student-Faculty Committee (3). 

Margaret Anne McArthlr. Durham; B.S.H.E.. Clothing and Textiles 

Cornelian; Deans List (3. 4); Honor Roll (1, 2); Elliott Hall Council (1); Inter- 
faith Council (4); Baptist Student Union (1, 2. 3. 4). President (4); Omicron Nu 
(4), Vice-President (4). Homt Economics Club (1. 2, 3. 4), Secretary (2). 

Rita Jane McClung, Robbinsville; B.S.H.E.. Institution Management 
Deans List (3); Choir ( 1. 2, 3, 4); Home Economics Club (3). 

June Howard McDuffie. St. Pauls; B.S., Bus 
Aletheian; Dean's List (3); Daisy Chain (2); G 

tj Education 
na Alpha ( 3, - 

Joanne Buie McGill, Faycttcville; A.B.. Primar) Education 
Adclphian, Dean's List (3); Section Leadei (3); Westminster Fell 
F.T.A. (?. 4): Recreation Association ( l. 2). 

**} r 

Patricia Ellen McGuire, Boone; A.B., Spanish 

Appalachian State Teachers College ( 1, 2); Deans List (3); Sigma Delta Pi (3, 4) 
President (4); Spanish Club (3, 4). Treasurer (3). 

Lucv Ellen McIntyri , Red Oak; A.B., Elementar) Education 
Westminster Fellowship (1, 2. 3, 4) ; F.T.A. (3, 4). 

Marian McKay, Charlotte; 6.5. . Homt h 

Dikean; Section Leader (3); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 4); F.T.A. (4) , Ma 
(4) ; Rules Committee Chairman (3) ; Legislature (3, 4). 


Nancy Brown McLfmore, Henderson; A.B.. Primary Education 
Dikean; Y.W.C.A. (2) ; F.T.A. (4) ; Junior Show. 

Gaylrenee Walden McMahon, Greensboro; B.M.. Violin 

High Point College (1); Greensboro Symphony Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); Chamber 
Music Group (1, 2, 3). 

Nancy Anne McWhorter, Beulaville; A.B.. English 

Carolinian (2. 3), News Staff (2, 3); Coraddi Co-Editor (4); Dean's List (3); 
lunior Advisor; Galilean Club (2. 3, 4), Secretary (3); F.T.A. (4); Coraddi Club 
(3. 4); Woman's College Theater (2); Lc Circle Francais (1, 2, 3, 4); Classical 
Club (3.4). 

Peggy Wolff Mfbani , Greensboro; A. 

Rosemary Whitmire Merrick, Asheville; B.S.. Physical Education 

Dikean; Section Leader (4); Dance Committee (1); Arts Forum Committee IV 11. 
Recreation Association (1, 2, 3,4); Dance Group (1, 2. 3, 4). 

Mary Lenoir Michal, Waynesville; A.B.. Biology 

St. Mary's Junior College (1); Judicial Board (4); Deans List (3); Honor Roll 
(2); Section Leader (2); lunior Advisor; Canterbury Club (2. 3. 4); Square Circle 
(3, 4); Caduceus (2. 3, 4), President (3); Zoology Field Club (3, 4); Beta Beta 
Beta (3, 4), Vice-President (4). 


Mil dri Mil i i R, Sanford, Florida; B.A., History 

Stetson i niversit) (I); Dean's List (3); Daisj < hain (2); W( 

(2, >, i). I ■ I A id 

I mii j Mi rns Mn ion. Albemarle; /TV. Busim u Education 

Aletheian; Carolinian (4); Daisj Chain (2); Gammii Alpha (3, 4); Spanish Club 

(1,2); Dorm Co 


NNI El 1/ Mil 1 1 

Adelphian; Phi 
Dean's List ( >, 
Y.W.CA. (II. 
ship (1, :. J, -i 
tion (l); Cosn 

i Misii 

N< . .//<■ 
4); Hi 
). Vice- 


' ( 1 

). Bus 
mber ( 

( one ord 
iness Stafl 

2), Presid 

); SDA (^ 

, A.B., Hi 
(i); Can 
nioi Advis 

i) ; taterfa 

Union ( i 

l \ i-i 

h Re 


Stan i i i 
ul (3, 4); 

r. ring 

enl Fellow 

( 1 

adent 1 
uh (2 

>n Associa- 

H..I1 Board ( 

Mn i v Ann MITCHELL, Denton; A.B.. Elementary Education 

Cornelian; Carolinian (3), Circulation Staff (3); Dean's List (3. 4); Ch<> 
vn, Botany Club (2); F.T.A. (3, 4); Dorm Committee l i) 

Nancy Gean Mitchell, Charlotte, A.B., Primary Education 

Cornelian; Carolinian (2); Section Leader (2); Elliott Hall Committee (3, 4); Chair- 
man of Entertainment Committee (4); F.T.A. (3, 4); Debating Society (2, 5); 
lunior Show. 

Sara Elizabeth Moore, Kinston; A.B., Elementary Education 

Adelphian; Dean's List (3); Section Leader (2); Dance Committee (3); Junior 
Advisor; Intcrfaith Council (3) ; Wesley (1, 2, 3); Square Circle (2); F.T.A. (3. 4). 

Sara Lou Moore, Whiteville; B.S.H.E., Housing 

Queens College (1); Home Economics Club (2, 3); Spanish Club (2). 

Louisa Borden Mordecai, Raleigh; A.B.. History 

Class Secretary (3); Carolinian (2), Proofreader (2) ; Outstanding Senior (4); Dean's 
List (3); Honor Roll (1); Elections Board (2); Curriculum Committee (3. 4); 
Dance Committee (2); Junior Advisor; Social Science Committee (4); Y.W.C.A. 
(2, 3. 4), Secretary (3). President (4); Canterbury Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Le Circle 
Francais (I I; Botany Club (2. 3) ; History Club (4). 

Mary Jane Moring, Greensboro; A.B.. Primary Education 

Town Students Organization (l, 2, 3. 4); F.T.A. (3. 4). 

Elizabeth Louise Morrison, Bethesda, Maryland; A.B., English 

Cornelian; Dean's List (3); Section Leader (3); Daisy Chain (2); Interfaith Council 
(2. 4); Y.W.CA. (1); Christian Science Group (2, 3. 4). Treasurer (3). President 
(4); Spanish Club (1. 2, 3. 4), Social Chairman (4); Tap Dance Club (2); Hand- 
book Advertising Committee (3); Marshal (4); Student-Faculty Committee (3, 4). 

Elizabeth Luella Morton, Charlotte; A.B., Sociology 

Dikean; Pine Needles (1, 2, 3, 4). Senior Editor (4); Section Leader (1. 2); 
Y.W.C.A. (1,2, 3, 4); Westminster Fellowship (1. 2. 3, 4); Sociology Club (3. 4); 
F.T.A. (4); Junior Show. 

Bettie Steelman MOTSINGER, Hamptonv ille; A.B.. Primary Education 

Section Leader (2); Daisy Chain (2); Y.W.CA. (1, 2, 3, 4). Y.W.CA. Cabinet (3) ; 
Baptist Student Union (1, 2); F.T.A. (4). 

Sandra Rose Motsinger, Taylorsville; A.B.. Elementary Education 

Marwille College (I, 2); Carolinian (3. 4); Hall Board (4); Section Leader (3); 
Wesley (3, 4) ; F.T.A. (3, 4); Woman's College Theater (3). 

Kenan Terrell Neese, Greensboro; A.B.. English 

Honor Roll (1. 2); Dance Committee (2) ; Junior Adxisor; Town Students Organiza- 
tion (1, 2. 3, 4); Newman Club ( 1, 2. 3. 4); F.T.A. (4); Recreation Association 
(2, 3); Square Dance ( 1) ; Town Student Judicial Board (1); Interfaith Council (3). 


Caroline Neill, Charlotte; A.B.. Biology 

Dean's List (4); Daisy Chain (2); Square Circle (1, 2, 3, 4); Galilean Club (3); 
Zoology Field Club (3. 4) ; Dance Group (1, 2, 3); Beta Beta Beta (3, 4). 

Carolyn Newsome, Ahoskie; A.B.. Primary Education 

Cornelian; Choir (1. 2. V 4); Y.W.C.A. (I. 2); Baptist Student Union (1. 2. 3, 4); 
YW.A. Social Chairman (3, 4); Consolidated University Council (2, 3. 4); F.T.A. 
(3, 4); Pre-Nursing (II. Treasurer ( 1 ) . 

Della Carolyn Newton, Faison; A.B., Primary Education 

Adelphian; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3. 4); Westminstei Fellowship (1. 2. 3, 4); F.T.A. 

Betty Jean O'Kelley, Candler; A.B., Biology 

Dikean; Dean's List (3); Section Leader (3); Botany Club (2, 3. 4), President (4); 
Caduceus (1. 2); Galilean Cluh (3, 4); Zoology Field Club (2); Chemistry Club 
(2, 3). 

Jane W'inborne Olds, Venice. Florida; A.B., English 

Florida State I'miaMii (1); Dean's List (3); Elections Board Chairman (4) ; Dance 
Committee (3); lunio, Advisor; Y.W.C.A (2. 31. Cabinet (3); Canterbury Cluh 
(2 3. 4); Botany Club (2. 3); Sophomore Council (2) ; Legislature (3, 4); Woman's 
College Theater (2); lunio, Show 

Marion Theresa Ohurm . Greensboro; A.B.. Spanish 

Cornelian; Dean's List (3); Honor Roll (2); Daisy Chain (2). Wesley ( 1. 2. V 4) 
Sigma Delta Pi [2. s. 4), Secretary (3), Corresponding Secretary (4); Dorm Con 
mittee (3); F.T.A. (4); Spanish Club (2. i. 4). Vice-President (3). President (4) 
llhott Hall Publicity Committee (2, 3. 4). Junior Show. 

Anna Lynn Owen, New Bern; A.B.. Elementary Education Hill Junior Collegt ii 2); Baptist Student Union (3, 4); F.T.A. (3.4). 

1 i sii Joycelene Painter, Lincolnton; A.B . Elementary Education 

Daisy Chain (2); Interfaith Council (3, 4); United Student Fellowship (1. 2. }, 4). 
Secretary (3), President (4); Galilean Club (3); Golf Club (3). 

1 *| 

Joan Fuller Parker. Oxford; A.B., Chemistry 

Cornelian; Section Leader (i). Medical Technologists (3); Chemistry Club (2, 3. 4). 

Dorothy Jean Parshall, Overland Park, Kansas; B.F.A.. Advertising Art 
University of Kansas (1, 2) ; Pirn Needli i Assistant Organizations Editor (3); Elliott 
Hall Council (3) ; North Spencei Spotlight ( 3 ); WUNC-TV Art Director (3.4). 

Hi i i n Elizabeth Pate. Durham; B.S.. Secretarial Administration 
Aletheian; Gamma Alpha ( 3. 4 ) ; Recreation Association (3). 

' ~ 

Margie Virginia Payne, High Point; A.B.. Elementary Education 

Dikean; Botany Club (2, 3. 4): FT A. (3,4); Spanish Club (2. 3, 4). 

Ai dri "i Fisher Perry, Durham; B.S.. Busint a Ed 

Legislature Representative (1); Elliott Hall Committee (3, 4); Carolinian (2), Busi- 

. Staff (2); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); F.T.A. (4). 

I ■ Lk 

Patsy Ann Pettit, Albemarle; B.S.. Business Education 

Dean's List (3) ; Baptist Student Union (2, 3, 4). Corresponding Secretary (41; Elliott 
Hall Committee (2); Gamma Alpha (3. 4), Projects Chairman (4); Recreation 
Association (3); Tap Dance Club (1, 2, 3), President (3). 

Not pictured: 

Mary Tow e Parker, Greensbon 

Patsy Ann Paulson. Raleigh 


i korj I /■' ' - 'Hi Mary Education 

idenl in. Legislatun in l lliotl Hall < om to i ! i 

t .mo i •, n Moor] I'ii i vrd, < harlotti I B Pi 'm u i Education 

i orm li.m l i eislatun (1, 3 i> [udicial Board i I) Poinl I oi ttei I I 

i -i Rul, i i ij ' ;, .mm. >,i Handl k ( ommittei i i) I ioldi n ( bain 

I II l>..m s I 1st | s) . 11,1,,,,, Roll II. .'). S,,l„„, I,, || ■,) |,m 

I I A i . , i l iol iii- Festival ol th< Arts (4) 

Ai n i Ji anni i 1 1 I'm im w. I Im i it] ; B.S., Homi lit 

Dean's Lisl in. Seel Leadei in, Y \\ ( A (1, .' ) . Baptisl Studenl Union 

( l. 2. II, ( ..,,,1,1 1 iii.ii ran Nu (4); Homi I con >s Club (1, 2, 4), President 

in I l A (-il; Square Dana HI. I II < lub I I. 2, n Officei (2,4);l 

i «? 

Hi i in I il M N Pol iv I.. \ 
Adelphian; Section 1,,,.!,, 

ilk-. B.S.H.1 . I < ichei Training 

1 Y.W.C.A. (3, 4) II, mm, Economics Club ( l 

Marion Lois Prescott, Raleigh; B.S., Physical Education 

Adelphian; Class Publicity Chairman (4); Carolinian (i. 2, J), V<„is Editoi ( >.) 

sp,„t- Wiiii-. (I. }); Dean's I im (3, • >. Elections Board (1); Honoi Board (-1): 
Section Leader (I, 4); Dance Committee (1); Junior Advisor; Baptist Student Union 

(i). Points ( ommittei (3, !); Recreal Asi ation (1 !, !, ii Secretarj (2) 

Poinl Chairman (3), Social Chairman (4) ; Junioi Show; Co-Of (1, :. s, 4); Camp 
< ,, hum Ii us ( lub (2, J, i ) . Dance Group (I. J. * I, Vm I'um.I, m ( ;i. Square Djuu 
( i I ; ( amp ( >,,,, I i ) 

Sylvia Bennett Pullen, Rocky Mount; A.B.. Piano 
Adelphian; Dean's List (3, )), Honor Roll (1, 2); Sectii 

Choir (2, 3, 4); Hall Board (1); Musk Edu 

June V. Puluam, Leaksville; A.B., Elementary Educa 

Dikean; Dean's last (3, 4); Service League (1); < h 

Baptist Student Union (1, 2, 3, 4); F I .A. (3, 4). 

Nan< v Jim Qtjinn, ( lemmons; B.S., Physical Education 

Dikean; Servici I eague (I, 2, 4 ), Clothing C h.urman (-1) , Station Leader (2) . Daisv 
(ham (2); funioi Advisor; Interfaith Council (2. J), Treasurer (s); Moravian 
(I. 2, 3, 41. President (3); Inter-Varsity (3, 4); F.T.A. (4); Recreation Association 

(1,2, 3, 1) . Cainp Counselor ( l„h ( ,| Co-Of (J. s I); Cosmopolitan Cluh (I, 2) 

Di an Ramsi v. Asheville; A.B., Eh 

&///1 ation 
i (1, 3, 4); F.T.A. I I) H 

Gi i xi. a Joy Ray, Winston-Salem; B.F.A., An Fashi 
Aletheian; Service League (3);Art< lub (3,4) 

Cynthia Ann Reed, Reading, Pennsylvania; A.B., Primary Education 

University of Pittsburgh (I. JI; Senioi Council; Deans List (3); Servict League hi 
F.T.A. (4). 


Patsi Ann Ri eves, Walnut; A.B., Primary Education 

Mars Hill Junior College (1, 2); Westminster Fellowship (3,4); 1 I A in 

Shirley Elizabeth Ri id, Mayodan; A.B., Primary Education 

Cornelian; Choir (1,2); Canterburj Club (1,2, v I); I VIA. (4). 

Jane Sutherland Reinecke, Fayette\ ille; B.S.. Secretarial Administration 

Cornelian; Carolinian (2) ; Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Woman's College Theater (3. 4). 


fc- »• 

f? G 


Hazel Reitzel, Efland; A.B.. Elemental) Education 

Cornelian; Botany Club (2, 3, 4) ; FT. A. (4); Classical Club (2, 3. 4) ; Ju 



Nancv Tupper Reynolds, Baltimore, Maryland; B.S.. Physical Education 

Richmond Professional Institute (1); Dean's List (3); Section Leader (2); Recreation 
Association (2, 3, 4), Cabinet (3. 4) ; Camp Counselors Club (2, 3, 4) ; Co-Of (3, 4), 
President (4). 

Berntelle Roan, Cresco, Pennsylvania; B.S., Business Education 

Legislature Representative (2, 4); Dean's List (3); Honor Roll (2); Service Leag 
(1) ; Junior Advisor; Square Circle (1, 2, 3); Gamma Alpha (3, 4) ; F.T.A. (3, 4 
Secretary (3), President (4); Spanish Club (2, 3, 4), Secretary (3); North Spent 
Spotlight (3); Tap Dance Club (2); Sigma Alpha (3, 4), Program Chairman (4). 

Mary Lois Garrell Robertson, High Point; A.B.. Primary Education 
Dikean; Daisy Chain (2); F.T.A. (3, 4) ; Cosmopolitan Club (2). 


Betty Rae Rogers, Manteo; B.S.. Business Education 

Cornelian; Carolinian (2); Pine Needles (3, 4), Typing Staff (3, 4); Dean's List 
(3, 4); Honor Roll (1. 2); Daisy Chain (2); Junior Advisor; Wesley (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Council (2. 3. 4); Elliott Hall Committee (2, 4); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); F.T.A. (4); 
Spanish Club (2, 3); Recreation Association (1); Sigma Alpha (3, 4); Interfaith 
Council (4). 

Beverly Campbell Rollins, Greensboro; A.B., Elementary Education 
Cornelian; Dean's List (3. 4); Dance Committee (3); Town Students Organi. 
(1 2, s, 4>; ludicial Board (3); Baptist Student Union (1 
Club (1, 2). 

F.T.A. (4); Spanish 

Mc-RGUENYA Roope, North W'tlkesboro; B.S.. Business Education 

Adelphian; Pine Needier (2); Carolinian (3), Mechanics Staff (3); Dean's List (3); 
Y.W.C.A. (3. 4); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); F.T.A. (3. 4); Spanish Club (2. 3), Social 
Chairman (3); Square Dance ( 1 ); Dorm Social Committee (3) ; Junior Show. 

MARGARET Rose, Greensboro; A.B.. Recreation 

Cornelian; Sophomore Commission (2); Marshal (3, 4); Service League (1); Section 
Leader (3); Dance Committee (2); May Court (3), Maid of Honor (4); Town 
Students Organization (4); Junior Adwsor; VWCA ( 1, 2, 3) ; Wesley (1. 2. s, 4); 
Hall Board (3); Spanish Club (2) 

Judith Ann Rosenstock, Baltimore, Maryland; A.B., History 

Adelphian; Elliott Hall President (4); Golden Chain (3, 4), Corresponding Secretary 
(4); Consolidated University Council (4); Service League (1); Elliott Hall Chorus 
(s); Choir (1. 2); Hillel (3). Vice-President (3); Botany Club (2. 3. 4), Social 
Chairman (3); Camp Counselors Club (1); Elliott Hall Student-Faculty Committee 
(2 i| Chairman (=>); Marshal (3); Legislature (1,4); Interfaith Forum Hospitality 
Chairman (3). 

Carolyn Rae Royal. Greensboro; A.B.. English 

Mars Hill Junior College (1. 2) ; Town Students Organi; 
Union (3,4). 

(3, 4 1; Baptist Student 

Gloria Astrid Rucker, Wilmington; B.S., Secretai 
Cornelian ; Gamma Alpha (3. 4 ) ; Medical Technologi 
Club (1); Chemistry Club (2). 

.;/ Administration 

s (2); Dolphin-Seal 

Patricia Harriet Rudman, Martii 

Adelphian; Hillel (1. 2. 3. 4); 1 
Chemistry Club (2. 3); Elliott Hal 
mittee (4) ; Junior Show. 

sville, Virginia; A.B.. Primary Edr, 
T.A. (3. 4); Woman's College Th 
Faculty-Student Committee (3. 4); I 



Rose Samet, Asheboro; A.B.. Sociology 

Dikean; Pine Needles (3), Business Staff (3); Section Leader ( 3 ) ; Hillel (1, 2, 3, 4) ; 
Sociology Club (3. 4). 


I i izabj hi < aton Sams. Greensboro B u I 

Cornelian; Junioi llmw I'miJuii, ( ( w \. •.■ soil i I) Town Students 

Organization i i ) . < I ( '. v I) ; Greensb Symphonj Orchestra (1) Interfaith 

Council (2) . Musi< Education ( luh (1, 2). 


Georgia N.ik ma Sai m« rs, K. idsville; B.S Secretarial Administration 
< ornelian; Botanj < lub in. Gamma Alpha (J, 4); Le Circle 1 rancais i i i 

Anna Mauii Si hi i ki \. Wilmington; A.B., Elementary Education 

\\ ilmington < ollege (1, 2); Servict Leagu< (3); 1 uiIki.ui Students Associal i 1 1 

F.T.A i 1 1 

izabj in Luther Schui rz, Winston-Salem; A.B., Primary Education 
Dean's List (3); Section Leader (l); Daisy (ham (3); Baptisl Studenl Union ii 
J. >, l ) ; II A. (3, 4) ; Dorm Committe< (2, })■ 

i ' 

i/AHl ill S , ( linl. in. />' S.. V, 

Adelphian; Deans Lis! ill: 
lature Representative ( 3>, Ha 

etarial Administration 

;i); Choir (4); Y.W.CA. (l); Legit 

Sally Lona Scott, Concord; A.B., Sociology 

Elections Board Ml; Section Leader (2); Elliott Hall Council (4); Dance Chai, 
(4); Wesley (l. 2, V -II; Smiology Club (3, 4); F.T.A. (3); Recreation Assod; 
(2, )); Co-Of (2, 3 1. 

Mary Lotus] Si i u . Stamford, ( onnecticut; A.B.. Sociology; Elections Board (4); Newman Club (I. 2, i, 1); Sociology Club (3, 4); 
Recreation Association (3); Dorm Elections Chairman (3); Legislature Representa- 

RACHEL York Shannon. Charlotte; B.M., Piano 
Aletheian; Dean's List (3, 4); Honor Roll (I, 2); 
Symphony Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); Chamber Music 
Composers Club (3. 4); Music Education Club (4) 

or; Greensboi 

3, 4); Your, 

irolyn Virginia Shi pard, ( ha 

Aletheian; Dean's List (3); Dance 

Priii/.n) EJin. ilion 

( ommittee ( J I ; Elliott Hall ( ouncil (3), Enter- 
tainment Chairman (3); Junior Advisor; Canterbury Club ( 1, 2, 3. 4). Vestry (3, 4); 
F.T.A. (3, 4); Le Circle Francais (1); Dorm Social Committee (4). 

Elisabeth Chamberlain Shepard, Baltimore, Maryland; A.B. History 
Dean's List (3); Honor Roll (2); Section Leader (2); Social Science Con 
(4); Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Square Circle (2); History Club (4). 

Mary Anne Sherrill. Kannapolis; B.S.S.A.. Distributive Education 

Adelphian; Dean's List (3); Service League (4), Treasurer (-4); Y.W.CA. (1. 2. V 
4); Baptist Student Union (1. 2. 3, 4). Enlistment Vice-President (4), Corresponding 
Vi.mii (3). Executive Coumil (3. -I); Elliott Hall Committee (2. 3); lunior Show- 
Gamma Alpha (3. 4); I ■"."[" \ ( I I 

M vrgarj r Ann Sherrill. Lenoir; B.S.. Secretarial Administration 

Cornelian; Class Treasurer (4); Pine Needles (4). Typing Staff (4); Dea 

(3, 4); Honor Roll (1, 2) ; Servici I eagi 
Section Leader (l, 3); Dame- Committee 
Symphony Orchestra (4 1; College Band (1, 
(1, 2, 3, 4); Square Circle (1. 2. 3. 4); 
President (4); Spanish Club (1. 2). 
(3, 4). President (4); lunior Show 

(3. 4), Book Exchange Chairman (4); 
(2. 3); lunior Advisor; Greensboro 
3. 4); Y.W.CA. (1. 2. 3. 4): Wesley 
Gamma Alpha (3. 4). Treasure! (3), 
in Association (1, 2, >, u Sigma Alpha 

•AN Elizabeth Shinn. Leaksville; .1 

:.. English 
(II; [unioi A 
Square Circle- (I 

Hi tty Ri ii SHUFORD, ( linton; A.B.. English 

Aletheian; Carolinian (2). Reporter (2); Coraddi (3. 4). Literary Staff (3. 4); 
Y.W.CA. (I. 2. 3. 4); Wesley (1, 2. 3, 4): Masqueraders (2. 3. 41. Vice-President 
(41; F.T.A. (4); Recreation on (1. 2. 3, 4). Cabinet (4); Archery Club 
(1. 2); Coraddi Club (1. 2. 4); Woman's Collect Theater (1. 2. 3. 41: Classical 
Club (3, 4); College Band (1) ; Elliott Hall Committee ( 3. 4 ) ; lunior Show. 

<4 £ 


Nona Wilson Shuford, Polkville; A.B.. Primary Education 
YW.C.A. (l. :. }, 4); Baptist Student Union ( 1. 2, J, 4); Squ 
F.T.A. (3. 4) ; Square Dame ( 1 | ; Le Circle Francais (1, 2). 

Mary Ann Sides, Winston-Salem; A.B.. Biology 

Adelphian; Marshal (4); Service League (1): Section Leader (1); Elliott Hall 
Chorus (3); Y.W.C.A. (1); Botanv Club (2. 3. 4). President (3); Zoology Field 
Club (4) ; F.TA. (4); Chemistry Club (3,4) 

[un] ( AiiniiN Simpson, Charlotte; B.S.H.E.. Clothing and Textiles 

Aletheian; Elections Boatd (3); Section Leader (2); Junior Advisor; Baptist Student 
Union (1); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (4); Spanish Club (2, 3); 
Tap Dance Club (2); Archery Club (1. 2); Square Dance (], 2, 3); 4-H Club 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (3) 



Adelphian; Dean's List (3); Elections Board I I Sen 
Council (2, 3); Junior Advisrr; Town Students Organi 
(2) ; Baptist Student Union (1, 2, 3) I FT A | | | 

i Education 
League (1); Elliott Hall 

Marv Hoke Slaughter. Charlottesville, Virginia; B.S., Physical Education 
University of Virginia; Dean's List (3); Recreation Association (2. 3. 4), Trea; 
i J) Hall Board (3); Co-Of (4) 


Barbara Ann Sloan. Gastonia; .IB.. Elementary Education 

Dikean;Class Treasurer (3); (lass Cheerleader (4); Daisj Chain (2); Dance Com- 
mittee (3); Square Circle (2); F.T.A. (4); Dame Group (2); Dolphin-Seal (3). 
Tap Dan.e Club ( I ); Dorm Committee (4); Junior Show. 

Rlth Smart. Forest City; A.B.. Bi 

Adelphian; Section Leader (2); Daisy Chain 12); Medical Technologists (2. }, 4). 
President (4); Chemistry Club (2. 3. 4). 

Hi m Williams Smith. Wallace; English 

Duke; University of South Carolina; F.T.A. (3); Dean's List (31. 

Laura I'.wi Smith. Matthews. B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Cornelian; Service League (2); Gamma Alpha (3, 4); Recreation 
Cosmopolitan Club (2, i) 

Sarah Helen Smith. Sanford; A.B.. Primary Education 

Dikean; Hall Board (4); Service League (2); Choir (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. (1); 
( 1 ) ; F.T.A. ( 4 ) ; Recreation Association ( 1 ) ; Debating Society ( 3 ) . 

Thelma Fave Smith. Draper; B.S.H.E.. Education 

Adelphian; Y.W.CA. (1, 2, 3, 4); Wesley I [, 2, 5, 4); Home Economics Club (I 
2. 3. 4); F.TA. (4); Recreation Association (I, 2. i. 41; Le Circle Francais (1, 2) 

Winifred Smith. Charlotte; B.S.. Secretarial Administration 

Adelphian; Deans List (3); Finance Board (4). Secretary (4); Section Leader (4); 
Junior Advisor; "Wesley (1. 2, 3, 4); Gamma Alpha (3. 4); Elections Board (4). 

i W 

Martha Jane Snips. Knoxville, Tennessee; B.S., Phy tical Education 

Assistant House President (2); Legislature (3); Vice-President of Physical Education 
Majors (2); Co-Editor of Majors Voice (3); Section Leader (2); Dance Committee 
(1); Baptist Student Union (1); Recreation Assowation (1, 2. 3. 4); Dance Group 
(1 2); Dolphin-Seal (3, 4), Tap Dance Club II. 2); Camp Counselors Club 
II I 5,4); Camp Committee (1); Co-OI fl, 2, 3, 4); Cosmopolitan Club (I). 

Carol Jane Sovcers. High Point; A.B.. Primary Education 

Adelphian; Deans (3, 4); Section Leadei ( l. 3); Junior Advisor; Choir (4); 
Y.W.CA. (1); Weslev (1, 2. 3. 4); Hall Board (3); Senior Council (4); F.T.A. 
( =. 4). Treasurer (4) ; Honor Roll ( 1. 2). 


In vnces Ellen Spi vglb, Hii korj BS.H.l I — '■. i Training 

Carolinian ( I ) : 








I I, 


mill i 


Student Associal 

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Nanh II. \ii Stafford, Greensboro; B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Dikean; Pirn \. ...'.. (4), typing Stafl mi Deans List (3); Honoi Roll (2); 

B M<H Mi 


( arj B.J Hot 
I . Di ' hairn 


Mari.aki i l.i i Stevens, Goldsbo 
Dikean; Homt Economic* Club Yea 
Section Leadei (1, 2, 5); Weslej 
(l. 2, v I), President-Elect (D 
Archer) ( lub ( 2 1 . Sq 

BS.H.l I eat hei Training 
ok (3); Daisy I I i (2); V.W.C.A. ( i 

( '< nt 

i h. 

International Foreign Youth Exchange (4). 

2, 3); 
3). Council (l. 2); Home Economics Club 

led (2), President ( i) ; Recreation Associi n (1 !) 

Dance- ( i. J) ; i II Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (2); Social 
(3); Stati Home Econi cs ( lub XX orkshop I). Iegat< I .' » 

M \kiv\k.\ Rita Si 

ii. Greensboro; .IB.. Hislor) 
!); Junior Advisor; Town Student 

Honor Roll (i. 2); [unioi Advisor; Town Students Organization ( i, 2, 4), Elections 
Chairman (-)); Newman Club (1, 2, 4); SDA (2, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (2). 
( hairman (4) . History Club (4); International Affairs Committee (4). 

Mary Anni Si 

vn. Mount Olive; A.B.. Chemish i 

Adelphian; Deans List (3); Hon.,, Roll (2); D.iisv Chain (2); Square Cirdi (3) 
Caduceus (I, 2, 3, 4); Zoology Field Club (2, J, 4), Secretary-Treasurer ( 3). Publicity 
Chairman (3); rap Danc< < lub (2); Le Circle Francais (1); Chemistry Club (1, 2, 
it Co Vice-President (4); Winnei of Faculty Science Club Scholarship (4). 

•verly Adams Sxxann. Asheville; B.S.H.E., Institution Management 

Dikean; Section Leader (11; Daisy Chain (2) . VAX ( A. (1, 2, 3,4); 1'niteJ Stude 
Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Promenaders (l. 2). 

Xenia Syrrou, Athens, Greece; B.F.A., Inlerioi Dt tign 
t osmopolitan ( lub (1); Art Club ( I. 2). 

Mary Talliy. Randleman; B.S.. Busim u Education 

Deans List (3); Honor Roll (3); Dame Committee (l); t 
Marshal (4); Legislature ( 5) 

CYNTHIA Enid Taylor. New Preston, Connecticut; A.B.. Ft 
Committee (3, 4); Hot 
Francais (4) 

Club (si I I A 

Carolyn Li-nini Tl At hey, Winston-Sal 

(II. Literary Editor (4); 
baptist Student 1 nion ( i ) ; Internatii 
tan Club ( 1. 2. II. Nki.i1 Cli.uima 
tl. 2. 41, It ( ircle Francais (l). 

I B English 

ts Forum Committee (4); Y.W.C.A. (1. 4); 
1 Relations (4); Archery Club ( 1 ); Cosmopoli 
(2). President (41; SDA (11; Corradi Club 

Dixn Graham Teague, Guilford; B.S.. Business Education 

Town Students Organisation (4) ; Gamma Alpha i ■ I) 

Patricia Ll l Ti AGUE, Marion; . English 

Greensboro College ( 1 ) ; Dean's List ( 3) ; Square Circle (2 J). 

SYBIL Ann Terry. Douglaston, Long Island, New York; 
A.B.. Element,!)) Education 
Adelphian; Service League (3); Elliott Hall Chorus (2. 5, 

tian Group (1. 2, 3, 4); botany Club (; 
Recreation Association ( 1. 2, 5, 4). 




Lois Boyd Tester, Roanoke Rapids; A.B., Elemental) Education 

Adelphian; F.T.A. (3, 4); Spanish Club (1, 2); Recreation Association (1. 2, 3); 
Dance Group ( 1 ) . 

Gerotha Ann Thompson. Mountain Park; A.B.. English 

Aletheian; Legislature (3); Dean's List (3); Service League (2); Section Leader 
(1, 4); Daisy Chain (3); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2. 3. 4); Baptist Student Union (1, 2); 
Botany Club (2); F.T.A. (V 4): Spanish Club (2). 

Ann ELIZABETH THROWER, St. George, South Carolina; 
A.B., Primary Education 
Vandcrbilt University (1); Section Leader (4); Dance Committee (3); Y.W.C.A. 
(2, 3. 4); Wesley (2. 3. 4); F.T.A. (3. 4); Spanish Club (2, 3,4). 

Ann Leslie Thunberc. Fayetteville; B.M., Piano 

Dikean; Honor Roll (1); Junior Advisor; Arts Forum Committee (4); Choir (1, 2, 
3, 4); Westminster Fellowship (1, 2, s, 4), Hall Board (4); Dorm Committee (1); 
Young Composers Club (3, 4); Music Education Club (I, 2, 4); Recreation Associa- 
tion (1. 2); Archery Club (2). 

Mary Jean Tinm.i y. High Point; B.S.. Secretarial Administration 

Adelphian; Carolinian (2), Circulation Staff (2); Section Leader (3); Dance Com- 
mittee (3); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3. 4); Baptist Student Union (1, 2, 3. 4); Gamma 
Alpha (3, 4); Dorm Committee (4) ; Junior Show. 

Ellen Forbes Towne, Kingsport, Tennessee; A.B., English 

Deans List (3); Junior Advisor; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Saint Mary's (1, 2, 3, 4); 
Masqueraders (1, 2. 3, 4) ; F.T.A. (4) ; Woman's College Theater (3, 4). 

Mary Joan Trepke, High Point; B.S.H.E.. Clothing and Textiles 

Dean's List (3); Y.W.C.A. (1. 2, 3. 4); Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Home 
Economics Club (4); Marshal (4). 

Barbara Ann Truett. Bryson City; A.B.. Primary Education 

Dikean; Dean's List (3); Section Leader (1); Junior Adwsor; Choir (2, 3): Botany 

Club (2, 3, 4), Secretary (3); F.T.A. (4); Junior Show. 


^ ^J 

Frances C. Turner, Statcn Island, New York; A.B.. Chemistry 

Aletheian; Secretary Student Government Association (3); Vice-President Student 
Government Association (4); Outstanding Senior (4); Golden Chain (3. 4|; Dean's 
List (3); Honor Roll (1. 2, 3); Consolidated University Council (4); Elections 
Board (4); Section Leader (1); Wesley (1, 2); Square Circle (1, 2, 4); Student 
Advisory Committee (4); Recreation Association (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Camp Committee (2) ; 
Chemistry (1, 2, 3, 4). 


Patricia Ann Turner. Greensboro; B.S.H.E.. Clothing and Textile* 

Dean's List (3, 4); Dance Committee (3); Town Students Organization (1); Home 
Economics Club (1, 2, 3,4). 

Ruth Brooks Turner. Henderson; A.B.. English 

Honor Roll (1. 2, 3); Section Leader (3); Junior Advisor; Sigma Delta Pi (3, 4); 
Square Circle (1, 2); Galilean Club (2) ; F.T.A. (3, 4) ; Spanish Club (2, 3). 

Delaina Graves Underwood, Burlington; A.B.. Primary Education 
Cornelian; Y.W.C.A. (4); Baptist Student Union (1, 2. 3. 4); F.T.A. (4). 

£) <e? 

Mary Patricia Greensboro; A.B., El 

) Education 

Adelphian; College Cheerleader (4); Class Cheerleader (3); Handbook Committee 
(4). Circulation Manager (4); Dean's List (3. 4). Consolidated Inncrsitv Council 
(4); Dance Committee (2) ; [unior Advisoi ; Choir (II; Y.W.C.A ( s); Canterbury 
Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Botany Club" (2); F.T.A. (4) ; Spanish Club (2). 

Alice Dillon Walker. Washington; A.B.. Elementary Education 
Saint Mary's Junior College (1, 2); Saint Mary's (3, 4) ; F.T.A. (3, 4). 


1 1 1/ \m iii jam \V.\i ki r, I. .mi. 1 Hill. B.S.H.I . Teachei I raining 

Flora Manlon.iM ( nlkec ( i ) , ll < } mt. -. ( lul (2 ■, 1 1 , Finana ( o * hairnun 

( n . i i \ i u. < os politan I lub (2): Hall Board I I) 

Kim., A Jam W 
Adelphian; Town 

/• 5 s i retarial Administration 

{ i. J. v n. Westminstei Fellow ihip l I ! 

Alpha I v ll 

I'aikh ia Ann W'ai i . Burlington; A.B.. Sociology 

D.kc.m. Dean's Lisl (=.(. Funioi Advisoi (3); Sociology Club l J. i, -i l , Re 
Association Ml; SDA (3,4) 

Mary Doris W'ai is. Stanley; A.B., Primary Education 

3, 4) , Wesley ( I 

Adelphian; Section Leadei (3); Y.Vi' .C.A. (l 
Cluh (3. 4); F.T.A ( J, ||. |unioi Show. 

Arllne Grlset Waynick, Greensboro; B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Dean's List (3); Junior Advisor; Town Students Organization (4); Gamma Alpha 

(3. 4) ; Recreation Association ( 1 ); Dame Group ( 1 ). 

Gi.ady Blossom Weinstock. Winston-Salem; A.B., Elementary Education 

Cornelian; Service League (3); Dance Committee (3); Moravian (1, 2, 3, 4); F.T.A. 
(3, 4), Vice-President (4); Spanish Club (2); Recreation Association (3); Square 
Dance ( 1 ) . 

Barbara Weiss. Lawrence, New York; A.B., Primary Education 

Aletheian; Deans List (3); May Court (3); Hillel (1. 2, 3, 4); Botany Club (1, 2); 
F.T.A. (3, 4); Dance Group (1); Archery Club (2); Camp Counselors Cluh (1, 2); 
lunior Show; Elliott Hall Student-Faculty Committee (3. 4). 

Mary Evelyn Wellons. Selma; A.B.. Fit 

Mary Finch W'i stray, Enfield; A.B.. English 

Cornelian; Carolinian (1. 2. 3. 4); Dean's List (3); Section Leader (3); Y.W.C.A. 

(1. 2. 3, 4); Wesley (1. 2. 3. 4); Square Circle (2. 3); F.T.A. (3. 4); Square Dance 
(II; Le Circle Francais (1. 2. 3. 4); Chemistry Cluh (1. 2); Elliott Hall Fine Arts 
Committee (2). 

Elizabeth George Wiese. Lenoir; A.B., Sociology 

Daisy Chain (2); Junior Advisor (3); Choir (1, 2); Y.W.C A. (1, 2. 3. 4); Canter- 
bury Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Vestry (2, 3. 4) ; Hall Board (3); Sociology Club (2. 3. 4) ; 
Pre-Nursing (1); State Representative to Canterbury Club Convention (1. 2. s. 4). 
First Vice-President (3). Delegate-at-Large (4); North Carolina Representative t.. 
Episcopal Young Churchmen s General Convention (4). 

Sara Ann Wilhelm. Boonville; B.S.. Bnsnn rj Educatio 
Baptist Student l'nion (3,4); Gamma Alpha (3. 4). 

Shirley Osteen Willcox. Florence. South Carolina; A.B.. H/<!> 1 1 

Dikean; Dean's List (3); Honor Board (3); Junior Ad\is,,r. FT A (4); Hisiorv 

Bonnie Davis Williams. East Bend; A.B.. Elementary Education 

Aletheian; Dean's List (3. 4); Dance Committee ('■>): Y.W.C. A. (1) ; Baptist Stu 
L'nion (1. 2, 3. 4); Botany Club (2. 4); F T \ ( i. 4); Spanish Cluh (2). 

Mildred Elizabeth Williams. Newland; A.B.. Primary Education 

Lees-McRae College ( 1. 2) ; Dean's List ( s ) ; F.T.A. ( 3. 4 ) 


{3 &\ 

Seniors . . .1956 

Shirley McPhail Wilson. Rose Hill; A.B.. Recreation 

lunior House President; President of Senior Class; Outstanding Senior; Daisy Chain 
(21; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2), Treasurer (2); Wesley (1 2, 3. 4); Sociology Club (4); 
Camp Counselor's Club ( 1 ) ; Junioi Shorn 

Sylvia Jane Wilson, Greenwich, Connecticut; B.S.. Physical Education 

ludicial Board (3. 4); Golden Chain (4); Deans List (3); Junior Advisor; Choir 
(1, 2): Recreation Association ( 1, 2, 3, 4); Dol r .hin-Seal (1, 2. 3, 4); Co-Of (2, 3,4) ; 
Cosmopolitan Club ( 1 . 2) . 

Alice Ann Winfield, Chocowinty; .IT... Primary Education 

Saint Mary's Junior College I 1. 2) ; C.nLrhury Club (3,4); F.T.A. (4). 

R ^ 


Ki ba Ji an Winkler, Lenoir; A.B.. Elementary Education 

Marshal (3, 4); Dean's List (3); LL nor Roll (2) ; Honor Board (4); Section Leader 
(1. 2, 3); Dance Committee (I. 3); funior Advisor; Square Circle (1. 2); F.T.A. (4); 
Spanish Club (1. 2, J, 4). 

Mary Graham Wis 

Greensboro; B.S.. H<nut Ecoiiontii f 

Elon College (1. 21; Deans last (3); Town Students Organization (3. 4); Unit 
-student Fellowship I 3, -i I Secretary (4). 

Annette Wright, Elizabeth City; A.B.. Primary Education 

Servici League (D; Botanj Club (3); F.T.A. (3, 4); Tap Dame Club (2). 

Kathryn Ann Wright, Lincolnton; A.B.. Primar) Education 

Adelphian; Elliott Hall Council (4); Intcrfaith Council (3); Lutheran Student As- 
sociation (1. 2. 3); F.TA Iv I), Spanish Club (2); Archery Club (2); Dorm 
Committee (1); lunior Show. 



Sulvia Ann Wyri< k. Gibsonville; B.S.. Physical Education 

East Carolina College (1. 2); Lutheran Students Association (3. 4), Treasurer (4); 
Recreation Association (4); Square Dance (3); Camp Counselors Club (3, 4), Presi- 
dent (4); Co-Of (3, 4); Golf Club (3, 4). Crystal Yarborough. Sanford; B.S.H.E.. Child Derelopmtiii 

Mars Hill Junior College (1); Section Leader (3); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 
3. 4); F.T.A. (4); North Spencer Spotlight (2); Dorm Committee (4). 

Betty Adele Yeapants. Dillon, South Carolina; B.M., Piano 

Dikean; Section Leader (1); Choir (1, 2, 3, 4); Y.\V.( V (1, 2, 3, 4); Baptist 
Student Union (1. 2); Young Composers Club (4); Music Education Club (4); Tap 
Dance Club ( 2 ) ; Junior Show. 

Jean Young. Winston-Salem; A.B.. Psychology 

Dikean; Y.W'.CA (II; Sociology < lub (2. 3. 4); Psychology Club (3.4). 

Joyi i Odele Young, ( hariotte; A.B.. Psychology 

Adelphian; Deans List (3); lunior Advisor (3); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, }, II; X. 
Club (1. 2, 3. 4); Sociology Club (3, 4); Psychology Club (3, 4); Square 

Valerie Yow, Greensboro; A.B.. English 

Carolinian (3); Dean's List (3. 4); Honor Roll (1, 2|; Town Students Organii 
(1); Legislature (1); Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Fine Arts Committee (3). 

Ruth Helen Zelinski. Lincolnton; B.M., Void 

Mars Hill Junior College (1. 2); Choir (3. 4); Madrigal Singers (4); Dorm Com- 




The Commercial Class 

Proudly clad in gay white- jackets, the Commercial Class skillfully 
budgeted a full college life into nine short months. Kirkland and 
Hinshaw Halls saw their daughters uncertain freshmen the first 
semester and sophisticated upperclassmen during the spring. Each 
hour of every day was crammed full of knitting, bridge, dating, study, 
and typing practice, while the class increased its scholarship fund 
and sponsored a dance. The coveted certificates were small evidence 
of the profitable year. 



>■! MAYO 















>f 1956 

Gregg vs. Schwinn 

Wall Street bound! 

/ \ 



Diamonds in the 1 


^ * 

First row, left to right: Barbara Baker Alford, Tommy 
Almond, Shelby Anderson. 

Second row: Harriet Atwell, Patsy Baker, Johnsie 

Third row: Polly Beck, Kay Beeker, Peggie Beeker, 
Patricia Berrier. 

Fourth row: Mary Berrvman, Johnnie Bolick, Nancy 
Bolick, Nancy Bowles. 


First row. left to right: Phoebe Brady, Joyce Braswell, 
Peggy Briggs. 

Second row: Patricia Britt, Ovida Brown, Jerry Bru- 
ton, Carol Buck. 

Third row: Patricia Bunch, Rita Burke, Jeanette But- 
ler, Kathleen Calhoun. 

Fourth row: De Lois Cardwell, Barbara Carpenter, 
Karen Elizabeth Cassady, Dorthy Chandgie. 

First you. Lfi to right: Nelda Jean Chappell, Phyllis 

Louise < lurk, Joy (Luke. 

Second row: Joan Carol Coltrain, Patricia Lou Cor 
riher, Betty < ox. 

Third row: Camella Cox, Sarah Joann Craven, 
Havolyn Crocker. 

Fourth row: Willene Crowder, Susan Florence Crox- 
ford, Nancy Evelyn Crump, Eleanor Smith Currie. 

Class. .1956 

First row. left to right: Martha Ann Curie, Mary 
Ann Currin. 

Second row: Nancy Darnell, Frances Dawson. Judie 

Third row: Shirley Denny, Billy Divers, Patricia 

Fourth row: Peggy Duke, Nancy Durham. Martha 
Jean Evans. 

First row, left to right: Elizabeth Jeanette Ewart, 
Bette Lee Ferree, Sally Ferrell. 

Second row: Sylvia Dee Flowers, Carolyn Jane Flynn, 
Jean Foster. 

Third row: Patricia Anne Frazier, Barbara Ellen 
Freeman, Ellen Fuller, Alice Rhea Fulmer. 

Fourth row: Corinna Brown Gardner, Eloise Garner, 
Shelby Jean Garner, Dorothy Joan Goode. 


First row. left to right: Anita Gordon, Shelby Gordon, 
Doris Elizabeth Gossett. 

Second row: Barbara Ann Green, Edna Rose Greene, 
Sylvia Hall. 

Third row: Barbara Jean Haney, Peggy Faye Har- 
grove. Nancy Kirke Harmon, Patricia Dee Harring- 

Fourth row: Phyllis Jean Harris, Linda Headen, 
Jeraldine Hedgecock, Robbie Hedrick. 

First row, left to right: Carolyn Sue Hege, Patricia 
Faye Hiatt, Emily Lou Hodge. 

s ,/ row: Pal Hodges, Martha Jo Hopkins, 

Melinda Smith Home, Nancy Ann House. 

Third rou : Barbara Jean Hunter. Margaret Huntley, 

Norm. i Gail Hurt, Peggy LaVerne Ingrain. 

Fourth row: Peggy [rvin, Dolly Anne [ackson, Ann 
Jester, Edythe Johnson. 

Class. .1956 

First row, left to right: Phyllis Arlene Jones, Alma 
K.innon. Barbara Keith. 

Second row: Freida Beth Kelly, Patricia Kennerly, 
Rachel Kincaid, Barbara King. 

Third rou : Joan King, Ann Kirby, Dorothy Anne 
Kirkpatrick, Anne Knight. 

Fourth row: Sylvia Lackey, Sara Lancaster. Ins Leary, 
Doris Leatherman. 

First row, left to right: Doris Lemons, Judith Levi, 
Sylvia Livingood. 

Second row: Wilma Loftis, Janet Loops, Jean Lov- 

Third row: Maralee MacAleer, Doris McCall, Vir- 
ginia McKinney, Jean McRoy. 

Fourth row: Ella Marie Massey, Marilyn May, 
Thelma Memakis, Marianne Merrill 


First rou , left to right: Anne Morgan, Sylvia Murphy, 
Lynda Myers. 

Second row: Sherry Nelson, Frances Nixon, Sherleen 

Third row: Watana Owens, Carolyn Parker, Hazel 

Fourth row: Anne Peacock, Nancy Pendergraft, 
Pauline Penny, Annice Perkinson. 

First rou . left to right: Billie Phillips, Billie Pleasant, 
Virginia Pope. 

Second row: Gaynette Puckett, Nancy Ratcliffe, 
Jemmietta Redwine. 

Third row: Nancy Fletcher Reece, Shirley Rev Ann 
Richardson Mary Ellen Rierson. 

Fourth raw: Geneva Roberts, Nancy Robinette, Suz- 
anne Rogers, Patsy Russell. 

Class. .1956 

First row, left to right: Shirley Russell, Betty Jean 
Saddler, Sue Carolyn Saddler, Barbara Sale. 

Second rou : Mary Lee Saunders, Marvel Ann Shock- 
ley, Ruth Sides, Sue Simmons. 

Third row: Peggie Skinner. Nannie Lois Sledge, 
Barbara Spivey, Betty Splawn. 

fourth row: Joann Stone, Elinor Taylor, Joan Teague 


First row, left to right: Martha Teal, Ramona Teller, 
Barbara Thomas. 

Second row : Elfreda Tucker, Bunnve Villings, Jewell 

Third row: Janette Wall, Carolyn Walton, Sarah 
Patricia Warren. 

Fourth row: Ester Jean Watts, Norma Jean Webster, 
Sarah Elizabeth Whisnant. 

Class. ..1956 

First row. left to right: Janyce Whitfield, Joyce Whit- 
field. Becky Lou Whitlow. 

Second row: Sally Ann Wicker, Jo Ann Wiley, Eliza- 
beth Ann Williams, Sylvia Williams. 

Third row: Audrey Kay Williford, Jo Anne Wing- 
field, Betty Sue Woolard, Alice Faye Young. 

Fourth row: Anita Yount, Mary Rose Copper, Emma 
Sue Neal, Gayle Reynolds. 


Jent of Caduceus Club 

President of Le Circle Fr 

President of Chemistry Club 

n gtl 


S| * U President of Sociology Club 


^^^^^k President of Psychology Club 

;ident of Medical Technologists 

President of 4-H Club 


of Dolphin Cli 

ident of Cosmopolitan Cli 

President of Future Teachers o 

w f> '-: 

Dolphin-Seal meetings. 

Play with the Recreation Association today and every day . . . 
choose from hallball, volleyball, Softball, or tennis in the fall. 
Spend winter afternoons in the gym bowling, skating, and 
visiting the hobby shop and game room . . . cheer on the 


hallball for women. 

basketball players . . . join with Fencing, Life Saving, Camp 
Counselors, and Modern Dance. We have an interest for 
every student. 

The quadrangle overrun by the R. A. — "It's the Talk of the town.' 

-it, Carolyn Walke, Shirley Moran, Sylvia Wynck, 
i, Myrna Breitbort, Becky Bowen. Betty Thacker, 
Emily Ryals, Julia George, Betsy Townsend. 


In the spring we have our annual play day when we are 
hostess to distant Recreation Association groups. Our spring 
camping trips and weekends at the hut are equaled only by 
our banquet, where we choose the outstanding senior physical 
education major and recognize Honor group members on the 
basis of service, interest, sportsmanship, and attitude. 

Opportunities are unlimited with Recreation Association 
which offers everything f rom swimming and hiking to dancing 
and preparing to be camp counselors. Our instructors, student 
coaches, and club presidents inspire and guide us, sharing in 
the satisfaction of a game well played. 

All this is ours, all this and more . . . the thrill of seeing 
our motto become a living spirit at Woman's College . . . 
"A sport for every girl and a girl for every sport." 

Town Students 

Newly upholstered furniture, new bridge cards, and new Lounge, adding a pleasant social note for the year. Turning 

faces greeted the Town Students when they moved back into f mm the quiet pleasure f the coffee nour> the group gathered 

for an outing at the R. A. camp and a spring picnic at Hang- 

the Town Students' Lounge at the end of the summer. The 
seventy-four upperclassmen saw their number increase to one 
hundred and eight with the arrival of freshmen and com- 
mercials; and Town Students Organization was once again 
a lively, enthusiastic group. 

They began the year with a coke party for the freshmen. 
Their socials continued with the weekly Coffee Hour in the 

ing Rock Park. 

In addition to their own activities, the Town Students 
were active in campus-wide programs — eagerly participating 
in Student Government, Service League, drama and music 



L. Richardson Pr 

Alton B. Gibson 
(Grace Evelyn 

Ellen Griffin 

syer (Err 

ily Har 


First Vice- 

Robert T. Bridges 
(Mary Cecile Higgins) Recording ' 

Barbara Parrish Executive ! 


Betty Billiard 




T*> y 





' . 



Search for Knowledge 




Irs. L. Richardso 

n Preyer 

(Emily Harris) Preside 

Us. Alton B. Gib 
(Grace Ere 

liss Ellen Griffin 

slyn Lori 

ng) First Vice-Preside 

Second Vice-Preside 

Irs. Robert T. Bi 
(Mary Cec 

ile Higgi 

ins) Recording Secrete 

liss Barbara Pari 


Executive Secrete 


Fred Oehler, Jr. 
smpe Hughes) 

Brainard B. Roi 
itherine Cole) 

Lydia Moody 

!/-„_„ A !„„.... J, 


Mrs. L. L. Miller (Frances Nev 

Miss Betty Bullard 

Mrs. Paul R. Maulden 
(Julia Watson) 

Miss Helen Haynes 






Harriet Elliott 

Social Science 




sident of Alpha Kappa Delta 

President of Beta Beta Beta 

President of Gamma Alpha 

President of Omicron Nu 

President of Sigma Alpha 

President of Sigma Delta Pi 

Honorary Organizations 

ALPHA KAPPA DELTA . . . national honorary sociology fraternity . . . 
features outstanding speakers on various phases of social work . . . dinner 
meetings with student-faculty participation. 

BETA BETA BETA ... to stimulate and reward scholarship in the held 
of biology . . . journeys into the science world. 

GAMMA ALPHA . . . business with a capital "B" . . . panel discussions and 
guest speakers . . . gaining insight into the fast-approaching business world. 

OMICRON NU . . . "spoils" for outstanding home economics majors . . . 
keeping abreast with modern moods and trends in this field. 

SIGMA ALPHA . . . honorary business fraternity . . . contacts with the 
professional world . . . impressive initiation ceremony. 

SIGMA DELTA PI Spanish honorary fraternity . . speakers and movies 
on Latin America. 

MatoMiullrfMto] r\u.j„ Sttdt Conditions Intcrral.t^ Reynoles ' ^^w«*i T Spa- shCtubSpotj ^^' oM 5«| 
hr h Wceki,CoHe«Ho« ^"^ URochch'slmels «"""»•■"■" 

Dr. Reed 
November 2 

%? Qsu>€tfuaa 


lh,l,ntmnltfJ '•" Ill It.fn.-. 

QH\oA I ittlo Cinnorr aI PhhV ♦«» Ciw#i i fMCei B«TOilte pQ(U 

o Sfuc 

Monday night: last-minute news, (.lummy j 
ngling phones, make-up proble 
ferences. I 
dusts posl office boxes wit! 
ZSI Friday nieht — a 

Department Heads ...VI I 

oman 5 K^olleae 



Business Education 



Chemistry Department Classical Civilization 



Economics Department School of Education 



School of Home Economic 

Ulniuerdtvi of v forth L^aroti 


Physics Department 

Mr. Gregory Ivy Art 1>. . 

U.S.. 1928, ' entral Ml State: M.A., 1936, Columbia. 

Member <>f North Carolina Education \"i"-ui Si >,, 1 1,, .i~c. .., \.t- '--u. iiinm. Smiil,, ,,.t, , M 

College Wl I „„l..„. V,., .,,,.,1 \rl Education X .,1 : P,.-.i.l.-,,t \,i -..I \. I i 

193K III; Pre,, S.E.A.... l'liKlW; Member, h ..■ II I, -I \ t IWMJ Ih.iu 

'rogram I (tee, 1942; Preaidetil S.C.A.C., 1949 50 

Dr. Victor M. Cutter, Jr Biology Department 

B.A.. 1938. Dartmouth: Ph.D.. 1942, Cornell, 
aerobei ol IfeJe Faculty, reiearch in Cancer an, I Myebologyi Sigma Pali Phi Kappa Pi. 

Dr. Vance T. Little john Bunm rj Education Department 

B.A., 1931. Bowling Crcen College of Commerce; M.Ed., 1935, Ph.D.. 1948, Pittaborgh 

Membei ol N,.rth Carolina Education • etion; - bent Bni I I laaociation; 

In I llu-ines. Education Association ; Delta l'i Epailon, Si Ml IN. ' i|.t. i N 

Office \lana E ,.l \ ut...,.; >. . ,....,, I . ,. -. n.|..., . . Chapter: Si ,1 X , ,...,, 1 a- 

C.insullj.,1. I- .nil, Int.-r-Ani.-ri.-jii I mil. . ■ -,., \.„jli„.ul E-lu, at I'l'.J |l,-lt., F, 

|-:ij-'i"" N "; l ' ,,, -' a g '.., 1, -' ' " '"'" "''■ * "" "" , " ' ' 

Miss Florence Schaeffer Chemistry Department 

B.A.. 1920. Barnard; M.A., 1922, Mt. Holyoke; I niverait) "I i bicago, i"al. 

ol the Steering Committi I the imeriean Chemical Society. 

Dr. Francis Laine Classical Civilization Departmt tit 

B.S.. Memphis State; Ph.D., Van, I, .lull: Sorl lie. I niverait] ol Paria 1946 

Member, Classical Association. Phi Sigma lota. Eta Sigma Phi; I"- tot Memphis Board 

,,l 1 ,1„, in,,,,, 10.19.12: Trail-.! r. I. > War I incut. 1M l.?. f. : I V \..,,,,, 

Bombing Siin.-i. 1013-10; Instructor Vanderbilt 1 niverait) 101610. 

Mr. Michael Casey Drama Departmt m 

B.A.. 1945. William- College; M.A., 1950, North Carolina; Professional Certificate, Old Vie 

Theatre School. London. 
laaiatanl to direc I nl,l Vii llu.iii. School; [natmctor on faculties of Williams Collegi 

I ,l,,,,ii Hi, .ill. \--.n i.ilnn : I--, 1 [ \,iili,.i ,,! ,,!.,, - in,! -hurt stores. 

Dr. Albert Keister Economics Department 

B.A.. 1910. Otterbein; M v , 1911, c olumbia; Ph.D , 1927, I go 

President. Southern Fc.i k \.s... iation, 1936; Editor, Southern I 

Special \pp.iintni.nt a- Consultant. National K.. I'l.ui.iiue !'M! r 

Member and Wb.l , at..r. N.,1, ...... I War l.jl.oi Board. 1012-13; II - 

boro. 1935.39: !;.-. .,.. l, Specieliet N . State I... i niaaion, Summers 1928-30; Member. 

Board of Directors. Guilford National Haul, and Gate Git] Savinga and 1 1 lasocial 

Dr. Charles Prall School of Education 

B.A.. 1912. 1 niverait) ..I Iowa; M.A., 1926, Univerail it.,. Ph.D., 1928. Iowa. 

\diiiini. trillion ; ( h.ui \uu Il,,-|,,iil \ i,ii,,,ii . , ,,,u,, n i, I,, 

Dietitians; Consultant on U. S. Bureau of the Budget. Vet. ■ Cl.ium-li ,1 ,. ' 

Public Health Service. 

Dr. Leonard B. Hurley English Departmt m 

B.A.. 1913. M.A.. 1916. Duke: Ph D 193! North I urolina. 
Member of Central Committee of North Carolina English lea. hers" \.-..,i.ii. 

Regional Di.i-i I College English \~ I ,.i M lu-.i I .tt.-e. 

1951; Former President. North Carolina Council of English I .-... h, , - I 
Imeriean Literal Divi South Hi MLA; Formet Preaidenl i 

Phi Beta Kappa; Central Commit!, . ,.l Vuih I ,,,,!,, ,., Engliah !,,!,,, 

Dr. Edna Arundel Geography Depart/tic n: 

B.A.. 1921. Ohio University; M.A.. 1929. Columbia: Ph.D.. 1912. Yale. 
Member of Association of Ain.-.i, in I ol Geography Teachers: 

State Chairman. International Relations Committee. American Association 
Women: Geographical Publications. 

Dr. Ri tii Comings Hulil Department 

l: i 1919, Pomona; M.D., 1923, Pennavlvania. 

Member of l,„, ,,| •„,.,„.,„ Collegi B . ,. e. President, 

tjnerican College Health laeocialion, 1948.49; ' ttee Chairman American College 

Health \ ...I l'i". n '.J: . ii... Guilford Connt, Medical Society. 

Dr. Richard N. Current History Department 

B \ til. ii Ileg. : M V I 

Dr. Katherine Roberts School of Home Economic! 

B.A., 1925. University of Ke ky; M.A 1930. Ph.D of Iowa. 

\1. n.l.ei Si.iii nl Mi,., i linn : s^„,,, \, ; p|,i Beta Kappa, t ...,, intuit i..ii. t.. Pmttnt'l Uofazinr 
on,/ Childhood I . 

Dr. Helen Barton Mathematics Department 

B.A.. 191,1. Goui her: M.A., 1922, Ph D I ■- 
Chairman, Mathematics Seel North ' irolit - eaident. North 

Carolina scad...... ,,i s, ,,.,,, ,. r, ,-,,:.,, w Section, I'lu Beta Kappa; 

,,i, sun, !.,,,!. iml [:. , i ' 

Dr. Warren Ashby Philosophy 

II ... Mar.. .lie: B.D.. Ph.D.. I ale. 

- ■ I, lor Phil..*.. ph. and Psychology. 

\,,,i ii, ,,, \ - 1 Fellowship 

,, 1952.53. 

Miss 1 i m i MARTUS Physical Education Department 

B ' 1929 P ,,,.,, • Brown Uni rail) '-: - 
'. I, of H.-allh. Phvaical Education and Recreation. 1949; 

V.i .,1 -ei , ,, v. • ,, - tthleliea l"U !»: Mhleti. Federation h.r Co 

1945 N ■ v-- .ml Reerealioo; Chairman. Com- 

mittee on Si lards at -.1 Director. 

Mary II. no ii,..i, Uumoai kaaocial Stat. Chairman. Softball, \ ..lie. lull. Basketball: 

Kepies.- i,t.,n,, on National 

Program Planning Committee. 

Dr. Anna Reardon Physics Department 

K \ geofW reresa; M.S.. 1933. Ph.D.. 1937. Univert 


■ - ,1 Modem 

Dr. Kendon Smith Psychology Department 

I.B., 1941, 1 ., iverait) ol Mm la; M.A., 1942, V retail;. 


1911-11.: He- in h and liuliii... I ol Prim .-ton. I9K.-W 

-tale Uoiversily. 191851 ; Publications in Field, of Ph. siological 

Dr. W'elton G. Marquis School of Music 

B.A.. 1936. M.A.. 1912. Whitman College: Ph.D.. 1950. University of Soulhero California. 
Member. \, nerica. Phi Delta Theta. 

I'ln \l,i lipha, irranger. Composer. Conductor u. Holl.w I. California: ' 

I in In v7orkl 

Dr. Lyda Gordon Shivers Sociology Department 

B.A.. LL.B.. M.A.. Mississippi; Ph.D.. North Carolioa. 

r lina Con- 
lal lournals. 

Let's take 

a break . 

w •* ^^- *^^L? ^H 

P 1 



Student-Faculty Tea 




Faculty Show 

We laughed and bid willingly when 
our professors participated in this 

Service League 







Woman's College Faculty 

the fine arts 






As a seeking individual, and as a member of the college community, the 
Woman's College student is keenly interested in various fields of artistic 
expression. Her college offers her several opportunities for exploration in 
each branch through the extra-curricular groups on campus. Realizing this, 
she may take an active part in one or more of them, or she may join the 
audiences of both student and professional talent. Whether a participant or 
a spectator, she has multiple opportunities to broaden her field of general 
knowledge and to deepen her understanding of the arts. After she leaves 
Woman's College, she can rely on the interest developed here to maintain 
her artistic curiosity and perception, enriching her mind and personality. 



the festival of 

The Festival of the Arts is presented in the spring of each year in order to 
provide concrete expression for each of the Fine Arts. This year, Jose Limon 
in dance, John Dos Passos in writing, Henry Cowell in music, and Mark Rotko 
were among the many artists who brought a fresh perspective and new concepts 
to Woman's College students. Besides the established authorities, the work of 

the arts 

many outstanding students was exhibited in photography, painting, .md drama, 
through the Student Theater. The Fine Arts Committee, headed by Dean 
[Catherine Taylor and Carol Pittard, succeeded this year in presenting one ol 
the richest and must varied Festivals yet. 

Departmental committees confer 
Aesthetic worlds open 



: Coraddi Club 




Lti-*- -KV 




woman s 




Joan Ackerman, Jody Albert 

Bennett, Joanna Berlin, Fenba Berry, Beverly Bethea, Peggy Blanks, Fr 

Jane Braswell, Potnaa Bnntnall, Nancy Broome, Mary Brown, Lou t 

ston, Jeannette Church, Elaine Cohen, Suzanne Cook 

Nancy Crocket, Louise Crumbley, Jo Ann Curlee, Flonne Davenport 

Fay Cox, Bonnaleta Coxwel 
Carolyn Denny, Anne Diedt 
June Eudy, Betty Rose Fen 
Martha Harbis 

Alderman, Nancy Allen, Shelby Anderson, Audrey Apple, Norm 

Betheo, Peggy Blanks, Frances Blackwelder, Carol Dee Boyk 

Brumley, Millie Bunch, Jo An 

Cooper, Virginia Cottingham, Edna 
Mar, Ann Denmark, 

Faye Barnes, Jean 
, Jeanerte Brodshaw, 
Burge, Joy Burwell. 


. Betsy Duncon, Elizabeth Effrd, Annette Epsteir, 
el, Ellen Fuller, Beckie Geddre, Janet Gibbs, Shirley Gold, Cotten Hale, Leslie Hall, 
Harrelson, Carole Harris, Becky Hatcher, Greta Henncksen, Betty Claire Hunt, Dotty 
Johnson, Wilmo Jones, Sarah Kline, Betty Jo Knotts, Mary Jane Lucas, Jane McClung, 
" Mory Martin, Joanne May, Jane Mills. Mitzi 
>oth, Patricia Ogburn, Mitzi Parnsh, Lyndall 
Ray Robbms, Ann Roberts, Diane 
, Barbara Smith, Potr.cto Snuggs. 

Aary Gle 

itosh, Pat; 
r, Carolyn Newsome, Rose Mai 

e, Lynda Pell, Patricia Perry, Dotty Phillips, Noel Pinner, Sylvia Pullen, Diana Reed, 
seau, Virginia Sebastian, Janeen Sond, Ann Schweers. Mary Elizabeth Scott, Sue Sin 
Sowers, Janet Stauffer, Miriam Storey, Elizabeth Sugg, Pat Swart, Ann Thunberg, Louise M. Toler, M. Ann Vernon" Sarah 
irah Whitlock, Carolyn Wh.tworth, Nancy W.lkerson, Sandra W.lkerson, Mary Wilkinson, Blan<h Williams, 
Betty Yeapon.s, Marty Yow, Ruth Zalcnski. 





David Helberg, Sus< 

Leonard, Martha 
BASSES: Carl Alei 

George Toenes, J 

ncipal of the Second Violin Section, Lauro Adams, Julia Adorns, 
Coggm, Anne Cole, Kay Easterling, Henry Flynt. Jack Gooch. 
Gilbertine Moulden, Betty Mitchell, Mrs, R. H. Needles, Eugenia 
net Snider, Mrs, Joseph Still, Janice Thompson, Herbert Unwin. 
Betty Brooks, Robert Fredr.ckson, Patricia LoBello, Jan 
, Paul Prick. Kathenne 
Tolley, Rosemary Troxler. 
" ham, Richard 


3 Walker, Gayl 
3uis LaBella, Da 

zabeth Cow 


HORNS: Shelley Morgen: 
Godfrey, Larry Bruce Campbell, Barr 
Wilkinson, Modeline Gail Herman, / 

OBOES: Margaret Pritchett, Nancy Andrews ENGLISH HORN: 
, Phyllis Damron BASS CLARINET: Madeline Gail Herman BASSOONS: 
Sandra Storey TRUMPETS: Joseph Still, Anne Shipwash, Helena Frost, John White Ben El 
Patsy Boyle, Barbara Fisher, Thomas Hill. Carl Alexius. Barbara Mitchell TROMBONES: RoMm 
■' tkamp, TUBA: W. M. Simmons TIMPANI: Anno Dickiewn PERCUSSION: Robert 
>wler, Mary Esther Marus PIANO: Mory Esther Marus LIBRARIAN: Martha Leonord. 

t ' 

theater of 

Though the Student Theater of the Woman's College is still 
young, it is a lively, energetic member of the campus organi- 
zations. Headed by Michael Casey, the drama department 
worked this year to bring to the students both excellent enter- 
tainment and varied opportunities for participation. Offering 

me McLaughlin, Ruth Ann Kelly, Ellen Spielman, Jo Gil 
Margaret Clarke, Ellen Towne, Amanda Meiggs, Stella 
Rae Haralson, Sue Sparks, Peggy Smith, Anita Chandlt 

ohn Babbington, Director 

the woman's college 

.1 new major in Drama, the Department grew rapidly in 
1955-56. Tins growth was reflected in the year's activities 
which began with "We the Women," a dramatic histor) ol 
Woman's College. Moving from history into fantasy, the 
Masqueraders presented "A Midsummer Night's Dream." 
Spring semester featured Gigi, by Collete and the first n< in- 
professional production of "Six Characters in Search of an 
Author," by Pirandello. The drama students brought spectac- 
ulars to WL'NC-TV in the "Lands and Legends" series. 

The executive group of the Student Theater, the Mas- 
queraders, played a vital role in bringing the students closer 
to Aycock and in working as crew chiefs for their productions 
as well as acting "out front." 




Mr. David Davis, director of Television at Woman's Col- 
lege, and his staff offered professional-level programs in its 
second year of operation, giving many long hours and much 
hard work. Primarily an educational station, WUNC-TV 
offered two credit courses to registered viewers, but it also 
featured excellent entertainment in the "Lands and Let;ends" 

series. The students behind the cameras presented faculty 
and student talent to an area of over two hundred miles; 
using a mobile unit, the station covered off-campus events, 
including hurricane Connie. Always a hard job, occasionally 
a headache, WUNC-TV has become even more a source of 
pride to Woman's College in 1955-56. 

The "Lands and Legends" group takes five. 

The Greensboro Orchestra rehearsing for a program. 

: Fried Dr 



Coraddi, the student literary magazine, introduced a wider variety of Fine 
Arts material this year by adding music, drama, and dance to its usual 
repertoire of short stories, poems, and art. Issued quarterly, Coraddi provides 
the undergraduate artist the opportunity of seeing his work on the printed 
page. In the spring, Coraddi sponsors an Arts Forum issue which represents 
student writing from colleges all over the country. Through this media 
writers and students on campus can compare Woman's College writing with 
that of other colleges. Coraddi also sponsors the Coraddi Club which is open 
to all interested students. 

Search for Religion 


The 1956 Interfaith Forum with its theme of "Religion 
and the Inquiring Mind," focused on questions that have 
arisen in the minds of students and thinking people 
through the ages: What is religion? By what ways of 
knowing and through what channels do we approach to 
an understanding of religion and of God? Dr. Glenn 
Olds, Director of Cornell United Religion Work, Cornell 
University, was the principal speaker. 

The Forum was planned by steering committee headed 
by Shirley Councilman, and carried out through the co- 
operative effort of all the religious groups on campus. 



Margie Leder President 

Shirley Councilman Vice-President 

Therry Nash Deal Secretary 

Valerie Honsinger Treasurer 

Mrs. Ruth Clarke Religious Co-ordinator 


With Mrs. Ruth A Clarke, adviser, and thirty-one enthu- 
siastic members — the president and one representative 
from each denominational group, the V.W.C.A., and the 
Dormitory Devotions Chairman committee the Inter- 
faith Council has worked to co-ordinate religion on the 
campus, to aid each denominational group, and to sponsoi 
activities of a campus-wide nature. 

Friday night suppers. University Sermons, dorm devo- 
tions, and work shops were only a few of the highlights 
in religious activities encouraged by the Council. Through- 
out the year many outstanding speakers were presented 
by the various religious groups at Chapel services held 
twice monthly. 

Continuance of the Religious Handbook, programs for 
Thanksgiving, Brotherhood Week, and the Interfaith 
Forum further aided the plan to help religion become 
an essential part of each student's life .it Woman's College. 

First Row, left to 

.ibby Bremen. Elizabeth Uzzle, There 

Religious Organizations 


Anne McArthur, President 

Student House ... hot rolls on Friday night 

Student Union Council . . . inspiration and fun. 



Bess Bach, President 

Jewish students' religious club . . . Friday night services . . . 

dances with the Hillel groups from other colleges . . . Hillel 



Claudette Epting, President 

Meetings in Elliott Hall's Religious Activities Center . 

suppers once a month with an air of fun and fellowship. 


Nancy Fishel, President 

Substitute teachers and participators in the choir at the First 

Moravian Church . . 
Christmas love feast. 

traditional coffee and buns for the 


Betty Ann Rabil, President 

Spiritual fellowship and fun at Friday night suppers . 

communion services in the Religious Activities Center. 


Margaret McCrary, President 

Saint Mary's House with its Friday night greeting 

nesday and Sunday early communion services. 



Jean Bowman, Pn suit nt 

Fellowship and fun for Methodists . . . deputations from 
State and Carolina . . . College Place Methodist Church . . . 
inspiration in Wesley Players. 


Betty Lee, President 

Church of the Covenant . . . Polio Hospital and the TB 

Sanitorium ... a choir and special concerts ... the "Presby 


Young Women's Christian Association 


The Young Women's Christian Association is composed of students seeking a creative life 
through an increased knowledge of God. Transcending denominational barriers, the organ- 
ization sponsors monthly programs featuring themes of personal and campus life, social re- 
sponsibility, the Christian's relation to the world, and Christian vocation. Outstanding 
campus-wide activities included Christmas caroling, World Day of Prayer service, and two 
outstanding speakers, Dr. Chad Walsh, minister and professor at Beloit College, and Mr. John 
Gleason from the World University Service. 

Dr. Warren Ashby, Dr. William Mueller, and Miss Ellen Griffin compose the faculty 
advisory board; Mrs. Ruth Clarke is adviser. 



Lett to right: Annah Buff, Mrs. Ruth Clarke, Donna Snyder, Theresa Hyatt, Bart 

Ann Misenheimer, Nancy 

Mordecai, Kitty 

f i £ 1 



Social Environment 


i| i 




NV 1 " ".' 

-— . 

J. mmy 

'— Tfc 

■ II 

pi ■■ ■■ 



H9f^ IB ■ 


■ : r J«H 


L55 ^fune <=Jjixon ? beautt 

tie en 


as l v lamarel l\oie 





OSawara \J\Je 




Wi« Warcia Stack 



s7ou czLambed 


fr/i-55 sfyilia J^>n 



155 cJLinaa ^Meacit 


4m ^ - 


The Lecture Entertainment Series sponsored each 
year by the College is .1 program of entertainment 
offered both to the students and to citizens of 
Greensboro. As always, the productions of 1955- 
56 were varied and outstanding. 

October 3 Henry Hull 

October 27 George Boas 

October 31 The Little Singers of Paris 

November 17 and 19. Midsummer Night's Dream 

November 17 and 18 Social Science Forum 

February 4 Jose Limon and Company 

February 24 The Grass Roots Opera 

February 27 John Dos Passos 

March 15 and 17. .Six Characters in Search of an 


March 16 Karl Shapiro 

May 18 and 19 Noah, by Obey 

Grass Roots Opera 

The Conodian Ballet 

* K &M 


fvldd C^dker Benedict 

Chief Marshal 

Senior Marshals 

Left to right. First row: Yvonne Bntt, Lewis Kluttz, Mary Ann Sides, Bets> 
Doughton, Margaret Rose, Rose Samet, Harrold Lee Second row: Jane Deans, 
Marian McKay, Betsy Morrison, Shirley Curran, Mary Talley, Ann CofielcT Rcba 
Winkler, June Curtis, Edith Foster, Nancy Brooms, June Dixon, Mary Trepke. 

Junior Marshals 

Lett to right. First row: Barbara Alley, Frances Burns, Borbaro Ann Davis, 
Mary Henn Arthur Second row: Jean Lamb, Borbaro Evelyn Davis, Kathy 
Priest, Marcia Black, Betty McGee, Fran Hosley, Sylvia Crocker. Not pictured: 
Hacky Harrison. 

Your 1956 

We cannot say the P'nie Needles developed through light- 
hearted gatherings over Soda Shop refreshments; but we do 
not regret the nights spent nor the writing and revising that 
we have done. It is good to feel we have worked hard, that 
we have perhaps come close to our goals. All of us have 

worked: LANDY. lived the book, contributing hours, work, 
and love . . . BETTE, John D. Rockefeller in disguise . . . 
CHICKIE, how many broken fingernails? . . . PACE and 
SUE, always searching for the right words . . . MARILYN, 
MARY D., CAROLYN, BETSY, JANE . . . their class 


&{? OaS 

BUSINESS STAFF. Lett to right. 
Business Monoger; Virginia Mingev F 
Sue Elliott, Jcon Little, Lucinda Lonniryj S«cond 
Mary Tibbets. Noncy Harnll, Borboro Cone, Morie M 
Rose Collohon, Jeon Simpson, Gerri Wilkr ■■■ Third 

Carole Lcvine, Peggy Tandy, Hornet Hodgir 
Greene, Joan Blonchord, Ann Burke Choppell, 
Word, Beckie Moore 

Roula Boch, Mary Sand 
Editor), Barbara Russell, Betsy 
(Publicity Editor), Quwatha Smith, 

Pine Needles 

sections — lively and delightful . . . SUNNI and B. D. whose 
drawings spoke so well . . . ROSE, JOAN, and MARTHA 
whose dynamic talent in picture planning was so vital . . . 
KITTY and CELIA who identified and publicized. 

Arnold Gorvin,' 


n Monoger; Janice L11 
3 Mullen, Joan Ash, J 

oon Teague. 



— , ^ 


i ' 


p i..n^ 

Bondurant, Organ 

First row: Rose Wharton, 
Second row: Dot Breazeale, 
Mallard, Bryte Abemethy, 

First Row, left to right: iSeated) Pace Barnes (Literary Editor), Sue Sparks, Shirley 
Dixon, Suzanne Glenn, Holly Diefell, Charlotte Ridmger. Second Row: (Seated) 
Amorylhs Beasley (Editor of Typing Staff), Betty Lou Rowe, Carmen Green, Miriam 
nne Morgan, Shirley Matheson, Ruth Ann Kelly Third Row: 
*rence. Betsy 

Flake, Jo Tanner, 


We Thank You . . . 

In this year 1955-56, we discovered a communion of 
thoughts and ideas which finally materialized in the 
completion of this book. We cannot, however, claim 
total laurels, for each of the following persons play- 
ed a distinctive role: 

MR. PRICE COURSEY ... he winked a friendly 
eye and gave encouragement . . . "Anyone for ten- 
nis?" and the tension lifted . . . this was Coursey 

Carroll Martin 

Fay Smith and Mr. Andy Laws 

our engraver. We mel MR I AY SMH II and MR 
ANDY LAW'S for the first time . . . the excellent 
Junior-Senior portraits are their contribution. II MR 
CARROLL MAIM IN grew impatient we never 
knew it . . . Freshman-Sophomore groups were Ins 
lot, along with the informals. MR. FRANK II. EM 
INC. was our printer . . . "but Mr. Fleming, we 
simply have to have a Few more days. Pretty please?" 
. . . and he complied. RANDALL JARRIiLL our 
poet laureate . . . tennis on warm afternoons . . . 
from informal chats, a quickening zeal ... "A (iirl 
in a Library" is Ins. From the class of 19^^ we found 
photographic talent in NANCY FLEMING. Her 
interest and resulting contributions were invaluable 
to us when the L956 Pine Needles was only a dream, 
and MR. ALBERT WILKINSON of the News 
Bureau . . . responsibility with Trojan-like efficiency. 

To all we owe the debt which cannot be paid 
except through feeble words of gratitude. With the 
deepest sincerity, we thank you. 



t .V 

May God Build For 

You A Harmony 



Located in 

Greensboro, Charlotte, Asheville, N. C, and 

Principal Cities in S. C, Ga., and Fla 

Headquarters for 

Fancy Pastries, Dainty Tea Cakes, 

Personalized Decorated Cakes 

The South's Finest Baked Goods 
Come from Federal! 





Whose art is — To make you more lovely 

31 1 N. Aycock St. 


N. C. 

Phone 3-1606 

Keep those College Memories with 
Kodak Pictures 

Your snap shots of school activities will be 

greatly prized in the years ahead. 

Film — Black and White or Color 

Color Prints and Enlargements 

drop in at 

The Art Shop, Incorporated 

1 1 8 West Market St. 

Compliments of 

North America Assurance Society of Virginia, Incorporated 

Richmond, Virginia 

Non-cancellable accident and hospitalization insurance; polio insurance; 
blanket student accident and hospitalization groups; for prep schools and 
colleges — a leading insurer of student and faculty bodies of these institutions. 

Excellent openings for representatives in our territory. Inquiries welcome 

We are honored to have been selected to insure the young ladies of Woman's 
College, also members of the faculty and staff. 

J. M. Wood, District Manager 
821 North Elm Street 
Greensboro, North Carolina 

Faculty Directory 


Ml Mr.. Ma, I . 

Vlov.n.l.r. Mr.. HI,,. I.. 
Alexander. I ..,.!., II. 

vl.xl,,.. Carl J,.l.„ 
AMI.,,... It. it. {em 
Mm,.,.. Harold 
tndrewa, Mr.. Goaeal II 
Arandal, Dr. Edna 
tabby, Dr. warren 
vikl..„... Mr., i lain II. 
v.. ,ii. Marj Elisabeth 

Berehenger, w illard E. 
li ... .1..1,. I, Dr. Richard 
Barkadala, s„..„, E. 
Barton, I>r. Helen 
Baalar, Dr. John II. 
Hooker. Elisabeth 
M I, Mr.. Ella ith S. 

Hrrisachcr. Dr. Ernst 

llri.lg.r-. Ilr. John E.. Jr. 

Brown, EalaUa C. 

Brow... Mr.. Monn,o Shrlh, 

Bnrakelle, Mr.. Baltic P. 
Hum,. II. i,.„ 
Bash, Dr. Ma, II. 
Iliill.-r. Flli.-I V. 

Clsrkc. Mr.. Rulh A. 
I .,11,1,1. Mr.. Terrell w. 

Caldwell, Inez 
Collin S .. Dr. Rulh 

kr. Mrs. BHlle G. 

Cowling, Elizabeth 
Cox, Elsie Jane 
Coxa, Agnes N. 
Craig. Eleanor 
Crunk. G, urge H., Jr. 
Crews. Mrs. Louise S. 
Crews. Wyatt Addison 
Cunningham, Lillian 

( Dr. Riehord N. 
Curtis, Dr. Doek 
Cutler, Dr. Vletor M.. Jr 

Davison. Mrs. Evelyn 

Dewier, Dr. Charlott. 

Day. Mrs. Sa.annah 

Dent ,,. Marie B. 

DcVcnv. Mrs. Doris K. 
DeVeny. William C. 
DeVinny. Margaret C. 

Diohi n. (..orgr v7. 

Illy,.,,. Mr.. Hazel F. 
Doggett, Mrs. Margery P. 
Draper. Rerniee E. 

iit , . i., i. Si., \|.i. 

1516 W alk.r V. 

1810 w. Market - 

12112 U Market 


ISO 1 Fisher Ave. 

27 Spring Gardes 


1706 Wrighl 

209 Elmwood II 


1712 Madison 

603 1 , rait) 


1858 Villa 


.-.III 1 nlveraltj 


207 Tate 


.->.l.l Highland Are. 

2(18 Melyer 

106 N. Spring 

807 Rankin 

2.11! 1 1 ..r,,».,lli- 


621 Woodland 


516 Tan 

• St. 

1412 W. 1 ..k. 


120 Beverly 


102 S. Aveoek 


nOR Mayflower 


B17% Tat. 


1508 Fairmont 


.".OS Forest 

200.1 Bailiff Si. 

3708 Manor Dr. 

335 Mclver Si. 

11123 Spring Garden St. 

It.. I. Box 24-F 

533 S. Aycoek St. 

2181; Tale s,. 

211.1 S. Tremonl Dr. 

Route 1. Guilford College 

207 Tate St. 

3701 Manor Dr.. Apt. C 

203 Tate St., Apt. B-6 

1816 Madison Aye. 

S02 N. Greene Si. 

Kramer, J.,„. 

I'll.'. U.Ik.. V I l|. 

Hurley. Dr. Leonard B. 

1301 Cardinal PI. 

II,,..,,. Mr.. Minnie M. 

605 Northri.lge St. 

102 Homey, Ive. 

324 Tate St. 

Ingr.ham. Helen 

20.1 Tate St. 

l>y. Gregory 11. 

2007 Oakwood Dr. 

Colfax. V 1 

Kirkland Hall 

1 ... k Mrs. Mildred 

M„r, ioust Hall 

Jarrell. Randall 

309 Melyer St.. Apt. 8 

Jastrow. Dr. Elisabeth 

2(12 S. Flan, V,r. 

1. ..up. Mr.. Rutl, R. 

202 S. Elan, \.e. 

Johnson. G. Benton. Jr. 

KM Wesidalo PL 

Johnson. Mrs. Jeanette T 

2003 Queens Court 

.l..l,„...n. N. F. 

1302 Quail Dr. 

Johnston. Mr- Bonnie 1 

1108 Henderson Rd. 

lonea, Mr.. Kaybelle P. 

1908 Walk.r Ive. 

] .. -..rn W il.on 

Rags.1,,1. Hall 

Joyce, George M. 

rogan, lone II. 
allandar, Hagnbilde 

11,1.. 1, Marilyn 
llagood. James J.. Jr. 
Hull. Alonio C. 

II, ...I. Mr. C.uis, A. 3805 Ave. 

Ilonsinger. Belt, Jane 11.11 

Hardaway, Dr. Mathilde 626 S. Mendenhall St. 

Hardin. Noma 123 Tate St. 

Harding, V7i fr.-.l I. 301 E. Beaaenier 

Hardre. Mrs. Joscfina E. 2512 Walker Ave. 

Hardre, Rene 2312 Walker Ave. 

Horpsler. Dr. Hilda T. 506 Lake Dr. 

Han-ell, Mary 819 N. Elm St. 

Harrington. Doris Elizabeth 17211 Sylvan 11.1. 

Harris. Mildred 11127 Spring Garden St. 

Harwood. Edith 114 S. Mendenhall St. 

Hatehelt. Mrs. Esther W. 737 Fere, St. 

Hathaway. Elizabeth 1006 Courtland St. 

Hawkins, Mrs. Kathleen P. 2211 Sherwood -i 

Hege. Josephine 317 Tate St., V|.i 2 

Heinlein. Dr. Julia II. 501 For. -1 Ive. 

Hennis. Dr. Gail M. Woman's nail 

Hennon. Robert D. 526% Highland Ive. 

Heuser. Anne Drayton 903 Courtland St. 

High. Aleasc Curry Cottage Edith North Spencer Annex 

Holder. Mrs. Elizabeth J. 104 Forest Ave. 

Hollis. Madee 1203% Walker \>c. 

Holloway. Birdie H. 506 E. Lake Ilr. 

Holroyd. Sara llll'.j Forest Ave. 

Hood. Majorie 309 Melyer St. 

Hooka, Dr. Malcolm K. 1002 Fairmont Si. 

Hoots. Sara Nell North Spcneer 
Horton. Miles C. Jr. 281 1 Masonie Dr.. Apt. C 

Howell, Evelyn 1201 W. Market St. 

Huffman. Edith 633 University Dr. 

Hughes. Billie 520% Stirling St. 

Humphrey. Dr. Robert C. 527 Stirling St. 

Hunter. Dr. Eugenia 810 N. Elm St. 

Bonier, Mr-. Mar, Vlfor.l 1 3 1 .', S pr i„g Garden St. 
2304 W. Market Si 
932 Carr St. 

ii.iiii v.l,. bora -i 

1 aim. Ilr 1 | 

908 ( ..orllan.l St. 

1 ..... Mr.. Marie K. 

.'.Ill E. lake Ilr. 

Hi 1 

1 1112 Nprine l..,r.|. „ -1 Vera 

Hendenhall Hall 

LaBoehelle, Amgnallna 

1086 U . Mark, i *i 

Lareon, Lorraine 

1720 Sylvan ltd. 

Latta. Key 

HI2 II w 1 Ilr. 

Lauren...,. II 

Well Hall 

Leonard, Mr.. EdtU (. 

502 Forest A,. 

Leonard, Msrjorie 

208 rata Si., v,.i. I 

1 .-,- Ilr. Anne L. 

1841 Seminole Dr. 

1 ,.i.ll. Elisabeth Ann 

M.n.lenhall Hall 

Li, ban. Richard « . 

1357 Walker Ave,, V,.i 1 

Llndaey, v.l 

Link. Jam.. " 

I.i.ra. Dr. Peter 

Shaw Hall 

Littlejohn. Dr. Vanee 1 

Iii27 ~|.ri„ t Garden -■ 

2(16 Tate St. 

Livingston. Mr.. HI. VI 

2(111 W.lkrr V.. 

Ill M.I.., -I 
313 Tste St. 

1701-4 Manor Ilr 
.', Sprlnedah- Ct. 
.', Wprlngdalr I (. 

2 1". I.I. -, 

M. ( .,i, 


MeCollum. Mrs. Pearl F. 
MeGeady. Franees 
MeGee, Dr. Rosemary 
HeNalr, Dr. Dottglas M 

McNult. Dr. Franklin II. 
Malli.on. Mr-. M Jr ., 
Vlanehester. V| r -. (.a, (.. 
Marble. Dr. Caila 
Marquis. Dr. G. Weltnn 
Marl.,.. Ethel I 
Malhl .-...,. Jean R. 
M. I.. .11,. Harriett 
Memory, Mr-. Marjori. 

Miller. Dr. Mela Helen. 

Minor. Vlleine R. 
Michael, Mrs. Patricia II 
Montague. J.ylee 
Moomaw. Virginia 
Moor.. Mr.. Marie K. 
Moose. Vi>ian 
Morgan. Mrs. Inga R. 
Morri.. Ilr. Robert B. 
Mo-.r. Mr-. Sadie Mull 
Mossman. Vlereb E. 
Mueller. Dr. William R. 
Mumford. Mrs. S.llie T. 
Murehison. Janice 
Myers, Mr-. Moselle M. 

20A Adam. St. 

22" I lr,.,,.ll. Il.l 
1"2 II » I II, 

till I..,.., v.. 

12IK I. r.. I.o.l -ii. 

Illni, I 

1IIII-, I.uilfor.l V.. 

II'. M.|..r St, V|.l 2 

3 1 1 V„.l„l...n Ilr 

212 Tstc St. 
202 w. Croeanvay, Sonti 

Colt Hall 

Forinholt. Dr. Virginia C. 

606 Jo, nor St. 

Keeney, Ilr. Paulin. 

Felt. Dr. William V 

1708, R.I. 

Kehoe. Mrs. Cathrvr 

Flinchum. Faye Merita 

403 S. Spring St. 

K.i-lor. Dr. Albert S 

Ford. Anne Seott 

1027 Spring Garden St. 

h.ll.. Mrs. Ida H. 

Frojen. Boletha 

Woman'. College 

Kincaid. Marie 

306 F. Lake Dr. 


1200 W. Market St. 

Painler. Mr-. Kalhle. 

1 1 Sprlngdale Ct. 

Park. Herbert W . 

Route 2. R,,x 161 II 

Parnell. Sarah 

,.2 1 I nlvereJtj Dr. 

parrlah, Barbara III, 

1001 Courtland St. 

Peden. J. 

52 1 S. V.eoek St. 

Peeblea, Mr., tin,, s 

22 i Kensington Rd. 

Penn. Ellen 

2. Summrrfield, V I . 

Penn. Robert 

nil Mclver St., Apt. 3 

Pfaff. Dr. Eugene E. 

323 Mclver ~i 

Pierce. Lcnore G. 

Pills. Hans-Karl 

Phillips. Charles W. 

1613 W..I End PL 

Potts. Jessie Anna 

3(11' V V.eoek St. 

Porter. Nanev 

1,. IT i allege Park Dr. 

Powell. Anne 

(.22 Joyncr St. 

Powell. Sara Ann 

102' L . Forest Ave. 

Prall. Dr. Charles F. 

1112 W. Market St. 

319 St. 

81 I Mrl-er 'I 

706 Guilford Ave. 

329 Highland Ave. 
102 Homewood Dr. 
New Gnlllord Hall 
, Manor Dr.. Apl. 11 
1404 Garland Dr. 



the store of individual shops for 
the students and faculty 

Compliments of 


1613 Madison Ave. Greensboro, N. C. 

Phone 3-2270 





Where Styles Are Created, Not Duplicated 

Compliments of 





2418 High Point Rd Greensboro, N. C 

Phone 3-0384 

Faculty Directory 

Pre... >•■■ 

North Spencer Hall 

-1 lath » 

> 1 ••! >■■ 

r«cki , Mi Cl -ll.. 

Prlleholl, II 

216 Kansln (.1. 

Shi rrlll Hi i 1 M. 

1 in . 11.11. .... -t 

I...I Mat 1 

FrondeoU, EMr. 

508 Kenllworth < 1., apt. B 

Shi „ i laronaa 0. 

,|, '■. II... t'M.II 

Pug.l... Ilc.orly (. 

H thall Hall 

Shlpton, Mr.. Dorla 1.. 

•' Boa I96B 

s r.. Dr. I.d. Gordon 

nun inland St. 

l , 1 ll. i 

Similar!. Mr.. Mae 

t.iui w. I . 

sill.. Mr.. Dorotbj s. 

lit. .1. II... 1711 

Hudl.... K..I.TI 

s.da.l.. I.t. \ 1 

s ",,| Mr.. Virginia M. 

7(111 Wicker St. 

VanDvk, . Man 1 liaah 

ILL,.,. June 

lo27 Spring Cardan St. 

Slattery, w. i.. 

Ill Hill. id, Dr. 

V.ngh.n. 11. rl..rl 1... J 

Reardon, Dr. Anna J"-.. 

Mill II, l, ll PI., Apt. I 

Smith Hi. k.i.d.,,, 

I -.112 Nerthfii I.I -i 

II ,r, Dr. Margaret Elaine 

1(127 Spring Gardon Si. 

Smith, Mr.. Tommle Lou 

1912 w ..It. , iva. 

Regor, Anna 

•ii'i > 1 „i,. K Gardon St. 

s 1. VI 

North - .11 

Walk.,. Ilr 1 Ha Pooh 

Renfro, Mr.. Matll.' W. 

l uir. RrlaralU Rd. 

Sporrj ».,, \ . 

1,,^ g, M.. „|,,n ., 

Ward \ll„n J.. Jr. 

IIIk.I.,. Id A. 

3807 » Ibblra Dr. 

Splvey, Dr. i.. Callowaj 

1 I". M. 1,. . -I 

W atklna, Emllj ll.. 

itiioii, Gloria 

222 s. MendenfaaJJ St. 

Stafford, Mr.. Joan w . 

III •! 11... 121. 1 

Wat...... Hr Robert w 

Roberta, Dr. Katharine 

.-.(Ill l.„,.i s, 

Staler, Mr.. Helen K. 

lit. 1. 11... 252 

tt eathcrlr, M,» \„„. 

Robluon, Mr.. T. 

lift w ll. ive. 

Starnea, Mr.. I.aura 1.. 

8802 Vet -i 

w ■ Dr. Raeri na 

II..I.I,,...,., Mr.. W. C. 

12ii W. Smith St. 

Star Robert 1 eland 

,..., I i. ipts. t .1 

Weisgarbei 1 

Rookor, Mr.. Elizabeth 

Hi. 1. Guilford, N. C. 

Stri at, Madeleine B. 

l,„i i 1 alrmont Si. 

w.,l 1 ...... 

Roeder, Dr. Martin 

221 Florence St. 

Sullivan, Melon C. 

Din. ha. Hall Mr.. Jnlia 1,. 

Rogere, Dr. M..III. J. 

120 E. Ilaili. Dr. 

Summer.ll. lane 

,,,„, | „ 0,1, 

While, Mn I >• I 

II.,... Mr.. Be., N. 

(.(it. Rolllngwood Dr. 

,„,,„.„„ Mabol v 

\ Sponoer H.,11 

Whit.. V 

RumMj, tirrald <;. 

Hi. 1. Gnllford Collage 

II... bit, Mary 

60S Conrtland *t. 

Wilkin...... X I. 

Rnaiell, Dr. Donald w. 

1 III S t Avo. 


Wilkinson, Catharine 

i„t.. Comfort 

123 Talc Si. 

William-. Mr.. \. 

Taylor. Katherlne 

in. Melver St. 

Williams, Dr. M.ii.1, 

Taylor, Mary E. 

1(11 1 Spring Garden Si. 

William.. *„. \.r 

Salomon.. Saralyn 

1211.11; Walker ive. 

Taylor, \\ illiam Ravm 1 

(.12 .1 , "i. 

Wilson, t :■• V 

Sampson, Elisabeth 

S06 WUlowbrook Dr. 

Tennont, Mar] V 

Ill Sprlngdale I (. 

W nil. 1 ,-.„.. • 1 .. 

Seurhorough. Mr.. Clara It. 

2812 Wildwood Dr. 

Tblel, Dr. Albert F. 

1 ll, Melver Sl 

Womble, Mr. BTaat I ( 

Srharurr, Florence L. 

203 Tate St.. \,,l. A6 

Thomaa, Virginia 

Summcrli, I.I. IT. 1 

Wright, Katharine 

Srh.cftrr. Mrs. Josephine P. 

lit. 2. Snmmrrllel.l. V I 

Thompson. George M. 

.1117 V K.I.iii, Ave. 

Wright, Dr. 1 . ( . 

Schrl.rr. Dr. Alice 

HI.-. Rankin St. 

Thornton. Harry L. 

Ill 1 ■.print. Garden St. 

Sr Betes 

1025 Spring Gardon 

Thrush. Helen 

HO E. Radiance Dr. 

Saawall, Mary Robert 

<i27 i arr St. 

Tiemann, Marianne 

Ragadale Ball 

Voder, Mr-. Helen P. 

Segner, Bather 

2518 remwood Dr. 

Tillett, Nettie Sue 

203 Talc Sl. Wlnbtirn Cl. 

Young. Emil « lr. 

Shafrr, Rnlba 

301 Melvar Si.. ipt. It 

Tilliy. Bertha Mae 

1619 tahi St. 

Shafteabnry, Dr. Arabia D. 

:tl.-, Tata Si. 

Tnwnscnd. Dr. Jam,-. Benjamli 

Ill 1. Hex 370 

Sli„„il,„rgrr, Antic 

517 Highland Ave. 

Trumper, Virginia 

506 Willowbrook Dr. 

/i, rm.,,i. Mr-. \l„ 

II.. ■ ltd 

Market s, 



Again, it is a real pleasure to say that we have certainly enjoyed 
working with you during the past year. 

To the Seniors, congratulations and the very best of luck to you 
— and if you ever want an item from the Corner, just drop us 
a line and it will be mailed immediately if possible. Satisfaction 

Hugh J. Snavely 


PHONE 4-4866 

MACKS 5, 10 & 25c STORES 


The College Shopping Center 

Tate Street 
Greensboro, N C. 


Self-Service Laundry 

328 Tate Street 
Phone 2-1329 


Meats and Groceries 

1001 Spring Garden St. 
Phone 6 144-6 143 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Norge Motorola Gray-Seal 

Appliances Television Paint 

Hart Hardware Company 

334 Tate Street 

Greensboro, N C 

Phone 4-1948 

y-Jrookj l/i/iuon 


1 1 9 South Greene St. 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Smart, Youthful Styles 
Coats, Suits, Dresses and M 




107 S. Greene St. Phone 2-0175 

Greensboro, N. C. 

The oldest and most complete book and 
stationery store in Greensboro 


439 West Market 

Plate Lunches — Steaks — All Kinds of Sandwiches 
Chops — Home Made Pies — Dining Room Service 

Dial 9293 
24 Hour Service 

Richard Howard and Herbert Apple, Owners 


DO-NUT 1ft 1 W E T T E 

Short Orders — Do-Nuts To Take Out 

51 1 Summit Avenue 



Chinese and American Dishes 


Open Seven Days A Week 

105 South Greene St. 

Student Directory 

4,. Irene, mo l J St., Blah Point 

tl.erilClllV. J..I....I.. 1910 Kent. i v,. ... I I,... I. .11. 

Ackerman, J.,.., Sue, 16 Bawthorne lee., Null.,. I 

v.l,.... . Ii.n. II.,.. 2219 E. s.-v Ii St., Charlotte 

Ml ".ii. Dole, Si,. Route, oil., 

A.I.. Elizabeth 1,1,-. 22 Inglealde Dr.. Concord 

v,l« Evelyn, Till « Ullama St., Hender 

t,l. Marilyn i... 817 E. Churoh St.. Laurlnburi 

V.I, I'm.., Marie, lit. I. Boa 216, III. 

Ada Sural, Catherine, 102 Pearl St., Morgantoi 

Adami, Suzy. lit. 1. Box 72. Henderson 

»ddl Patricia, 112 Mill-,. I. Dr., Creenaboro 

Vdkl Vaughn Alleyne, 1512 Kill,,,., St., 

Agnew, Ja...'t Burnett, 121 Swanee St., Spartanburg 
All..,.. Evelyn Danlela, 13 A Brookwood Curd... 

Uhort, Alice, Sol N. LaFayette St.. Shelby 
Ubert, Joiephlne l.,l,„. 1.00 Gladatone Ave. 

Baltimore 10. Md. 
Albright, Sarah I., mi, Riverside Dr.. Coleridge 
Alderman, Norma Ann. 202 Lafayette, Galax, Vii. 
Aldridgc. Mary Lea. 1719 S. Scalea St.. ReldsvUle 
Alexander, Ann, 1310 v.. Market St.. Creenaboro 
Alexander, Hilly Anne, 1300 E. 7.1, St.. i harlotte 


Vlford. Barbara Raker. III. 2. Zrbulon 
Allan, Patricia Kathryn. 137 N. Fourth 
All Gall, 94 Ivanhor Ave, AahevlUe 

Allen, Nancy Dawn. 1119 Elwcll J 
Allen. Patricia Ann. Box 915. Kannapolis 
Allen. Polly Jane, Hi. 1, Box 302, Charlotte 
Alley, Barbara Jane. 328 Georgia Ave., 

Burlington 28. 81. 

VHic Joyce, lit. 1. Box 241. Washington 

Allison. Sarah Jean. 228 Third Aye., S.E.. Hickory 
Allmond. Ann. 107 Jones Circle. Thoniosv ill,- 
Almond. Tommy Jeanclle. Mount Cilead 
Alipaugfa, Helen. 320 Corona St.. Winston-Salem 
Alston, Joyce. 109 W. Burgess St.. Elizabeth City 
Amis. Betty Lloyd, 1517 E. Morehoad St.. Charlotte 
Anderson. Audrey Judith. 16 Kernel Am-.. Null,,. V 
Anderson. Caroline. 2221 Briar* ood Rd.. Charlotte 
Anderson, Elizabeth Lowell. 620 Colonial Ave.. 

Anderson. Marie Murellc. lit. 2, Box 111. Enfield 
Anderson. Shelby Jean. Box 122. Academy. Roberaon 
Anderson. Stella W., Jefferson Ave. Veal Jefferson 
Andrews. Nancy C, 713 Club Blvd., Durham 
Andrews. Ruth Ceiger, Greensboro 

Annla, Beverly Jean. 900 Young Ave. Chattanooga. T 
Apple Mrs. Audrey L. o'Fcrrrll. 1002 Sv kea Ave., 

Ardrey, Amelia DeLaney, Polk St.. Pi.,. -ill. 
Arledge, Linda Caroline, P. 0. Box 1236. Tryon 
Arnold. Betty Bruce 2 12 Boundary A.e, Elkins. W. 
Arnold. Medora Ann. 2 12 Boundary Ave. 
Elkins, W. Ya. 

Arrant. Joanne. Bra— tow n 
Arrow,,,,,!. Carolyn Fayc. Rt. 1. Dallas 
Arthur. Mary Hcnric. 1115 Walker Ave., Crren.l.uro 
Asay. Carolyn Margaret. 6310 Owen PI., M 
Ash. Joan Williams. 324 White Horse Pike. 
II , .1.1..,, Height.. V j. 

V.I,.-. Rebeeea Ann. Box 26. 

Ashley. Carolyn Juanita. Rt. 1. Edenton 
Atchison. Suzanne H.. 3316 Riltcnhou.e St., 

Vtwell, Mary Margaret. 219 E. Court. Morion 
Vlwill. Harriet. 823 Roanoke Ave., Roanoke Rapid. 
tusbond. Sally Ellen. 320 Green St.. Albemarle 
Ausley, Edith. 4526 Winston Rd.. Greensboro 
Austin, Jane 2522 Grecnway Ct.. Winston-Salem 
Averitt, Mars Lon. Rt. 1. Box 256. Stcdman 
Vyen.k. Linda Frances, 307 N. Lay ton Ave. Hum. 

Baekal, I Riddle, 1101 - ■• St., Roekj M 

Bagwell, Mary. 7 15 Florida Ave., H.n.l. r.onv III. 

Hall... Janle, 3.12 Railroad I Wakl I..,. . 

Bailey, J„. Rt. I. Boa WO, Bl.lg. I,. I.I.. 

king-port. Trim. 
Bailey. Virginia Barbara, Rt. I. Boa I. Ja. k.onvlll. 

Bain, Car„l,„. r.H, 9 lb Si., vv... Hlekorj 

Hal.,... Norma la,.'. Bryant, Fnli, I.I 

Baker, V,.,,.- Jeffrey, son v.. Knoa St., Hurl.,.,., 
Baker, Marilyn Joyce, III. I. II, 1, 1,1, r. 

Maker. Mary 11,11. II... 33 1, Rowland 

Raker. Patricia V 5111 Northern III,, I.. WUmlngtoi 

llak.r. Samuel Monroe, Jr.. III., v.. Fisher v.... 

Baldree, Sarah, Black Creek 

Raldridge. Carolyn. 2529 Burns H.I.. WlUSton-Ss 
Baldwin. Carolyn Fayc. 1212 Park Ave A.. Goldsboro nil,,.. Edith, 251.1 Vugu.Ia Rd., Green, ill.-. S. t. 

II,-., Ml I Ii": » Cold -. K... Me 

II. I ..I. ..I II Ferry Di n I Man 

Bl . i . .- 116 l v.. ii- Md 

Ill-.k It. .. Xii.. v.. ■tridgi it. I Cm ■• I. ire 

II ,. i 





Joyce Gal 

, 135 

Eastern 1 


38. N. Y 


■rber, Ann Gaynell, 

Box 757. Golds! 


.rher. Joh 

nsie Land 



irlow. Lo 

- Davidson, 6 111 

Third M 


.rues, Pac 

e 214 Broad St 

V, llson 

Barnes. Rita. 2117 Airline Blvd., Portsmouth, Ya. 
Barnes, Romainc. Rt. 1. Lueama 
Barnett. Edwina. 200 Knox Circle Durham 
Barnhardt, Ann Lee, 2502 Stafford Ave, Raleigh 
Barrett. Elizabeth Marie. 2128 Dilworth Rd.. 

Charlotte 50. 

Barrier, Dorothy Lee. Farmer 
Borringer. Katharine Camilla. 3404 Madison Ave, 

Borringer. Sarah Ellen. 424 W. Borah St.. Salisbury 
Barrow. Alma Elizabeth. Oak Ridge 
Barrow, Bcdic Beth. Star Route, Kernerm ill.. 

Barlctt. Jennie Lee. Kure Beach 

Barton. Hope Campbell. 016 Western Highway. 

Orangeburg. N. Y. 
Baanjght, Norma Gwynn, 1 III I My rile Ave. Green, ill 
Bass, Cloria Alcyone 205 Btllereal V... 
Bass. Virginia Elizabeth, Box 81. Louishi 
Batcman. Nancy Jean. 636 N. Elm St.. «, 
Bates. Nancy Louise. 425 MaeDonald St., 


Batten, Carol Marie 2O0 E. Guilford St.. Thomas, ill. 
Batten. Mary Taylor. Rt. 1. Smllhficld, Ya. 55. 

Holy. Sylvia Kathryn. Capt. W. C. Baty, I .S.N.. R ,. 2112. 

Hdqts.. U. S. Marine Corps.. Washington, I). C. 
Baits. Marilyn. 33 Caledonia ltd. . V-h.-vill.- 
Baum. Mary Ann, 18 12 Gardenia Ave., 

Merrick, N. Y. 23. 27. 105. 

Baysdon, Iner Parnell (Mrs). Box 338. Clarklon 
Beard, Dorothy Nell. Box 337, Hillsboro 
Beaaley, Amaryllis Stanford. 213 Clarke St.. Henderson 
Beatty, Joyne 7108 Fairfax Rd„ Bethesda, Md. 
Heauford. Beverly Jean. 209 W. Boll St., Burlington 
Beck, Belt] Joyce Unity St., Thomosvillc 
Keeker. Mar; Lon. P. O. Box 22. Jamestown 
Beddocs. Helena Victoria. 1103 Blair Vve.. II amplon. \i. 
Becker. Kay Frances. 2052 E. Sprag... St.. V. inston-Salem 
Becker. Peggie Anne. 831 Trollinger Rd.. A.hrl.oro 28. 

BeleoS, Constance C... 1203 Broad St.. Camden. S. C. 
Belco.. Titsa C... Sarsrield Ave., Camden. S. C. 
Bell. Betty Holland. 1117 Riverside v.... EUaabeth City 
Beltz. Marijane 15 1 Fountain St.. Springfield, Ma... 
Benedict, Esther G.. Hi. 3. Hemlock Pk.. 

Illaek. Julia II. Ill II II... IS, Charlotte 

Blaek, k.r.» Dolores, 808 Park. I Dr. 

Black. Harela Powell, Plm bursl 

Blaek Betty, llall-l...... 

Blaekbarn, Patrlela Vim. Ingald 

Blaekwi Id. . Martha I.... 106 S. Elm s, 

Blaekweldet M ... I I MR 544, Boa 

Blackwell, 9ally, I aetalla 

i :..i 

Ill ...Is . 

J..... V,,., HII9 Yadkin St.. 
Blankenshlp, Shirley Catholeeai Tin l ....... 


Blanks, Peggj Rath, 158 third Vve. Danville 

Hla I...... Ill I l.ur.l, St., BeecJV, 

Marl... 58 I lint 

y bi 

Blanton, Marilyn J.. .11. Boa 52 1 Splndali 

Ilia Shirley Idella ill Vintage v.. . Winslon-S 

HI., in.. Vi... Foster, 506 t ........ -v. v. lu.iou.-sl. ... 

111., I... Diana, HI8 S. Main -I.. Galax. Va. 
Blevine, Geraldine. II... 15.1. Ill I. V Wllkeabaro 
III.-, i,,-. Lou v...... Roseboro 

Block, II BUlsldl llr., I . viogton 

Blue Lucy Catherine. 25115 V. M -I I bore I 

III Ella. I - I i.herie.. Hoffman 

Blue, LaVeroe, Box 586, M..,...i Vir, 

Hoggs. Rita Ha.-. 7ii2 Longvlev, St, Greeneboro 

B..I.H. Audrey, 823 River 11,1.. Maumei Ohio 

Ruliek. Dortl J. .an. 28.1" Ma... .,,. llr.. I . r. , „ .. 

Iluliek. Nan.-. Ellen. H..v 198, Conover 

Bolin. Barbara Ann.. 7111 Mcknight Si.. Belmont 
Bondurant. Joan. 108 Kull.r Rd., u.l..n. Ml 

Bondurant, Ruth Yietoria. Guilford 
Bonner. Ellen. 225 Hawthorne Rd.. Raleigh 
Bost. Gail. Rt. I. Box 118. Kannapoli- 

Host. Patricia Foil. Box t,6. Eagle Springs 

BoStlck, June I.. 1216 V.r, k-ar,,- V>. 

W in-ton-Salcm 

Bonldln, Dorolh] V,,.,. 110 kl... St., I • A 

u,,,.,,, I.r li, ni, Carleena, BoouvlUe 

Bowden, Frances, B... 2.11. Mlfledg - '■■■ 

Bowdcn. Helen Jane 1810 Boxboro Rd. Dnrisaaa 
II....,,. M.,r. Howard. 323 V Market St.. W a.hin, 

Bowen, Rebecca, 7112 Center St., Aakevflle 

Bowles, \...,,, 1 1507 Tregdoo .t.. i.r...... I.. 

Bowman. Jean, Box 175, llr...... Summit 

Bowman. Nancy Carolyn. Rt. 2. Box 115. Walnnl 

Boyd, sad,, tunc i"" 1. Whllaker 
Boyette, Innette, H... .,'•. » ,r.... 

Buyello. Martha Jean. III. 2. Wilson 
Roykin, Carol Dee. 1119 11,11 -.,.. V. , 
Boyle, Pal... 611 W. Harper 
Bo.les. Sarah 1.1.,,,,. 806 Gwyn V-, 

Braak. Alyee Jane. Ca.ll. II 

Braddock. Elizabeth Anne I I I For, 

Bradford. Mr- Belly II., 

V,,l. 8. 121 SI.. 

Bennett, Barbara Alice 2819 Kllgore Vv... Raleigh 
Bennett. Jean Morton. 233 N. 23rd St.. Wilmington 

Berlin, Helen .1 ,.,.,. chit Glenbrook Rd., 

Bethesda 1 I. Md. 

Berlin. I.orrtla. 23 Woodlawn Ave. Wilmington 
Herri.r. Vlary Elizabeth. Rt. 8. H„. .121. Lexington 

Berrier, Patricia Gail. 1319 Sham.. St.. Wins -Sal, 

Berry. Feriha Ann. 1902 Perry Ave. Wilmington 
Berry man. Ytary Frances. 1740 Bragg St.. Ssnford 
Best, Janet Fayc. Rt. 3. Ml. Olive 

Bcthea. Beverly June. 505 S. Main St.. McCoU. S. C. 
Bethea. Suzanne. 634 Parkway Blvd.. BeidavUle 
Biddy. Margaret Virginia, Probarte St., Brevard 


Bradford. Sarah. 223.1 The Circle. Raleigh 
Bradley, Mr-.,r,,„ Stuns, Tie" PhUllpa -i„ 

Bradley. Ylartha Stacy. 1313 R -...,.1 V.. . Rocky 

Bradshaw, Jeanetle, 3(18 W. Pine St.. Graham 
Bradshaw, P..II. I.rav. Rt. 2. Wallace 

lira,!,. Glenda, St., t „■ 

Brad,. Phoebe Elisabeth, 8809 ta....r„,, v,... Greet 

Brannork. Geraldine. Country t lub Rd. MoUUl Vir, 

BrasweU. Jane Lee Jack 

Brasw.ll. Mr-. Jo.ce. III. 2. I r„. 
Bratten. Elizabeth Ellen. 8500 V. . 1-1 St., 

Brauns, Virginia I,, ■,,..-, na. 928 Lexington V,... Gre 
Braver. Ylaricne 132 S. Market St.. \ a, 
Bra.. Mr-. Margaret Crou-e Rt. 2. Thonia-.ill. 
Breaaeale, Dorothy. 551 lr.,„ v,. . Spartanburg. S. 

W^v Itoar mxh Castle 


Student Patronage Approved by Student Council 

Greensboro's Most Popular Sandwich Shop 

Phone 3-2205 CURB SERVICE 

Robert Rollins Blazers, Inc. 



Schools Sororities Classes Bands 

Colleges Fraternities Athletic Teams Glee Clubs 

Golf Clubs Honor Societies Awards Committees Choral Groups 

Student Directory 

Josee, :il I Minium A,.-., Hamlet 

ma. ga Enter Terra.-.-. III,,,,,,,!,, l.l N, I. 

Brallhanpt, Virginia, 320 Perk Si., 
I r Monteleir, N. J. 

Ilr. ■>.ll. . Patricia. W a) no III.- 

Brewer, linn. Km. Hi. 2. 11., „„ n,l., w in.ion.Salrni 

Bridges, Ka, III.,,.,-, HOT 9. ( 'hosier -1., Gaateali 
Bridges, Mar., M 91S BlWek Ave., Durham 

Brldfea, Virginia Lorone, N. C. School f«r Deaf, Marfan 

llrlgg.. Peffj A,,.,. III. ... Lexington 

Bright, Nana] Gwa ilvn, 7n2 Park St., High Polnl 

Brlgmon. K... . Hullsha. Bill La Roquo A,... Elnalon 
Brintnall, Patricia EsleUe, Boa 275, Bryson 1 n. 

Brill, mill.- Rose, 100] Mapla St., I,,mh,-r 

Brill, Garaldlna, Rt, 6, "H Inalan-Salem 

Brill, Patricia Marl,. Boa 3 1. Lnnabar Bridge 

Brill, Yvonne, nun Maple ■ f7lnona V,,.. Lumberlon 

Brllton, Mar; EUaaboth, 121 si...,,,.„,s A,.-.. Willi,.,,,,,., 

Brook, Joan Marion. 1406 Vaughn lid.. Burllnglon 

Brooke, EH.ab.ih. 2400 Walker Ave., Greenabore 
Brooks. Martha Elisabeth. Modena Extension. 

li,...,,,„. >«„,, Lou. 1108 Naeian m..i Charlotte 

Brothers. Winona VlrgU, 803 Agawam Si., Elianbclh Cits 
Brown. Barbara Soil. Boa 60S, HooreaTllle 
Brown. Eliaabelb Ann, 600 Washington Ave.. Weldon 
Brown. Ellaabrlh Ann... 204 Main. Lake C. its . S. I 
Brown. Harriet Ann, BOO Circle llr.. High Point 
Brown. Lenore Ann. 1126 Tarboro St., Rocky Mount 
Brown. Mary Clayton. III. 3. Box 282 A, Harbor lei., 

Brown. Mary Elisabeth. Kl. 2. Boa 111, Harmony 

Brown, Orlando. 415 E. King Si., Boone 1117. 

Brown, Ouida. Rt. 2. East Bend 

Brown. Ruby Kay. Gatcsvllle 

Brown. Sally Faye. Rt. 3, Roeky Mount 

Brown, Shirley. Rl. 1, Seltne 99, 

Brown. Sylvia Fay. Rt. 2, Four Oaks 20. 30, 

Browning. Helen Marshall. 106 Camden Rd.. Atlanta, Ca. 

Broylea, Mr*. Joan, 101 Manor Court, Greensboro 

Broyhlll. Patricia Ann. Hiekor, Rd.. Lenoir 

Broyhlll. Virginia Hamilton. Hickory Rd.. Lenoir 

Rruee. Paula. 1415 Adams Dr.. S.W .. Atlanta. Ca. 

Brumley. Lou Anne. Armstrong Purk Rd.. Castonia 

Bruton, Evelxn Burl, Candor 

Brulon. ... r ,1,1,,,, Elaine. 522 IN. Hamilton St., High Point 

Br; an. Linda Lee. 1.13 V Main Si., Croham 

Bryan. Ruth Evelyn. 16 Forest Hill Dr.. Ashe, ill.- 

Bryant. Beverly Jean. 208 Parkview Dr.. Brevard 

Bryant, Karen, Box 726. Elkin 

Bryant. Maharona Allen. 1702 Merrlman Ave.. Charlotte 

Buck. Carol Mae. 656 Castle II., ne Rd.. W ilmlnglon 

Buck. Dashiela. 3707 Manor Dr., Greensboro 

Buck, Mary Ann. 1512 Lovell St.. Greensboro 

Buff. Annah Barkley. 615 S. Ridge, r.-l ire., 

Rutherfordton 82. 85, 


I », 

Apt.. Ma 



Buie. Annie Pearl. Bladen 

Bull. Alice, Wade Hampton Blsd.. Box 239. 

Greenville. S. C. 
Bullard. Cumby. Norma Jane. Rt. 2. Winston-Salem 
Bunch. Patricia Anne. 503 E. I) press Si.. Elisabeth 
Blank, Judith Maria. Rt. 3. Lake City. S. C. 
Bureh. Millie Clayton. Box 41. Kcnan.ville 
Burdelte. Susan Annrllr. 120 Bremer St.. Fa) cue, ill 
Burge. Jo Ann. 181)1 Georgia Ave.. WlulOB-Salem 
Burgin. Jean Marie. 3905 Monroe Rd.. Charlotte 5 
Burke. Darla Sue. 2701 Knollwood Rd.. Charlotte 
Burke. Patricia Ann. 1427 S. Hawthorn,- Rd.. 

Burns. A 

rl.ara. Wo 


Burns. Dorothy Anne. 907 Elm St.. Lumberlon 
Burns. Frances. 907 N. Elm St., Lumberlon 
Burns. Jane Cobb. Crrstwood Dr.. Roxboro 
Burns. Sarah Nan. 816 Steele St.. Sanford 
Burroughs. Barbara Louise. 965 Meadow Heights 

16. 85. 193 


ughs. France 

97 Barnes St.. Bridsxillc 107. 1 

,. 5315 Caledonia Rd.. Richmond. Va. 
4. Oxlord 

... Fa)cllr.lllr 


Barbara Marl.. Jill II... k 

Mar] 1 1....1.. Ih, 117 vi. ..,., 
r, 1 lau 2HII1 Jaeluon I 

1 II N. 2lr.l -1. Wilmington 

r, Lillian Eleanor. 1116 Horekaad St., 
r. Louise Jcanelle, 3738 Eaatwa) Dr.. Charlotte 

, Louise Mar III. 2, llov 89. Halllax 

Beta) II. I.. 27(11 Lofton V,,-.. Durham 

Minnie Sue, Hi. 2. Boa ISO. Elkin 

Cube, >lar, Esel.n, Box 1 3. Ionian. Dan. 

Cagle, Annette Cecile, Box 39, Sylsa 

Cagle, Belly Ann, 201 Grave Si., II, ...I. -co... ill. 

Caldwell, Glanda, 82 1 Main V,.-.. S.W .. Hickory 

Caldwell, Sandra Carole, llll Wilkinson A,,., K. 

1 .ll.m.r,. Kathleen, 60S N. Main St., W ..xioillo 
Callahan, Lynn Margaret, 715 Victoria PL, 

Louis, III, 7. K,. 
1 .11.1,.,., Roae, I nlon Level, \ .. 
Callaway, Elnora, Box 11(5, Newland 


. Janelle 




CameNB, Annie Blue, li.eford 
Cameron, Mar) Johns, 41,5 ,N. Ashe, I 
Cameron, Mary Lou, Box 362, Aberdeen 
Campbell, Belt) Lou. 116 Rolling Rd., Burlington 
Campbell, Judilh Patricia, 2603 W. Market St., Greensboro 
Campbell, Mar) Iran,-.,. Nichols, S. C. lOB, ] 

Campbell, Patricia Ann, lie, 820 E. 20th Si., Charlolle 
Canada, Delia, 1106 Tiplon St., High Point 
Cannon, Claire E., 602 W. Wilson St., Farniville 
Cannon, Christine Celest, 251(9 Adams St., Wilmington 
Cannon, Emilie Teresa. 602 W. Wilson St., FarmviUe 
Cannon. Janie Anne, 2509 Adams Si.. Wilmington 
Cannier, Billic Jean, PLsgah Foreat 
Canterbury, Marjorie, 907 Lee St.. Whiles ill. 
Caplan, Linda, 3507 Forest Park Ave., Baltimore 16, Md. 
Canden, Patricia, 4 Fisher Ave, Concord 64, 168, 

Cardwell, Delois, Rt. 1, StoneTllle 

Cardwell. Virginia Carole, Rt. 1, Stoncville 

Carlyle, Ann Marie, 613 Fountain PL, Burlington 
Carlson, Katharine Ann, 1006 Carolina St.. Greensboro 
Carlton, Carol Ann. 3305 Arendcll St., Morehead City 
Carlton, Meetla, Box 82, Trading Ford Road, Salisbury 58, 
Carnegie, Elizabeth Ann, Box 229, Rutherlordton 
Carolhers, Mary Ann, 217 W. Third Ave., Gastonia 
Carpenter, Barbara Jane. 1540 Sunrise Ave., Balcigh 27, i 
Carpenter, Jane, Box 38, W axhaw 
Carpenter. Kathryn Diane. 1363 E. Center St., 



Linda J.. 5010 Mill Creek Rd.. R 
Pauline Betsy, Bl. 1, Zebulon 
Sallie Ann. 221 li... I. . Ave., Mol 
Mary Miller, Box N. Taylorsville 
Patricia Anne, 921 Boulevard. Sla 

Carswell. Jackee Ann, 316 Brown A,e.. Baaelwoe 
Carter, Colleen, Box 113. Kern, rs, ill, 
Carter. Doris Jane, Rt. 2. Hox 181.,.,,, 
Carter, Gladys Sue. Rt. 1. WniUett 
Carter. Sarah Elisabeth, 27 Edgewood Rd.. Ashe, 
Cartledge. Cynthia, 127 Catawba St., Ml. II. .11, 
Cash. Belly Sue. 1401 Lafayette As... Rock] Mol 
Cassady. Karen Elizabeth. 2037 Dartmouth PL. 

CaateUoe, Belsy. Rl. 2. Winters ille 

Gates, Eugenia Marie. Box 614. Wake Si.. 11.11-1...... 

Cathey, Anne. Box 66. S, I, a 

Calhcy, Mar, Anilo. 115 S. Ellis St.. Salisbur) 

Cauble, Jean, U9 w. Banderaon St., >.li.l,,.r, 

1 .,.,11. . Barbara Ann. llll E. Polo Rd.. w Inaton-Sal. ... 

Cansby, Rebecca Ann. 602 E. Virginia v.... II net 1 It) 

Causey. Joanne Walton. 5 IS Larimer Rd.. Da, id 

Chagaris, K... II,. 125 Kendriek I 1.. Monnl Hollj 
Chalmer. Nellie llrella. Rl. S, Box 430. Turk gee III 

Chambers. Tini Rae. 1315 Florida Si.. Greenabore 

I h.ndgi.. Dorothy Binda, 304 MoekaviBe V,. 5 1..... 

,o>.-. 802 Rolling Woods H.I.. 

s. c 6: 

Chandler. Joan 21117 Wren,, St., I.r. . -n-bom 

Chapman. Mary Louise, Hi. 1, Arden . 

Chappell. Ann Burke. 2 Pcrr) St., Hertford 51 

Chapprll. Nclda Jean. Rt. 5. Ml. Airy 

Chappell. Palricia. Rt. 2 Castalia 

Chock, II.— le Jan.. 4528 W.n.ion Rd.. Greensboro 

Cheek. Phyllis Louise. 111(3 Alma Si.. Durham 

Box 63. tike 

..... Mar) lata ■•'--' 

.. Nam , 1 .rolyn, 31:: 

,...,,. 1..*.. t Park > 

\.... .. 7. II I Hill.. 

■at knn ■•■ - >■ 

ark, Linda 

■ .oil. III. 

.-., Boa HI77 h, 1 


.rk. M.rg.r.I ll.-.-. 

1 !■> II -1 

Ci i. 

- . 

..!.., I::: ,..,„.. 

■rite, J... 1 

2617 II.. -1 1 1... 


, Evelyn 



........ 11.1. 

, Mor.el. 

1 402 Alabama A.e 

. Dmrhi 

Cla)lun, Nancy, II., ». Bala -1 ll 

(Leg. Sara Vida, Hi. 5. Sanford 
Clifton I'.lrieia Darringlon, 67 W. Ill, 

v>. II... ■*. \: 

1 1. ...... far, Skirle) Kennedy, 108 l. Gaata 

1 abb, Ni Ida Hi. 1, Bel ...... .11. 

Cobb, Sarah l...u. 1816 NE. I...I., I 

Cebariy, I .rol. Hull,. 22 1 Rob. rl- St, B 
Cochran, Carol Sue. III. 1. M.lll.ew. 
Cochrane, Peggie Ann, Rl. 1. Ar.l. -n 
Cockerham,;. III. 2. Baa 186, 111... 

V..... llll 

Dr.. »l 

Vnnie III.,. Rl. 2, Box 198. Edrnlo 
Valeria Utrieda, 189 II....I -. II. 
.,„.. Radford, 533 S. Aycock SI., I 

I I.I. 


Charleston, S. C. 
Bra, Nadu* (..,.„. -. in. ... Ban MM I ■ "■ 

Cole. Sarah Jane, 102 V Magnolia SI.. Baeford 
Coleman. Mar) I....... 721. K. ...inglon Ave. 

V W ilk. -ho ro 
Collier. June Carol, t-.k. ,,11. 

1 ..Hi,... M.r, Frances, 202 Albert A.c. vv,i...i. 

i..-. Nane] Marie. 510 MeGUI Dr., Albemarle 

Cohrain. Joan Carol, Bt. 1. Box 266. W illiam.lon 

I estrone, Mr.. Max,,,.-, 6(17 W. W ainman A 

Condrey, Mary Paula. Libert) St.. Murfrer.boro 

Cone. Barbara Jean. 1025 Belvedere Dr., Gaslonla 65, 

Conn, Frona Reed, 1135 17th St., Newport News, Va. 

I onnataer, Margaret Jean, Rt. 3, Wayneaville 

Co urn ll,. Marcia Earline. Guilford College 

Conner, In. Margaret, Ki. I. Marion 

C.nn.r. Rebecca I.r... W ,„„|.,ll, 

Conrad. Edilh Margaret, Rt. 1, Jaekaon Springs 

Conrad. Harriet Elirabeth. 1(11 lork Dr.. 

Wasncsboro. Va. 28, 81 

Conrad. Mars Josephine. 201 S. Laurel A,e.. Charlotte 
Conrad. Ph. II,. Blake. 1207 Johnson Si.. High Point 



Wendell 52 
Cook, Violel C.rlene. Rl. 1. Keener., ill. 

Cooley, Carolyn. 1929 Ewing A,e.. Charlolle 109 

Cooper. Barbara. 1180 Graydon. Norfolk. Va. 65 

Cooper. Dori. V.,.,. 7.U Hill M . H..ek. Mount 50 

Cooper. Judilh. 3506 Friendl) Rd.. t.reen.boro 31 

Cooper. Marjorie. Rl. 4. Morganton 86 

Cooper. Mary Rose. 2506 McNeill Circle. Fasetlcllle 1 lo 

( r. Mr.. Rebecca SeanreU, Merry Oaka 

Cooper. Wilma I.,.. III. 2. N.-I.-Ml. 65 

Cope, N. June. Kr.x.l 1K9. 1 7(). 175 
Cornelias, Margaret Jean. 909 K. nil. ..Ml, V>. -.. I h.rlolle 50 

I .,,,,, I,,,.. Marian. 3B09 Henderson Rd.. Greensboro 65 

Corriher. Palricia Lou. 127 hi....... Ixi Saltsbnr) 135 

Coatcllo, W innie Roberson. 3240 Brighlwood Rd.. 

Roanoke. Va. 

Cotchelt. Carolyn A.. 1919 Market St.. Wilmington 65 

CnUingham. Virginia Adams. Rowland 55 

CoKrell. Peg*) anno, Box 165. Ilak Ridge 53 

c.ueh. Josephine, .,..( Gaston v>... Belmoni 86. 173 

Coulter, N.„. - -.2.1 (.randin H.I.. Ih.rL.lle 8 86 

Councilman, Shirley, Ml. Vernon Sprinc- 109, 178. 179 

Curie. Carol Marie, 13211 Scotland v.... i harlottc 50 

(....n..., Cynthia ^...-- Re I. Vlk. .. S. ' 65 

Covington. Cynlhis Ann. 328 N. Lee St.. Rockingham 86 
Covington, K.lh.rine Monro.. 31119 l.irl.x Dr.. (h.rlolle 

Cos inglon. Lorena Anne. Box 325, Try on 51 

I ,x II. ll. Grey, Hi. 2. Ruffin 135 

Cox. Edna Faye, Rt. 1. llu.ll. . 53 

Cox. Faylie. Moyock 109 

Cox. Joan Camilla. 101 E. Whilakcr Mill Rd.. Raleigh 13S 

I ..x. Louise Lee, ao.l W . Farri-. Hieh Poinl 52, 196 

Cox. Margaret Alice. Moyock 51 


Greensboro, N. C. 

Most Complete Knitting and 
Handwork Dept. 


Sweet Memories 



Birthday a 

id Party Cakes 


210 S. Greene St. 

Phone 2-5400 




Radio Dispatched Cabs 

When-U-Go — 

Ride DeLuxe 24 Hour Service 

DIAL 4-8438 

505 E. Market St. 

Greensboro, N. C. 


102 South Elm Street 


— Visit — 

212 S. Greene Street 


"The thinking fellow calls a yellow" 

The Place for Your Parents and Friends 

mflnoR moTEL 

1045 West Market Street 

Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Dickinson 
Phone 3-2517 

Phipps Gift Shop 

For Gifts for the Home 

Sterling Silver — Fine China 

Crystal Gourmet Department and 

Outdoor Cooking Items 

Phipps Hardware Company 

215 North Elm Street 
Phone 2-0179 


"The World's Best Barbecue" 

Telephone 4-7728 1615 Madison 


Greensboro, North Carolina 


Service — 1 :30 to 5:30 — 7:30 tc 
Chicken Fried in Peanut Oil 


Steaks . . 

Country Ham . . . Sandwiches of All Kinds 

Student Directory 

I ••.. M.r la, 2211 Feirvltra Are., Hi Urj 

lux.. Mildred Ardrlla. III. I. W .gram 

Coxwell, li, ,„,... 1. 1., iTis ii.., 1,1.. Roanoke, Vn, 

Cramer. P.trl. I. w .. 127 Sir Oliver ltd.. Norfolk, Va. « 
Cranford, J.... II.,, 11... 94, I nil,. 

Cratrr. J.. It. Ann, IKK. Il.rv.-, St., K.I, Igl, 

v v..... 121 v Bin Si., kaheboro 

!>■"». s.r.h loann, Id. 1. Baa 27. Eagle Spring. 

Crz.rr. Pcggv Jane, III. <■, Wlnaton-Sal 

Crawford. Ann. Ills Rockefeller Ave.. Everett, W a.h. 
Crawford, c.rro Ja.,.-. ISOI King. H,l.. Shelb) 
Crawford, Joanna, 203 W. 3rd Si.. Greenville 
Crawford, inn, ill Bramnrar Are., Waynaavllle 
Crawley, Mary Franeea, 111. 6, Boa 1°. Morganton 

Creoeh, I gene Small, 5217 Goddard 11,1.. Belhaada, M.l 

ir.»». Dorit ElUabelh, sir, Sommll A,,.. Greensboro 
Crewe, France.. 1.211 Joyner St., Groanabora 8 

Croaker, Bavolyn Lorane, Hi. :l. Boa II9-K. Charlotte 
Crocker, sl.i.. HI2 School St., Reck) Mount 11 

Crockett, Nana) Florence, 2KH Wythe A,,.. 

III... li. I.I. W. Va. 
Croaby, Julia Elizabeth. 3117 Holt A-.-.. Greenaboro 
Creea, M.r, inn, Sunl.ur> 

Croaaley, Eleanor. 2527 Miller Park Circle, Win ,-Sal. 

I rotla, Hona II.,-. 106 Pcaehtrre St., Albemarle 
Crooch, s.,.,,r. 317 s. College A..-.. Newton 
Croaaer, M.r,, I to nVeademj St., WayneavUle 
Crowder, A,,,,.- Ellen, 504 Gulf St., S.,,f„rd 
Crowder, Carole Lynette, Id. 5, shell,, 
Crowder, Eul. Wlllene, Hi. .1. Fairmont H.I.. Candler 
I mxlord. Snaan Florence. 3308 June Dr.. Charlotle 
Crumbier, Marj Louise, 1S21 Providence Kd.. Charlotte 
(rump. Nana] Evelyn, nisi... w. John.,,,, St., Raleigh 
Cmmpaeker, Shirley Patricia, 906 Hurch A,.-.. Durham 
Grumpier, Dorothy Jean. Kt. 2. Bo» 337. Goldsboro 
Crymea, Ann, SSO Kingaburj St., Oxford 
Cnlbreath, Mary Ann. 2121 Dartmouth PI.. Charlotte 
Culbreatb, Nanej Helen, 1205 Cbeatnnl St.. Lumberton 
Cunco. Carolyn. Rl. 2. Box 361. Hickory 
Curlee. Jo Ann. I lit, 3. Wadeaboro 

,irl.->. II.. 


109. 112. 193 

Currir. Eleanor Smith. 1204 S. Main Si.. Laurlnburg 
I urrie. Martha Ann. Rt. 1, Boa 78, West End 
I urrin. Mar, Ann. 500 Sunset Ave.. Oxford 
Currln, Minnie Ella. Box 76. Sl„, all 

■ >..l Carol,.. \ iri.-i.ij... H2HI V. .--Hi. 1.1. W inslon-Ss 

Dalton. Dorothy Elisabeth. 16 Panola St.. Ashe, ille 
Damron. Ph. Ill, Ellen. Ill West "D" St.. 

BUaabatbton, Trim. 
Danford. Mattir Speight, Rl. 1. Stantonaburg 
Daniels. Lorabel Ann. 23 Vane- Craaeent, A.hcvill,- 
Dannenbaum. AN,-.-. 2 106 Harrison Si.. Wilmington 
Burden, Edith J..v. 609 Thomas Ire., Wilmington 

Dark. Juanit. Knxonnr. 118 W. Fort St.. Mari..., 

Darlington, Doris Delia, 725 E. Center Are., Hoorearl 
Darnell. Nancy Rulh. <J T 1 (a. B rid B ,- St., Elkin 
Dangblridge, Suzanne. 302 S. Rounlrre St.. Wilson 
Davenport, Florin.- A.. Columbia 

Davie, llian. M..rri.. 1710 W . -slburv Rd„ Charlotte 7 
D.vis. Barbara Ann. 167 Dr.. Winston-Salem 

Davi.. Barbara Evelyn. 2409 Commonwealth Are., 

Charlotte 23. 83. 

Davis. Barbara Jean. Box 184. Cornelius 
Davis. Bette Lee. 8009 Du„,m„r.- ltd.. 

Biebmond 26. Va. 
Davis. Carol Ann. 116 Bradford Dr.. Charlotte 
Davis. Carolyn Jo.... 226 MeCanlej St.. Chapel Hill 
Davis. Caerie Naomi. Box 32. Pike, ill,- 
Davis. Charlen,- (ire. . 201 Franklin Si.. » , th.-v ill.-. \ 
II. vi.. Geraldlne Somers. Rt. 2. Burlington 
Davis. Hilda. Box 2. Pikeville 
Davis. Helen Mali,.. Box 261. I hadhourn 


akr Forest 
Rt. 11. Box 

II., is. Margaret Ann. Rt. 1. Box 261. Wade 
Davis. Maetha Ann. 1107 Clyde Si.. High Point 
Davi.. Mary Louis.-. 1507 Allendale Road. Greensboro 
Davis. Naney Elizabeth. W. McClelland Ave.. Moore.v i 
Davis. Naney Slorr. 29-A Davi.- Cirri.-. Chapel Hill 
Davis. \„r.,... I llll 6th -!.. N.W., Hirkory 
Dawson. Frances Lovelace. Stanlonsburg 
Davis. Patricia I. (Mrs. John L.I. Oil) N. Eugene St.. 

Davit, Patricia II. loll llirhard Si.. Salisbury 
li. ....... Carol, I3IIO Park Are. II.. ... .1.1.1..,,., 

Da» D Ill «. Church St., Bllaabath in, 

li... Mr.. J...., Sprinkle, In. I. North Wllheebora 
Deal, Franeaa, in Park Terrace, si.i I. 

Dr.l. Linda Kay. Box 5. Morg 

Deal. Mr.. Thrrr, N..I,. Ili.kor- Hgv,,. II... UK, 

Page No. 

2 1. H6 



Daan, Dorit Helen, I 

V Park Dr., l.r,-,-,,.|.„r,. 

K. In Cella Patricia, 1721 DoAreaon Dr.. Cherlolti 

D.-llarl. E. Ileelrlre. 1833 M„ll. Ave., VI lllrknr. 

D.-if.-ll, Loui.e HoUlday, I V Eugene, Greensboro 

del M.r. M.r,,., Iluv.ll. r o Col. Roland II. del M.r. 

Quartan 9.W . Ft. McPherton, I... 

Denmark, Anne Polk. 22 17 Cirri.- Dr.. K.lelgh 

."is. Indie Carolyn, P. o. Boa 5265, Bliaabathtewu 

Denny, Carolyn Hemriek, II White Lane. Concord 
Denny, Shirley Ann. 606 Granville Dr., Wlnaton-Salen 
Dent, II........ 3(18 S. Willow St.. Gatlonla 

D.uls.1,. Linda. 32 Lenox Ave., Ml. Vrrnon. N. 1. 
Devin. Virgin!. Peylon. 1519 Bed Oak Dr., Spring. Md. 

Deviuey, Agnea An,,,-. Casai 

DeVoung. Phyllis. 11 

4 Sam Lion Trai 

. Martin 




Marian Lou. 

6 Fifth Ave.. The 

...... Ill,- 


Geneva Ann 



h. Anne Mari 

.213 Snowden L. 

DO, Prin 


N. J 


Cynthia Ann 

e. 269 Bua B.lfo 

rt Roxo. 



Bio d 

Janeiro. Bra 



Naney Lane. 



Mavis Loeel 

a, 43 Church St. 



1 ..Hi... I a„ M 

Laughing Water 

K.3. B 

ar « 

V V. 

—Summer a.l 

Iress: Home San 


a, Z 


Divers. Rlllie Carole. IO Churrh St.. Hertford 135 

Divine, Mary Ann. 201 Borden Ave.. Wilmington 87 
Dixon. Dorothy Elizabeth. Rt. 1. Box 224-C. 

Monroe 25. 110 

Dixon. June. 510 Queen's Ct., Slatesv ille 110. 185. 193 
Dixon. Shirlcv Ann,. 103 Park Lane, Rockingham 56. 87. 195 

Dixon. Shirley Elva. Grantsboro 195 
Dobson. Carle Marie. Rl. 1, Mount Airy 

Doby. Laura Frances. 516 N. First St.. Albemarle 66 

Doby. Palrieia Louise. 1 1 1 S. East Ave., k ...... ..,,.. I i- 135 

Doekcey. Judith. 208 Mountain St.. Rulherfordton 66 

Dockery. Paula Carolyn. Rt. 1, Box 516. Weaver.ille 53 

Dodd. Penny Sue, 415 Spring St.. Winston-Salem 53 

Dodson. Judy Anne. 3118 E. Nineteenth St., Lumberton 55 

Dodson. Minnie Irene. Wenlworth 66 



Dr.. High 
. Blurneld. 

Donaldson. Hilda. Rl. 1. Slal.-.ill,- 87 

Donnelly. Carolyn Finch. 258 Kenilworlh Hd.. Ashes ille 51 

li........... Beverly A.. 12 Hawkins St.. Danlelson. Conn. 110. 144 

Dorset!, Dee Ann. 71 Park Blvd.. Winston. Sal. -in 53 

Dorsk. Elinor Sara. 1S9S Weslovee Ave.. Petersburg. Va. 87 

Dougherty. Nanrv Carol, n. 107 Pine Si.. Black Mountain 56 

Doughton. Elizabeth Strieker. Box 41. Sparta 110. 193 

Doughton. Jon Lee. Box 11. Sp.rla 51 

Doughlon. Rebeera Turnee, Box 41. Sparta 66 
Dowdy. Edna Bruce. Box 777. Manleo 

Draper. Janlc. 2023 Alston Ave. Rd.. Durham 66 

Dudley. Mar; Sue. 1633 Brandon Rd.. Charlotte 7 52. 155 

DuFour. Johnnie. 906 S. W a.hinglon St, Rorkv Mouni 66 

Duke, knna Carole. 718 Blvd.. Elirabell, III. VI 

Duke. Peggy Rose. Rl. 3. Box 297. Henderson 135 

Duk.s. Margaret. 406 North Si.. Ihoekie H7. 155 
Dumareaq, Vnn Dolores. Kill Twyrkrnham Dr.. 

Creensboro 51 

Dumas. E.a. 313 E. Chestnut. Goldsboro 54 
Duncan. Margaret. 105 Polk St.. Raleigh 

Duncan. Elizabeth. 200 W. Queen St., E.lenlon 87 

Duncan. Lois, 1803 Sylvan Rd.. Greenaboro 87. 1 12 
Duncan. Peggy Anne. 221 N. Maple Si.. Fairborn. Ohio 47, S4 

Dunham, s,,...,. I . r . 110. 168. 171. 173 

Dunlap. Helen Mendenhall. Box 611. Raleigh 

Dunlap, Margaret. Kt. 2. Ml. I. Head 66 

Dunlap. Mar, Uiee. Hi. I. Box 229. High Point llll 

Dunlap. Mar. Coweta, Kerncrsvllle 

Dunn. Elizabeth \n„. 1401 V II ......It..., Blvd.. Box 155. 

Durham. > ...I II, 

Durham. S. Janet. H..x .1.12, Burgaw 

Hurl,.,,,. So..,.. 25111 lore.t Dr.. W in. I -.I.,,, 

Dur.l. tun. I.rr.w.v I arm. Soulhhamplon. Pa. J.,,., II... 1,,-.. II. r.,llle 

Dykatra, Alma Prire. nil MaCauala) •>,.. I hapel Hill 

1 1,, 

lake M, 

Edward.. II, 
Edward.. H 

... . I .. 65 lore.t Hill Rd., W . II 
Battle Margaret, llll |., Dr.. Mr, 
,. Ella till. I.. Rt. 2, Boa 9, Free 
...I.. II... 1181. Tryoo 
b.ler. 215 S. Ila.lhor. 

Edward.. Barton. III. I. Box 26 1. Hlrh Squ.r- 
Edward.. Carolyn Hae. 178 Mar.hall Ter.. Dar 
Edward.. Dorl. Jean, Sparta 
Edwards. Lida Lee. Rt. 1. I.urem. 
Edward.. Mary Well.. Rl. 1. Hoa 171. Chore. 
Bird, Elizabeth Ve.rl. 121 N. Spring St.. Win 
Egerton. Charlotle, 111 N. Crrg.on St.. Durh 
Ehle. M.r, Inn.-. 21)9 Midland Dr., Aahevlll, 
Elrhelburger. Margarrl. 18(11 Huntington Rd.. 
Elder. Dorothy Janr. 5111 W e.l Park Dr., Sile 
Elder. Jane. 110 Glend.le Ave.. Burlington 
Kldridge. Elizabeth. 3103 High P 
Elliott, Jane. 515 W. Second Ave 

I, re. 


Box 12, W. 

Elliott. Mary Sur. T, ner 

Elliott. Patricia Ann. 602 W. Ave., kannapoli. 
Ellis. Martha Carolyn. Box 83S. Gold.boro 
Ellison. Judith Ella. 2819 llayne A.r.. Aiken. S. I 
Filing. Mary Fo.Ier. 339 Charlotte St.. 

Roanoke Rapids 
Elzrv Betty, Creslon 
Engelman. Myra So.. 3 Mil I arli.le Ave.. II. II, ...... 

Snaky, Doris Ann. Box 361. Lake Junalu.ka 
Ephland. N.nrv K... 191 Dr.. Burling 
Epstein. Annette Nina. 544 W. 137lh -1.. 

New York 32. N. V 
I 1-1..., Carol. 3610 Sequoia Ave., Baltimore IS. 
Epiing. I l.u.l. It. |.„rene. 515 H. Mill- M.. 

win. Carolyn Page. 109 East Ave.. M« 
sick. Peggy Joyce. Rl. 8. Lexington 
hcridge. Doris. Hi. 1. Elizabrlh Cat] 

I,. I.. 



Sadve Elijah 

Eudy. June. 819 Pollers Rd.. Charlotte 

Evans. Adele Franre.. 123 E. Park >! . I ar. 

Bvana, Elizabeth. 117 First Ave.. Stale.. ille 

Evan... Madge. 3701 Manor Dr.. Apt. D, Grern.boro 

Bvana, Martha Jean. Rt. 1. Edenton 

Everett, Eranres Serena, (.lis S. Haughton St.. Willi 

Everett. Nanr. Lee. 709 Craydon Ave.. Norfolk \. 

E.erelte. Lucy Rhea. Rt. 2. Elon College 

Everhart. Nanry. Rl. 1. Stanley 

Evo.r.ich. Sylvia Sophie. 32 S. Kllh St., Pill. burgh. 

Ewart. Jeanette Ellaabclh. 426 Lyon Cl.. Charlotte 

Is.. II. Blanrhe Elizabeth. 441 Ridgewa.v A.e.. Stale.. 

Falrcloth. Shelby Ann. Box 165. Clinton 

Falls. Mar, Enola. Rt. 1. t.a.tonla 

Farmer. Sandra. 532 Overlook St.. IJraanabaro 

Farnham. Chri.linr Anne. 509 Lee St., Va. 

Face. Mary Virginia. 1211 W orthington Ave.. Charlotle 

Farthing. Mary Joy re. Box 326. Tryon 

Fary. Diane. 315 W. Fearing Si.. Elizabrlh t it, 

F.tum. Gail Rulh. Hill Rd.. Surrasunna. V J. 

Feather. Christine Grarc. 915 Colonial Ave.. Aberdren 

Frathcrslonr. Shirlrv . Rt. S. Henderson, ille 

Felrhler. Use Lore Marie. The Lodge. Country Club Dr.. 

Frldman. Erna. SOO 13lh St.. Miami Beach. Fla. 
Fclmcl. Betty Caroline. Rl. 3. W a, ne.vlllr H.tlie Eliz.belh. Ill (.lueen St.. New Bern 

Fcrrcc. Belle Lee. 137 S. High St.. t.hehor.. 

Ferrell. Bcltie Rose, Millbrook 

Frreell. Gladys. Rl. 2. Albemarlr 

Ferrell. Lov ie Juanila. 3337 Eul.i, Dr.. Charlotte 

Fcrrrll. Ruth. 103 t.h 

(^(MWrib ON YOUR 



■o^ -J** 





Compliments of 



Student Directory 

l-.rr.ll. Sail, Ann, 172') Virginia H.I.. » Inalnn-Salrm 
I lf.iu.-ll, Sarah \an. III. 5, Humi 

Pinch, Lob Janet, MM Mink Av.-. t Raleigh 

n.h.-l. Marilyn .1 11117 t..-.,rgla \,.-.. Wlaaton.Sa.ei 

H.l.rl. Nan.-,. 211 lea.ll. A,.-.. Wln.lon-Sal 

Fl.hel, Wand. I..,..., III. I. Wln.tnn.Salem 

Fl.her. Audrey, nil Woodland lir., Durham 

Fl r. Barbara, Ka.i Marion 

Fl.her. Evelyn Ernestine, 212 Darb St., 1-.,. ill, ■> ill. 

Fl.her. France. Jn.nnr. East Marl.,,, 

Rabbin, Rlla, 5713 Rush Ave. BalUmora, M.I. 
Fitzgerald, Rabakah 11..1.111 908 WaUon Ave. Wlaalon-S 

Filihugh, Ann.- Joyce 1208 Dresden Si., Kensington. II 

FJold, Barbara Louise 8602 Dogwood Dr.. Graaoaboro 

Flake, Miriam. 107 Pane Si., Rockingham I 

Fleishman. Rlla B.. 1914 Morganton Rd., F.yrtlovllle 

Flataher, Anlia, S02 S. Parkaida Dr.. HI K h Polnl 
Flolshar, Jean Wright, ii... 69, Ri. 3, N. WUkeaboro 

Film-hum, B.-lty. Rt. lO. Greensboro 

Flnwr, Nancy Louisa. 508 Blllmor,- A,,-.. Agheville 

Flowers, Sylvia lire. Boa 164, Fremont 

Flynn. Barbara Jean, 3108 W. Market St., Greensboro 

Flynn. Carolyn Jane, Helew, Creek 

Fogloman. Grace Harvey, 719 W. Main St., Washington 

Ford. Banrlatta (Saiie), Seaboard 

Forehand. Virginia. 2425 Vail Ave.. Charlotte 

Foraatar, Edna. Mar. Hill 

Forester. Joan. Flnley Park, N. Wllkr.boro 

Fortune. Frances Ellaahcth. Rt. 2. Brevard 

Fortune. He.a Pauline. 4617 Winston Rd.. Craanaboro 

Fo.ler, Carolyn Joan, Molel Cavalier, Rt. 9. Lexington 

Foster. Edith, Rt. 3, Lexington ] 

Foster. Jean. Rt. 1, Blanch 

Foster, Jimmy.- Elizabeth, Walker St.. Gainesville. Ca. 

Foushce. Mary Linda, 534 Sunset Dr.. Sanford 

Fowler. Ann Rierson. Box 394. Walnut Covo . 

Fowler. Sylvia. 129 Krndrlck Ct., Mount Holly 

Fox, Julia Ann, 86 ll.-rron Ave.. Ashevllle 

Franklin. Anna Victoria, 134 Victoria St., Elkln 

Fraxler. Patricia Anne. 2222 Lane Bd.. Greensboro 

Frederick. Janet. 508 Mayflower Dr.. Greensboro 

Freed, Ellen Sara, 6203 Wallia Ave.. Baltimore. Md. 

Freeman. Barbara Ellen, 412 Fourth St.. High Point 

Freeman. Carrie Pawn.,-. 104 Wallace St., Splndale 

Freeman, Glenda Jean, 2806 W. Fairbanks Ave., 

Orlando. Fla 

Freeman. Helen Jean. Rt. 2. Bryson City 
Freeman, Martha Anila, 903 N. Main St.. Louisburg 
Freeman. Mrs. Palsy Louise. 109 Charles Dr., Greensbo, 
Freeman. Sandra. 805 9th Ave.. N.E., Hickory 
Friar. Kalhcrlne Dudley. 1022 Sunset Ave., 

Rock, Mount 1 

Friedman, Rarbnra. 306 East Rd.. Portsmouth. Va. 
Fringer. Ncal. 1726 Relslerstown Rd., Baltimore 8. Md 
Frink, Sarah Carolyn, Rt. 3. Box 192, Tabor City 
Froncberger, Ann Lee, 1 lOO Jackson Rd.. Gastonia 
Frost. Helena Jane, 1400 Spring Garden St., Greensbo 
Fryer. Dolores Ann. 349 Third Ave.. N.W., Hickory 
Fuleher. Martha Elizabeth. 215 Woodland Ave.. 

Davidson 16, 20. 23 

Fulghum. Juanita Cray. Rt. 1. Sims 

Fuller. Adelaide Jean. 1952 Runnymeadc Rd.. 

Fuller. Ellen Anne. Main St.. Box 116. Norlina 
Fulmrr. Alice. 2000 Lombard, Circle. Charlotte 5 
Fain, Elizabeth Hester (Betsyl. I 

Gabriel. Barbara Jae.|„eline. 102 I ...,k X,. I v, 

Caddy. Jorrtta I.ana. 28 Oakwood St.. Ashevllle 
Gales. Shirley Jean. 324 Vance St., I.ouclnhurg 
Galloway. Sylvia. 229 Middlclon Dr.. Charlotte 
Gann. Joy. Rt. 1. Madison 

Gantt, Elizabeth. 243 N. First St., Albemarle 
Card. Annie Laurie. 307 W. Church St.. Ellzabrt 

Garfinkel. Sandra. 100 Morris St.. Charleston, S. C. 
Garner. Daisy Elnisc. Rox 723. Plnehur.t 
Garner, Nancy Carol, 603 Holly St., Ashrboro 

Garonalk, Branda Elaine, l.iir. Barrlngtoa Bd., 

Baltimore, M.I. 

Garratl, imil. Baa, 12 Highland I.e.. Mi. hi.... n , 

Carrl-..,,. 1 ,, Ha,. New Mock ltd.. We.vervlllr 

Garriaon, Lucille, Rt. 2, Burlington 

I. .,,...., I.rr, Ann.-. 214 V Hidgewa, Dr., Greenebora ir 
Gar,!.. Elizabeth. .11127 Prince.. St. Rd., Wilmington 
Garvin. Mary Arnold. 812 Laurel Dr.. Aiken. 8. I ,.7 

Caaklll, Carolyn Drue, 224.1 Circle Dr.. Raleigh 

Gaatar, Pegg) J", "<■ I, s.nlord 

Gat.-.. Bcvcrloy, 60S JcSaraon St., ll„.„„ke Rapldj 

Gaylor, Marie. Ill Richland. Ave.. Jacksonville 
Geddie. Becky Rene. 1903 Morganton ltd.. Fayette, Hie 
Cello. Mary Louise. 2509 Glenwood Ave., Raleigh 
Gellman, Gladys. 889 Princeton ltd.. Woodmerr. 

L. L. N. Y. 19, 23, 112. 

Gentry. Christine Dale. Rt. 2. Roxhoro 
George. Julia Bryant. 1819 Cedar St., Durham 
German, M. Elaine S., 504 Hathcrlolgh Rd.. 

Baltimore 12. Md. 
Clhblc. Belinda Grey (Linda). Rt. 5, Box 979. New Bern 

Glbba, Janet, Murfreesboro 

Glbba, Martha Chadwlck. Box 2 16. Beaufort 
Gibson. Anna Floury. 12 River Road, Warwick. Va. 
Gilliam. Laura E.. 9310 W. Parkhlll Dr.. Bethe.da. Md. 
Gllllkln. Dare Jo. 108 Sebrell Ave.. Wilmington 112. 170, 
Gilmer, Mar,. 512 Fenlon PL. Charlotte 13 

Gilmore. Gloria Dawn. 521 Jefferson St.. Greensboro 
Gllreoth. Martha Jane, 507 E. Street. N. Wilkrsboro 
Gladstone. Roslyn. 1711 Camden Ave., Portsmouth. Va. 
Clash,, Sue Jo. P. O. Box 158. Lilllngton 
Glenn. Suaanne. 1205 Amherst Ave, Richmond. Va. 
Clover. Janel Pearl, 707 Longvlcw St., Greensboro 
Gluyos, Sally Catherine. 1319 Greenway Dr., High Polnl 
Godwin. Cinderite Louise. 106 Jackson St.. Lake Cily. S. C. 
Godwin. Patricia. Rt. 1. Rox 225. Wilson 
Godwin. Bosa Kelly, 406 N. ISth St., Wilmington 
Gold. Edith Shirley. Bl. 4, Shelby 

Goldln. Rose Lea, 1930 S.W. 25th Ter., Miami, Fla. 
Goldman. Margie. 2107 Rolling Rd., Greensboro 
Cooch, Anne Louise. Box 205, Hall.boro 
Goode. Dorothy Joan, Italy St., Valdcsr 

Goode, Evelyn, Mountain Rd., Rutherfordton 

Goode, Juanita, Rt. 3, Ml. Olive 

Goodman, Judith Carol. 112 Churchill Dr.. Fayettrville 
Goodman. Shcrrie Fae. 1180 Ocean Pkwy.. Brooklyn. If. Y. 
Goodnight. Cordelia. 4805 Wrightsvllle Ave., 

Wilmington „8. 

Goodwin, Maxine, 114 Brighton St.. New Britain. Conn. 
Gordon, Anita. 1220 Hill St., Durham 
Gordon, Lena Anne. 514 Maple St.. Leaks, ille 
Gordon. Shelby Camilla. Pinnacle 
Core, Mrs. Marjorie. Clarendon 

Gorman, Patricia. 401 Galthcr Rd.. W Inslon-Salem 
Gorier. Johanna Frederlka. 23 Wembly Rd.. A. he. ill.- 
Goslen. Evelyn. Rt. 1. Pfafflnwn 

Gossett. Doris Elizabeth. Rt. 1. Box 125, High Point 
Gradmon. Harrlette. 21 Earrwood Ave.. Ashevllle 
Grady. Peggy Jean. Albertson 
Graham. Adele A.. Vt. 

Graham. Alma Eleanor. 2235 Circle Dr.. Raleigh 68. 

Graham. Barbara Anne. 2402 McConncll Bd.. Green.boro 
Graham, Dixie Anne. 430 N. Bridge St.. Elkln 
Graham. Nancy Fayc, 1107 Georgia Ave.. Durham 
Graham. Willie Mae. Rt. 6. Box 219. Salisbury 
Grande. Pauline Marie. 2118 61st St.. Brooklyn I. V 1. 
Grant, Sally. 203 Bethel Rd.. Racford 
Grapcr. Prlsrilla Anne. Ill We.lvicw Rd., 

I'per Montelair. N. J. 
Cravillr, Betty Victoria, Rt. 2. Pilot Mountain 
Graves. Beverly. P. O. Box 12 1. Fredericksburg. Va. 
Gray, Mary Lee. 577 Cedar St.. Pascagoula. Miss. 


1172 S. Hawthorne Rd.. 


,111. II, L. ,,.i. 

R. Charlotte i.n 

- g 

I Cre.lland 

Greene. Carmen Albcrla. Rt. 3. Mock.vllle 
Greene. Edna Rose. 502 S. Sixth St.. SmilhhV 
Creene. Octavia Joanne. Rt. 3. Shelby 
Greene. Patricia Marilyn. 633 Fairvlew Rd.. i 
Gregory. Mildred Irene. Franklin 
Gregg. Kalherinc. 1830 Second A.c. N ,. 

Si. Petersburg, Fla. 
Griffin. Jacqueline H.. 3540 S. W.ke6eld St.. X 
Griffin. Linda Cbaric. Box 221. Marsh. illc 

Griffin, Lab Elisabeth. 201 Hi la A.c. FayatuvUl. 

Grill.,.. Martha l.llrji,.. 410 I ■ I. u r . I, Bl I ...rlnl,.,r, | 
Griffin. Patricia Ann. 26.12 Lion St, Iharlollr 

Grl.g, Med. la.h. Ill St., G, r e„.l 

Grig... Joan Marie, 127 « a.hburn A.c. »,„., 

Cri Bwia Jean. Holland, v.. 

Grubh. Morah Palriela. Hoi I IIMl. »alllb»l| 

Guln. Mr., lalhrrlne. 528 Highland A.c. I.r I..,,., 

Gul.l. lellec 118 Prince., s,.. Ulimlngton 
Guoder.on. Belmar. II r. E < ommand. Arm, Chemical 

Center. Md. 
Gunnell. Peggy. Box .110. Rt. I. Ml Mr, 
Gulchow. Monica tMonnlcl. B... Ill III I V-l..„ 

Gayer, Edna, II... 15. A. Hi. I, Ilk,,, 

llag.n. Freld. Louise 712 To.n.end A.c. Ga.lonl. 
Ilagan. G.-raldlne. 711 Town.end Ave. Ga.tonla 
Hagen. Anna. 205 St. Johns Ave.. Charle.ton Height.. 9. C 
Hair. Carolya leTCC, 3l:i Per.on St.. Fayelte.llle 

II..,. I I. Voye Jacqueline. 1O02 Venus Dr.. Kannapoli. 

Hale. S.lllo I., lien. Old R.rll.n Rd.. * e.lfiel.l. V I. 

Hall. Blllle Jane. Blrh Square 

Hall. Judith. 58 Meredith St.. Springfield. Ma... 

Hall. I.e. lie. 219 Main St.. Oxford 

Hall. Margaret Well. (Peggy |. H.rrell. 

Hall. Mar. Kalhr.n. B16 g. Main St.. Sallabury 

Hall. Patricia Foye. Jone. Clrrle. I I II 1 

11.11. Syhrl. Dee. 175 Cedar S,.. Moore 

Hamcr. Patricia Dougla.. 205 Norwood St.. 1 . „..,r ",J 

Hamilton. Blllle France.. Box 72 1. Clinton 

Hamilton. Judith Harriett. 219 F. I hurrh -,.. I,,.. (l „. 

Hammond. Jane. 2017 M.lhi.on I.e.. Charlotte 
Hammond. Patricia Ann. 2501 Belvedere A.c. Charlotte 
Hamor. Janet Anne. Box 802. Plnehur.t 
Hampton. Mrs. Cynthia Ann Weld. III. ,,,..,, I 
Hand,. OH. la Lee. 206 Haughton St.. Wiltlamston 
Hancy. Baebara Jean. 127 N. Ced.r St.. Green.boro 
Hanna. Mary Jane. 517 W. Second Ave.. Gastonia 
Ilann.h. Jo,ee Evelyn. W.l.-r.illr 
Haaalager, Bctt) Jane. Box 170. Greenville 
Haralson. Rachel S.. Rt. 10. Box 122. Green.boro 88. 

Harbison. Martha Ellen. 1109 Courtland Ave. Reld..ille 
Harde.ty. Genoa Ann. Rt. 2. Box 249. Newport 
Hardin. Belt. In. lit. 1, Guilford College 
Hardin. Mary Allan. 2237 Acacia Dr.. Wilmington 
Hardin. Rebecra Ann. Rt. 1. Guilford College 
Hardy. Elizabeth. Rland. Va. 
Hardy. Ann I.oul.e. Industrial Relation. Depl.. Naval Air 

Hargrove Edith Ann. lot If. Holden Rd.. Green.boro ." 

Hargrove Mary. 101 N. Holden Rd.. Green.boro 

Hargrove Peggy Fayc. 304 Beaman Si.. Clinton 

Harlow. Joan. 612 E. Front St.. New Bern 

Harmon. Mary Carol. 401 W. 6th Ave., Gaatonla SI. R 

Harmon. Nancy Klrke. 1208 E. Beach St.. Gold.boro 

Harper. Lil, Long. Rt. 1. Rallleboro 

Harper. Nancy Lynn. 3603 Greenway PI.. Alexandria. Va 

Harrell. Florence Katherinc Seven Spring* Rd.. Goldsbo 

narrell. Jane St. Bridge.. Va. 

Harrell, Marjorie Ann. Rt. 1. Box 597. Suffolk. Va. 


Rl. 2. Che 

Harrlfl. Na 

icy Carroll. 1201 If. Church St..^ 
Cwrmlol.n. Lewi. ton ( 

Patricia Dee Box 132. 412 Dr.. 

Wa.hington Pk.. Wa.hingto 


Hall. 1703 Madison Ave. Greensboro 
Harris. Barbara Joyce 2006 A.heboro St.. Green.boro 
Harris. Berlha Ann. 603 Pilot Ave. Fa.etle.llle S 

Harris. Betty. Rt. 3. Box 1 17. Hendee.on 
Harris. Carole Taylor. 427 3rd St.. Carolina Brarh 
narri.. Da. I.. 106 W. Doyle St.. Toecoa. Ca. 
Harris. Ellen D.. 303 Noble St.. Louisburg 
Harri.. Lillian Darlene 301 Moneoe St.. Roanoke Rapids 
Harri.. Lucy Marietta. 225 Winter St.. Charlotte 
Harri.. Martha Maxine. Rl. .1. Th.rma., ill. 
Harris. Nancy Joan. 1229 Pamlico Dr.. Green.horo 
Harris. Nancy Louise Rt. 1, Carthage 
Harris. Phylll. Jean. 909 Inlt. St.. Thoma.. ille 
Harris. Sheila, 3601 Normandy Rd.. Green.boro 2 

Harris. Sue Carolyn. 3501 Friendly Rd.. Green.boro 
Harris. Virginia. Rl. 3. Box 10. Littleton 

DIAL 2-51 12 DIAL 2-5112 

Compliments of 


'.""'" .OdZ-SNZ 'A 




229 E. Sycamore St. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

W C girls ore always welcome at 

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Tate Street Shopping Center 

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• Ice Cream 

located on 
W. Market Street 



until 1 1:00 p. m. 

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Student Directory 

«ii • 

i J..... Dndlejr, IS Tall -.- Si., Bsdlu 

Patricia Anno, US Marshall Ave., will; 

Sandra Teaokle, 3117 Bake* St., Tarbor.. 

UIiim Marl.-. I0OS Monmouth I.e.. Hurl,,,,,, 

,..,... Janice H„ Hit Passaic Ave., s„ It, N. I. 

.11. Pegg] O'Naal, 70« I ..lar Lane, Thomas, ill, 
lar, Rebecca. 211 Church St., Ml Air, 

. F.rlka Anna. Boi 21. Kitlrrll 

ami. Carol liar, 236 dlftwood Rd„ Elhcmn. N. J. 


II ,..k. 

Floj Nail, 1537 w . First St., 

Carolina, Moravian I-' 

i, 'H2 w . IV Statu 

Carolyn E., Box 246, Matthews 
Margaret, Hi. 3. Green, 111,- Sound. Wilmington 
'ii. Mm, la Caroljrn, .->.'» I S.-, mil, St.. \.\\.. 

I.-, \\. loth Si.. Suli.l, 

Hook, Be Morgan, 

Hedge, -,..k. Teraldlno, Hi. I, Box 27ii.ll. Morchoad Cltj 
Hodrlek, II. .1,1,;.. I, ill Blllilde Dr., Lexington 

Hege, Carolyn Sno, 1309 Oakland Ave, Greens! ISO, 

Hog.-. ma Thomas. 1323 Madlaon Ay,-.. Greeneboro 

Balgoaon, Patricia, S2S Camp Ave., Gnlfport, Miss. 
Helms. Ellaabelh t 1.117 l'ug. St., Ellerbe 

Holms. Margaret J,-i,iii,,-II,-. 323 Bacon Av.-.. I l,.i,l..||, _>)t. 
Bolton, Bobby Joan. Bout,-. Fast Bend 
Hemingway, Martha Diana. Box 22. Ellaabethlown 
Hemphill, Patricia llu,.-. Martin Ave., Marion 
Bendoraon, inn Virginia, 1528 BUtmore Dr., Charlotte 
Henderson, II, ti, Louise, 18 Norwood Ave., Ashevllle 18, 
Bendrix, Carolyn. 213 S. I , .,,,..,,, Dr.. Greensboro 
Benrlekaen, Greta Christine, 816 Forest Wood Dr.. Durham 
Hens,,... Margaret Ann. 1015 W. Peace St., Raleigh 
Hepler, Janice Louis,-. 7IO Silver Ave., Greensboro 

llr.. W i 

Herman. Madeline. 3116 llli,r A,,... Lenuir 
Berndon, Gloria Caye, 300 Langdon St., Fa, .-tie, ill,- 

Here, Barbara Anne. 2 1 S. Lewis PI.. Rockvlllc Centre, N 
Herring. Catherine Scruggs. Ht. 2. Bo* 32A. Wilmington 
Herring. Eleanor Marie. 1506 Anderson St.. Wilson 

Bcrr Clara Bulh. Hi. 1. Fletcher Joan Frederick,,. SIT Muirs Chapel lid., Crocnsb.i 
Hester. Margaret Mcl.uurin. 105 Malbeson St.. 
Hennellsyillc. S. C. 

H. r. Rcbcec.. 309 Wnodrow A>e.. High Poinl 

Hester. Wanda. Rt. 1. Walkcrtown 
Biatt, Patricio Face. Rt. I. Box 71. Ml. Ur> 
Hick.rson. Eugenia Lee, 211)7 Wright Ave., Greensboro 
Biekerson, Sara Ann. 2107 Wright Aye.. 

Groonsboro 19. 11 

Hickman, Mr,. Patricia, 138-B Baker Village. 

Columbus. Ga. 
Hick.,. Marilyn Joyce. Rt. 3. Amsterdam. N. V. 
Hickman. Polriria. Rt. 5, Bo* 180. Charlotte 
nickok. Jane Carol, 623 C.rocnmcad Dr.. Kin.lnn 
Hicks. Betsy Jane. S W hilford Aye.. Nutley. N. J. 
High. Vlcase. Star Rt.. Ro* 62. Roanoke Rapid, 
Hill. II. Anne. 2118 Colon, Ave., Ahoskic 

Hill. Carolyn Jane. 132 Isabella A,.-.. Washington 1 

Hill. Christine, 338 Murray St.. Greensboro 11 

Hill. Dorcas Larene, Rt. 3. Lexington 
mil. S,l,ia Jean. 1115 Glendalc Aye.. Durham 
Hilton. Harriet Jean. 12 School St.. Thomasxillo 
llin.s. Christine. 501 W. \,b St.. C.old-boro 

Bines, 11, ui. Lou. 2965 w ought..., St.. Rockingham 

Hincs. Elisabeth Barnard. P. 11. Bo* S19, W right„illo Re 

Hinds. Joanna. Rt. 1. Ho* 878. Lenoir 

Hi.,,,,... Peggy Sue. 118 Kenan St.. Chapel Hill 

Hinton. Marja Susan. Rt. 3. Kenly 

lliuton. Peggy Ann. Box 228. Ml. Oli.r 

Hippie. Mary Jo. 752 Austin Lane, W inaton-Salem 

111*. I.ona Jon. Mora, Ian Falls 

llodg . F.nily Lou, 723 Moupin Are., Salisbury 

Hodges. Patricia Dora. 226 E. Water St.. Washington 

Bodgin, Harriet. Rt. 1. Red Spring, 

Hoke. ton. Rt. I, Bo* 27C. Morganton 

Hoke. Jane Elizabeth. 127 Marsh Rd.. Charlotte 

Holder. Anne. 251 Coeoanul Row. W. Pain, 11, a, h. II.,. 

Holder. Doris Emily, Andrews 

Holland. Fnyc Elisabeth, 315 Oakland Hgts.. Leaks, We 

Holland. Joyce Yvonne, 5700 Mass. Ave, Bell,.-. la. Hd. 

Holland. Margaret Marshall. 413 S. Chester St., Gaal I 

Holland. Virginia Ann. 2115 Bay St.. Charlotte 

II Jean. Illll" II, I I ,,. I ..- 6' 

islnger, V rlc Quarters E, I. g, v., ..I Slal 

long Beach, Calif. ga, 61 

Hopkins, Dorothy Jean. 625 VI. M 9| Ells Ih Cltj 

Hopkins, I, "in, Marl.-. 7 16 I recent llr.. 11.1,1.. III. 
I kin.. Martha Jo. 31115 Pc, 1,1, . Dr.. I.r.e ro 

ll..r„., II, ii. Joyce, Ho* I IS, Pi s, I, I 

Home. Martha Ann. 1 1 19 I. re. n, III, llg»,.. II. r I 

Borne, Martha Carolyn, S611 Raeford Rd., Fayotlevlllc 

Borne, Me-. Hellnda, BOO I Washington St. Roi klngl 

Ilorn.r. Pagg) Joan, Hi. 1. Isheboro 

Ho. I.,, Iran,,, Sl.eppsrd. 2103 Madison A,.-.. 

Greensboro 81 

Howell, l urri, Mli„,„. 335 V Center St.. Statosville 

Howell, Joyace Ann. 23117 Fair.i.-., Rd., Raleigh 

Howell, Rachel Marie. Rt. 1. Midland 

Howett, Florene Elizabeth. Columbiu 

II.., i. Martha Pcarce, River Rd.. Washington 

Buband, Peggy Lee, 17 11! \. „ Kent Rd., Rlc I ZS, \ 

Budgins, Barbara. Tucker St., Box 615, Enfield 

Bndnell, Ann I err. II. 'inn Perry St., Kinston 
Budson, Rachel, 22i», Spring Card.-,, St., Greensboro 

Hull. Ann,. 21133 lla,|i,.g. llr.. Charlotte II. 

Huff, Patricia Cay. 216 S. Second St.. Smithfirld 
BuSne, Anna Nee.c. 1806 Madison A,c. Greensboro 
BuSmsn, Ben,. Rt. 2. Catawba 
Huffman, Wad. Hi. I. Box ,,7. Pfafftown 
Bughes, Frances Holt. Hunk, St.. Graham 

Bughes, Ma I ai-.„,. K12I Gloria Ave, Durban, 

Hunnlcutt, Van,-, Lyttleton, 11.,* 117. Peak,- Si.. 

I , Dill. S. C. 

Hunt. Rett, Claire. 205 «. Center, Lexington i 

Hunt. Ruth Boyd. Rt. 1. Kitlr.-ll 

Huntly, Margaret, lit. 1. Bo* 110. Lenoir 

Hunter. Barbara Jean, lie, „„. 

Hunter. Mar, Ann. I 123 l.lue. n, Rd. W .. Charlotte 
Huntress, Judith City, 3 1 State St.. Suffern, N. V. 
Hurt, Norma Gail, 2219 Winter St.. Charlotte 
Hutehins, Phyllis Jean. Box 511. Sawannanoa 
llu*. Sandra Jane. 109 Jackson St.. Roanoke Rapid, 
Hyatt. Faye. 110 Church St., Greensboro 
II, an. Theresa Ann. Box 1.',. Cherokee 
II, an Virginia, lira wn 

■Ml , |1 

i.e. Box 155. Four Oaks 
308 W. 17lh St.. Lumbe 

III. 2. llu,, 


lr,i„. Mr, Norma. Rt. 3. Henderson, ilk- 
Is!,,, . Coanne. 601 N. Main St.. Graham 
l.le, . Unroll,, Louise. Bo* 126. Boiling Springs 
I,,-,. Janice Olivia, \. Main St.. Rowland 
Jackina, >ara Elisabeth, Hi. I. linnl, V,,-.. states, ill.- 
Jackson, Mice Jeanne. 611 Market St.. Hertford 
Jackson, Barbara Dab. Hi. I. Ishevllle 

lack...... I, Ann, HlK Wilson St.. Tbomssville 

Jackson. Dorothy Anne. 2001 E. Fourth St.. Greenville 
lack,..,,. Mar, la,.. Hi. I. R„* 367. Mount Airy I 

Jackson. Nancy Lee. 6111 W. Main St.. Washington 
Jacobs, Hrauna Ruth. 1806 Friendly Rd.. Greensboro 
Jacobs. Clad,- Ma.. 1127 Mrlr St.. W in.lon.Salem 

Jacobs, Harriet VI . ill, 308 11,., St.. Gadsden, Ala. 
Jacoby. Claire. 1 1 1 w\ Wcndover Ave., Greensboro 
Jamerson, Ann Lou. 910 Rooscelt Aye.. Chapel Hill 
Jumer-on. Jo I.en. 10 Marginal. Coolcemee 
James. Betsy J„,cc. Rt. 2. Wallace 

Jarrnan, Prat Elaine, Will.rd 

Jarrell, Jani,- Patricia, I1H F. Park \,... I barlotte i 
Jarrett. Frances Maxine. 622 Green St.. 

King.lrcc. S. C. ,,. 5 

Jeffries, Mr-. I„e,. 122 F. Nmilb St.. C.ree 

Jenkins, Mary Douglas, II..* 130, Woodlawn 
Jenkins, Ornish Jeanne, 603 F. llo,i, St.. 

.p. *,,„.. III. 2. II... 277 M, ,,,. 
ip. Julia A.. III. 2. Box 277. Ml Ii,. 

, ,,,., ,1.1.., XOsI M...... -, II ..,,11. 

■r. Marlha. 22112 V. . Mu.k.i -I . I.e. . ,..!.. .... 

■I'- Batty Boyd IIS ■ .,,.,, -, . i..,i,i.i„. 

nnossen, Dagmar, languatan 77. Krl.ilan.ono 

is ii.ii. Evelyn, lir.-er M Pan ' ...i. 

i.on. Barbara J, 102 Valdr.r A.r.. MsigXUlSI 

>■„„. Carolyn Dale 11... 7. II...I..,,, 

II.., „il,, Jan.. Ill I llan.llcman 

i.oo. Viola, 1601 Pro.ldenr, Hd.. lb, 

,,.. i lain ' „M-i. ii ii ...i \.. .. ii,,, 

■ on. Fllzahrlb. Ma, „ 

i.„n. Greta George, 218 Gnthrla -t.. i.rah.m 

i - Mar, 11.11 1.16 1 lib *l . Wrldon 

-...,. Mar, Kathryn, IWH Catewbs s,.. Fa.ctt. 

*..„.. I ... II.., 77. Sp.ri.nbu, 
lira Jane. 5 Ball.. „| I ,,,|.,„ 
II.,,. I. Je.n.H. II II. ., I 

Willie Mac. Rt. 2. Clayton 

Wilms Graye, ll„, ''7 -,,,1,, 
Palriria Anna. 7 1 1 II..I.I..I, 



l„n. Sara J . Pilt.boro 
Hi..,,,,. 111,,, BOX 156, Lake Junalu.ka 

Elisabeth Puller, 115 Ian lvr_ *„ „-. |... a- , 

I..,,.. I, a. 1II2H k.-ntucky t , c. Charlotte 
Mary France.. Box 63. Bolton 
Nancy *■»'■- 1231 H. H„a.l *t Fliiabnh lit, 
Nan.. I'ri-.illa. Ill S Bel 121 L, Faycltolllc 
Norms Elisabeth, 111. 3. Box ISO, Norfolk. \ .. 
Patricia Ann. 257 N. Ir*.in A»c. Sparlanbora. S. 
Phyllis Arlrne. 907 Long* lew St.. Greensboro 

Shirley, 1126 w Band Dr.. Durham 

Wilms Jean. Bt. 2. W In.lon.Salem 

n. Belt, lee. 719 W er IIL-I Elisabeth III, 

,,. Emllj Catherine. 'I I •! g. -,i|,. »,.. R.|,|.,i||. 
„. Franc. M.. 199 EdgCX, 1 Hd.. A, he. Ill, 

a. Lucille Ellen. Elisabethtewu 1 

n. Marjorle Faye. 1203 David St.. Fs, .lie. ill, 

a. Msrths Sue. 1116 Garland Dr.. Grnsnabsia 9, 

r. Linda. 1.113 Be.l St.. Borky Mounl 
. Bell, I. .,,. Hi. 6. Box 521. I.rcensboro 

— K— 

k.,11,,,. Sandra Louise. 2510 Guilford \.... W ilmii 

Kalmsn. Yvonne, 30 Broad Si.. N. •„ , „rk. N. V. 

Kanoy. Emms Rue. Rt. I. Th„m...illr 

Kannon. Alma Lee. Wendell 

Kantcr. Fttalca Esther. 1026 t^hc.apeake Ase.. 

Hampton. Va. 
kaplan. libb,. 3701 Cl.rks l.snc. Baltimore 15. M 
hurra-. Helen. 811 Central AveUUC, I harl..ll. 
k SUI i.arr.ll. 133 Oakland Hgt-.. I.cak..illc 

Kats. Merle Frances, 111 n«, A.c. (16). 

Buffalo. N. Y. 

KearnS, N |, Farmer 

Kednorkcr. Sandra Kay. Box 66. Durham Rd.. Chi 

keen, r. II. 1 1 , *1arie. Rt. 1. Price 

K.ct.r. Barbara Ann. 237 Eighth IvO., I ramcrtnn 

Keith. Barbara Ann. Rt. 2. Wake Forest 

Kelli. Mr-. Belt, Loo, Candor 

II. id., 

Kelly. Barbara I. an. Ill Rainr. Dr.. 1 1 . „.l . r . , . ,, 

Kelly, Frclds B. lb, F. Main St. Fxt.. Chcrrxyill, 

Kelly, Gretchen, 2 I I8.R M„r„.g„ Wa,. N.E.. Atlanta. 
Kelly. Patricia Ann. 102 Pine Lane. Chapel Hill 
Kelly. Nan. E. Rockingham !!.!.. Rockingham 
Kelly, Ruth Inn, 504 Ha. kin. lee., Sanford 
Kendall, Margaret Susan. 3 Englewood Rd.. Baltimore 

Kenerly, Inn Ritchie. 218 Maupin A.c. Sali.bury 
Kcncrl,. Margie. Trogdon St.. N. Wiik.-b.,rn 
Kennedy. Cecelia Theresa. Rt. 1. Box 113. Excrgrrrn 
Kenned,. Martha. t«2 Plnrtree Dr.. N.E.. Atlanta. Ga 
Kenned,. Virginia C. 506 Billmore A.c. A-hr.illr 

Kenned,. Mar, Ann. 29(, S, a ill, I,... Moorcillc 

Kennerly, Barbara. 115 N II„l,len Rd.. Greensboro 
Kennerly. Patricia Anne. 61 Lenmorc Dr.. Concord 
Kennerly, Patricia Earl. Rt. 1. Mt. Ilia 
Kent. Annie Hcllen. 27 Crcl.ic. St.. C.ranile Fall- 
Keplo. C.encld. Due. Rt. 6. Box 228. Salisbury 
Ke,. Mar, Mon, 1 20 Cberr. St.. Ml. Air* 

1003 Spring Garden St. Greensboro, N. C. 

Across from Aycock Auditorium 

For your sandwiches, drinks 
— also cosmetic ond prescription needs 



Convenient ond Comfortable 

Coffee Shop and Dining Room Air-Conditioned 

300 ROOMS — 300 BATHS 


Williams, Manager 

Powell's Shoe Store 

I. Miller 





I 5 South Elm Street 

Kearns Paint Company 

Devoe Points 
Artist Moterials 
Sporting Goods 
Gymnasium Costumes 

styled for the modern physicc 
education program 

12 N. Greene St. Ph 

Bring refreshment into play 
have a Coke 


High Point Road, Greensboro, N. C. 

Student Directory 



„l. , 

Kllll,,,,. Mac, I. ilk.. 

Kimball, Ble r leu, lit. 3, China < 

Klmbro Sylvia, 1511 Garland Dr., G 

Kinocd. Marlha J 12 li.glr.idc l>r. 

Klneald, Rachel Ice,,.-. 
ki..k. Barbara Joan, 

King, Barl I 1400 Providence Rd„ Charlotte 

Klnc, Ell. .both. »M club Blvd., Durban 

•Una;, Janalle Frankla, mi Palteraon PI., Chapal lllll 

King, loan Daw, 1423 V Independi .. 111,, I.. Charlolla 

King, Patrlala Ann. 823 V Mapla Street, Graham 
Klnaland, < ac.l Ruth, Hi. I. Whlltler 
Kirby, Ann Bradahaw, 172 s. Proapeel St., Lenoir 
Klrkland, Mor, II.. 7 1 I Ju,,.- Ilr.. Falrhorn, Ohio 711 

Kirk,,,.,.. Mar, Catherine, 438 S. Mendenhall St., 

Klrhpalrlek, Doroth] Anne, 72« w. Boulevard, Charlotte 

Klaar, Joanne, 143 Host St., Stateavllla 34 

Kiser. \.n,, I.-., 143 H.,.t Si.. StateavUle 

Klatler, Phyllis Gertrude, 128 B. Naomi St., Randleman 

Kltehen, lilt. Jcon. 928 Baal St., Wavneavllle 

Klelnert, • a ... ■ . ... ... Rt. I. Box 1030, 1...1.1-1...... 

Klett, Mariana Carole, I38S Webeter Dr., Apt. 3. 

Decatur, Go. 

Kline, Sara Fayc, 708 Pollock St., New Bern 

Klopf.r, Katharine Ottullr, 4725 River Rd., Betbeada, Hd 

Klultz. Mary Louise, 316 Greene St., Albemarle 116 

Knight. Carol.- Jan.-. 221 Hill. 1.1. Ave., Charlotte 
Knight. Hub, Ann. Stonrvlllc 
Knolt, Shirley Gooeh, 202 College St., II. ...I. , ..... .90, 

Knott.. Belt, Jo 

K....M . II., Josephine, 313 Murtho Washington Ilr., 

Knowle., Judith Alice, 601 Second St.. N.E., Hickory 
Kolk. Ann Jackson, 158 South « illard St.. Burlington Vt. 
Kolk. Mary Louise. 158 S. 9 .11... .1 St., Burlington. Vt. 
Kominers. Elizabeth Ann, 1085 King St.. Charleston. S. C. 
Krainy, Esther Miriam. 2SO Randolph St.. Danville, 

Va. 27, 116 

Kridcr, France. Morion, 703 W. Henderson St., Salisbury 
Krleger, Marsha. 804 Guilford Ave., Greensboro 
Kynlakldrs. Hlo,. 19 S. Colin Dr., Portsmouth, Va. 

I ... I...1 Margaret Susanna, Rutherford College 
Lackey, Sylvia Carle, Rt. 2. Thomas, ille 
I ,,M .... Barbara Hoyden, 365 Overlook Ave., Leaks 
Lamb, Peggy Jean, 3886 Greenpoinl Dr., 

I.ambcrth, Georgia Anne. 215 E. Elm St., Graham 

Lambert. Joy Hunter, 3120 I I Fid.. 

Raleigh 22 

Lambeth. Stella. Reynoldo Hd.. V. inston-Solem 
Lamm, Leila Jean. 403 Broad St., Wilson 
Lament, Patsy. 112 Donaldson Ave.. Kaeford 
Lancaster, Saro Elizabeth. Box 427, Windsor 
Lance, Mary June, Royal Pines, Arden 
Londers, Bettie Hitch, 1597 llillcrest Dr.. Winter Por 

Lone, Elizabeth. Romseur 

Lane. Lillian, Hi. 3. Tabor City 

Lane. Mary Armstrong, SIO Young St., Henderson 

I ..I. 


.1 I 



Tate St., Greensboro 

Lonnlng. Lucindo Adelaide. 104 Latham Lane. 

Plymouth 1]hi 

Lanning. Sue Carolyn, Rt. 1, Llnwood 

Larson, Mary Featon, 308 S. Mulberry St., Cherryvllle 
Losslter. Martha Caroline. Box 272. Rich Square 
Lassltcr. Mary Joanne, 244 S. Main St., Marion 116. 

Loughrldge. Martha Jone, 913 N. Main St.. Rulheefocdlo.i 
La.indrr. Ellen, Rt. 3, Henderson 

Lavine. Carol. 229 W. 78lh St., New lork. M. V. 70. 

Lav., Riuda Dure, 35 Morgan St., Spray 
Lowler, Virginlo Katharine. 3364 Scnasac Ave., 

Long Beach. Col. 
Laurence. Mary Frances, Rt. 1, Box 391, Mount Airy 90. 
Lawrence, Sharon Mlllicent, 3023 Somerset Dr.. Chorion, 
I.owrence. Doroth,. Eure 
I.azarr, Valentine Roniona. 308 E. Lake Dr., 


Leoch, Anne Everette. 107 E. Prospect Ave.. Rael 
Leach. Gladys Arden. c o Mrs. Bertha Leach. 

240 Second St., S.E. Hickory 
Leary, Iria Jennette. Camden 

Leary. Patricia Jean, Rt. 4. Box 648, Greensboro 
Leatherman, Doris Raye. Rt. 8. Box 413, Lexiogl 
Lebowitx. Maxinr Barbara. 127 Morse St.. Whilmirr 

Lee, Berreld, 127 Edwin PL. A. I,., ill. 21, IS, 

Lee. Kay Virginia. Rt. 5. Dunn 

Lee. Margaret Eliaabelh. 21118 If. Duke St.. Do 

Lee. Martha l.orena. Box 327. Mars lllll 

1 .... Sarah Anne, Box 262. Rlehluda 

I.egelte, Martha, 17(>6 Bueno lid.. 

Doris Balelle, 

I lone, Mahollo Mac. Rt. 2. Box .191. Sloke.dale 

I.ennon, Sybil. I.lndell Farm., Evergreen ] 

Lent., Martha Patricia, 506 S. Crawford St.. Monroe 
Lent.. Meredith Black. 1706 Nottingham ltd., Raleigh .-,... 
Lenta, Patricia Alice. Rt. 2, Nebo 

Leonard, Emma Pat. lit. 4. Box 16, Lexington 53, 

Leonard, Martha Josephine. 504 Northrldge St.. Greensboro 
Leonard, Nancy Rose. Box 477, Rt. 4, Lexington 
I lard. Soruh Jeonelle. 30 Folrview Dr., Lexington 

Leeeane, M»r, Bath, :i l Plnekne] St.. Greenville, s. i . 

Leslie, Georgina, 86 School St., Springfield, Miu. 

Lett, Lola Anne, Box 163. Blowing Rock 

Levi. Judith Lyons. 329 Morrison Ave.. Raleigh 

Lewis. Ellen Mcintosh, Rt. 1, Box 209. Dorovllle, Co. 20. 1 

Lewis, Mary Margaret, 813 Marie Dr.. Falls Church. Va. 

Lineberger. France. Marilyn. 10 W. Klut. St.. Maiden 

Lingle, Laura Little. New York City, N. Y. 

Lineberger, Martha, Rt. 3, Castonia 

l.inville. Frances. Box 57, Oak Ridge 

Llthgo. Carolyn Lenlz, S26 Tote St.. Greensboro 

Little. Janice Cloudlne, 222 Konnopolis Hgwy. Concord 71. 

Little. Rosa Jean, Box 237. Oakboro 71, ] 

Littlejohn. Elizabeth Jean, 2055 Grcenway. Charlotte 

Livengood, Sylvia Ann. Rt. 4. Thomasville 

Livingston. Saro Ann, 33 Wc.tehe.tcr Dr.. A.hevllle 

Lloyd. Polly Cray, 141 O'Neal St.. Burlington 

Lofti., Wilma Lee, Rt. 6, Box 62, Mt. Airy 

Lone. Jacqueline Virginia. 3 Brookside. Clayton 24. Mo. 

Long. Anito Ruth, Box 857. Bntherford Rd., Marlon 

Long, Fronces Helen, 724 N. Main Ave., Newton 

Long. Jockie, Rt. 4, Rocky Mount 

Long. Janet Lee, 1713 N. Main St., Danville, Va. 29. 

Long, Joyce M., Rt. 4. Rocky Mount 33, 117, ) 

Long, Mary Ruth, 100O E. Sprague. Winston-Salem . 

Long. Mary Wilson. 407 Student St.. Greenville 53. 

Longest, Mary Hogh, 329 N. Main St.. Graham 

Loops. Janet Dekle, 1500 Madison Ave.. Greensboro 

I.ounsberry, Kotherine Eloine. 3402 Bradley PL, Raleigh 

Love. Sandco Jean. 937 Fairmont Ave.. Sollsbur, 

Lovelace, Anna Lacy. 115 N. Cone St.. Wilson 

I. ...II. Clorojo, 357 S. Park St.. Asheboro 25, 

Lovingood. Anna Kate. 307 Stepp Ave.. Hendersonvillc 

Loving.. Jean Marie. 908 Fou.hee St.. Greensboro 

Lowder. Barbara B., Box 403. Albemarle 

Lowder. Nancy, 714 S. Church St., Salisbury 

Lowe, Evelyn, Box 242, Liberty 

Lower, Mar) Elizabeth. 38 C Tenth Ave.. Charleston. S. C. 

I ... .r- Mary Ann, 507 North Endor. Sonford 

Lundy, Lou Anne, Rt. 5. States, ill,- 

Lupton. Sharon, 111 W. Cole. Edenton 52. 

Luther, Elizabeth. 634 Irving St.. Winaton-Salrm 

Lyday. Sarah Ellen. 63 Washington Ave. Asheville 

Lyerly. Marilyn Dellene. 102 Coscode St.. Moorrsv ille 

Lylr. Laura Bowers. Horrlaon Ave.. Franklin 

— M — 

MacAlcer, Elizabeth Morolcc. 2145 Malvern Rd., Charlotte 138 
M.Arthur. M. Anne, 3612 Hope Valley Rd.. 

Durham 19, 118. 180 
McArvcr. Rachel Lavlnla. 1220 Mountain Ave.. 

Llnwood Park. Box 1222. Ga.tonia 51 
MeBrayrr. Martha Ann. 1930 Virginia Rd.. 

McCodoms. Carole I harm .,,,.. . Rt. 5. Box 94. Greensboro 91 

MeCall. Doris Jane. 3 Kenilxood PL. Asheville 138 

MeCall. Sybil Wayne. 3601 Oak.ood Ave. Charlotte 52 

V|.(».kill. Julia Ann. Pinehur.t 71 
Met aule,. Jean Wilson. 1239 Lebanon St., Bluefield. W. Va. 51 
McCauley, Patricia. 1239 Lebanon St.. 

Bub-field. W. Va. 51. 56. 91 

McClung. Pat.y Joan. Robbinsville 71 

Mel lung. Rlt. Jane Robbinsville 118 

M.I Martha Ann. 113 Woodrov. St.. Fa, ettevllle 55 

MeCommons. Sylvia Elaine. Carolina Dr.. KannapolU 52 

M.i. ...... il. Dereth) Nell, TIB 11...., Bl, H.l.l,h 

M.I.,,. K. lb. clue All... 21111 Chorion. Dr. Ih.rloll. 
Meter,, M.rg.rrl Mo.ll..nold. 17 «lllla,n. I I,. I.. 

MeCrexr, Doris June. 1712 IIILurlh ltd 1 ... I h.rloll. 

Mel.ullo.h. Mortho Beth, Holly l.r„... Ill 2. !....,«,..,. 

MeD.nlcl, Hots, A.. 61111 Hush Hd., layette. Ille 2b. 

Maedonald, Miriam, 40 Dyer Ave., Melrose, Mo... 

McDonald. Anita l.oul.e, 259 l.len.ood Ave., 
E. Oron,.. V J. 

McDonald. Barbara I.e.. Rt. 2, Box 99A. II... k ,,.« 53. 

McDonald. Julia. 1808 » oshington St., I,.., I..,.. 

M. II..,, .1,1 Kathleen Hoe. Box 458, II... loll.|. 

McDonald. Ph. b. Pettlnglll. Carthage 

Dan ell, I,,., 77B Polmettu St., -p.rl.nbura. S. C 
Hull.. June Howard, 506 W. V 1. 1 St.. SI. Paul. 

HcEntlre, Sue Worllek, 2513 Berkle, HI.. I.reen.boro 

McEvoy, l.indo. 531 He. ere Hd.. Dre.,1 lllll. Ho. 

MeCea, Betty, 305 W. Second St., Lexington 

McCee. Jane Hyatt. 620 Church St.. Aho.kle 55. 

M.I. ill, Joanne Bule, 1715 Sapona Hd.. 1 ., .11.. III. 

McCranahan, Carolyn M.y, 1115 Ninth St., Durbar. 

Mel.ulre, Bobbie Jean, 232 Cwyo Ave.. 111.,, 

McGulre, Patricia Ellen, 123 Orehord St.. Boone 118, 

Mellwean, Ha Grey, 2111 Center Ave.. >.. Bern 

Melnto.h, Aon Lyon, Box 498, i ,. . .1,.,..... 26. 91, 

Mrlnlucff, Jo Mary, Box 181, Swannaooa 

Mclnlyre, Lucy, Red O.k 

McKay, Marian, 2821 Acodio Ave.. I l,..l..ii. 118. 

McKcown. Barbaro, 19 II I A 

. h 

Lee, Box 

cCocmlck St., Greensboro 

McKlnney, Virginia Su 
McLarab, Beth, Clear Run, Garland 
McLaughlin, Catherine, Box 308. Denton 
McLean, Pot»y Ann, Rice St. Eat.. Hamlet 
McLean, Mrs. Gertrude. Hi. 3, Box 315A, I.reen.boro 
McLcll.n. Fay, Rt. 1, Homer, S. C. 19 

M. 1 •„,..,. Nancy, 320 Charles at., II. ...I. , ...„ 
McLeod, Christie Nelll, 2224 Crc.lon Rd.. Raleigh 
McLeod. MelU.a Jane, 1202 It. Walnut St.. Lumberton 
Mc.Mohan, Sally t.othron. 617 N. College St.. I h.rloll. 
,1. M.I,..,,, Emm. Jacqueline, Rt. 1. Swannaooa 
, Gayle Renee vv .1.1. „ 609 Kenll.orth. 

Or. Rcnna Klin. tub. 701 Summit St., « In, to 
HI, Grace Christine, Box 85. Wllke.boro 
MrPhrr.on, Patricia Anne, 2000 Ilr,. . St.. Green 
McRae. I ill,.., Eotelle. Old Maxlon Rd.. Laurint 
MeRocle, Joyce, Tryon Hd., Ruthrrfordlon 
McRoy, Jean Elsie, Chocowlnity 
Mcvihorter, Nancy Ann. Box 352. Beula.llle 
Mabe, Peggy. Stokeadale 
Mackcy, Sue Caldwell, Rt. 2, York. Pa. 
Mockie. Mar, France.. lOS S. Main St.. Granite F 
, Pat.y. I.aella, Co. 

i, Mrs. ft,. Hi. l.onne Cook. Hi. 1. Aberd, 
Patricia Ann. Fennec St.. Scotland Neck 
,. I.ue, Ju,ce, Rt. 4, Lane, tec. S. I 
Maklncn. Hilkka. I. 1 . 20. Onkiniemenkalu. 

Tampere, Finland 
Makeover, Sally. Box 560, Rt. 5. I.reen.boro 
Mallard, Marilyn. 2634 Ave.. Charlotte 

Jacqueline. 904 Monroe St.. Roanoke 
Margie, mini Pecan Ave.. I b.clolle 
Jo Ann. Box 105. Barnard., ille 
l. Mrs. Keb.-ee. Currin. Rt. 1. Oxford 

lele, 1812 Prince,. M.. V. ,1..,. 
Matilda. 2608 Clark Ave.. Raleigh 
r, E Main St.. Raeford 


lOU Villi. 

.- lor! 

Manor. 1,1. nd. Jo,. Box 119. Wine 
Manna, Dcboro. 1246 Shakespeare 

N. Y. 
Maready, Gloria Anne. Chinquapin 
Marlette, Jane Davis, 607 « illowbac Tecrace. High 
Marsh Kotherine Carter. 110 Brentley Circle. 

High Point 
Marshall. Ann Col. en, 2227 Buen. Vi.t. Rd.. 

Marshall. Sandra Sue. Colf.x 

M.rsh.ll. Virginio. .11 E. Bo,,hore Blvd.. Jack.on.lll 
Martin. Belly Ruth. 1804 Obcclin Rd.. R.lcigh 
Martin. Eleanor Hohon. 1219 Walauga St.. King.po 

Martin. Elizabeth. 306 II, du ,1 Ave.. I harlot I. 

Martin. Elizabeth E.. Box 244. Guilford 
Martin. Ida. Rondo 





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Krispy Kreme 

,y^^ K lately? 

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402 South Greene Street 
Greensboro, N. C. 

SrauUaiionDdy... ndcS^'Day 

is always 

PET *£ 


Pet Ice Cream is rich, creamy 
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7aZ&~fi£e-fsz£46 tf&atK a#7£i?S&e Cfeate 

Student Directory 

, Elo 


Martin. Margaret. 3116 Hidae*,,.,,! Ave. Charlotte 

Hulta, Mar) Ml... Id. >.. I .,l r.... II. I. »l .3 

Man!,,. «,„ I 159 BU« Si.. Elklu 

Martin, Patricia A Rowland 

Mar,,.. Mar, r.lhrr. 8503 Frirtidl, 11,1. . Cc h„r„ 

Maaon, Mr*. Mariana, hoi Meraltaad A,... Graanaboro 
Ma.on, Nanc, Fa, »•. loon A„>, St., Beaufort 
Ma.,,-,. Alethea I Renting, ll„x am. Waxhav, 

Maaaey, Ella Marl,.. It i. :i. Burling 

M....I... Snlrlej ill.,,,. Id. 2. lam,,,, 
Maatar, Bait) Lanlaa, III. 1. Baavardant 11,1.. lahevllla 
Maateraon, Sara K.„. 300 Circle Ave, Charlotta 
Mail,,.,,,.. Carol Ann, First Are, Dr.. Tayloravllle 

Mai Shirley, illlK Spring St., Bamlat 

Matthewa, Hull,. 351 Lakeahore Dr., AahevlUe 

Matthew.. Sylvia Leo, 2S2S « .!.» 11,1.. Klnaton 

Maltoz, Elisabeth Douglas. 108 Galea St., Forest Hllla, 

Manlden, Cllbenlne, 20H William. St., Kannapolls 
Maullaby, Phyllis, III. 2. Mcbanr 
May. Catharine II.. 1314 St. Julian St., Charlotte 

May. loanne Elisabeth. S02 W. Lenoir, Ki „ 

May. Mary Elisabeth. Hi. 1. Dndlq 

Maybeecy. Hol,l,i,. Decec. M.„l,.,,a Ext.. (...-. 

M ..I..I.I llnrl.ara Ann, 106 S. Main St., Lenoir 

Ma, how. Mar, Jan.. 1869 Queens 11,1. V*.. Charlotte 

Maynard, Helen. 2211 Chamberlain St., Raleigh 23, 

Mayne. Pan, Lou, Bo* 182. Washington 

Mayo. Marilyn Cray. 701 Johnson Si.. Tarboro 

Mrador, Jennie Margaret, 2200 Winter St., Charlotte 5 

Hears, Gloria Dawn, 1712 Plneereat St.. Burlington 

Mebane, Julie. 31-11 85th St.. Jackson Heights, N. Y. 

Mebane, Peggy Wolfe. 403 W. Kemp H.I . Hamilton La 

Mecca, Christina, 2505 Caaeadllla St.. Durham 

Memakls, Thelma, 1208 Arendell St.. Morehead City 
Memory, Marjorle Anne, 134 N. Main St., Ramllcman 
Mercer. Belly Jo. 1707 Anderson St.. Wilson 
Mannar, Mar, Nail, 828 Knollwood. Winston-Salem 
Merrick, Mrs. Rosemary Wbltmire, 99 School Rd., 

Merrill. Marianne Elisabeth. 214 W. 7th Ave, ........... 

Metier.. Virginia Julienc. 303 Buffalo St.. Statesvtllc 
Michael. Mary L„ 115 Ilamcr St., Wa, nes. ille 

Michael. Maltie Elisabeth. Bustle 

Miller. Anne Russell, 430 Roslyn Rd., Winston-Salem 
Miller. Mr-. Elisabeth Tugglc. Box 64. Morganton 
Miller. Gladys Evelyn, Ht. 2. Hillsboro 
Miller. Leah, 706 Nottingham Dr.. Greensboro 
Miller. Mrs. Marjorle Ann Watson. 1407 Florida St.. 

Miller, Mildred, 118 S. Park Ive 
Mill.. Evelyn Rebecca, Rt. 1, Polk 
Mills. Jane. 1402 Morris Crescent, 
Mills, Norma Fayc, 404 Rotary Av 
Milton. Emily, 518 N. Second St.. 

- I Fla. 


Mlnaia. Branelle Virginia. 511 Pearl St., FayettevlUe 5 

Hlnogne, Carolyn. 2325 Commonwealth Ave. Charlotte 

Minor. Millie Jane. York Rd., Rt. 3, Charlotte 

Minton, Clara Jean. Pine St., Wilkcsboco 

Mlscnhcinicc, Anne E., 62 Edgewood Ave. Concocd 11 

Mitchell. Betty Ann. 506 Mocan Ave, Mullens, W. Va. 

Mitchell. Bill, Ann, Box 139, Denton 

Mitchell. Nancy Can. 633 McDonald Ave. Charlotte 21 

Mitchell. Sonya, 3609 II. lie, u.. Raleigh 

Modlin. Essie I.ynette 115 Darby Circle. Plymouth 

Mori, Natalie Evelyn. 1712 Vista St.. Durham 

Mondy, Marilyn Lee 2217 Grccnway Ave. Charlotte 4 

Money. Cornelia Vaughn. 104 West 3rd Ave. Lexington 

Montgomery, Jean. 310 Hibben St.. Mt. Pleasant, S. C. 

Mooncy. Betty Jane 1704 Elwood Ave., Greensboro 

Moore Allic Marie, 909 W. Second Ave. Gastonia 

Moore. Barbara Ann. Rt. 4. Lenoir I 

Mooce. Barbara Jane 708 S. Second St., Smithfield 
Moore Doris. 101 Scldcn St.. Elisabeth City 
Moore. I ...... 1 1,, Duncan, 110 North St.. Chapel Hill 

Moore. Elisabeth Chace, 1709 Springdalc Ave. Charlotte 
Mooce Elisabeth G., 30 Crcstvicw St.. Granite Falls 
Moore, Katharine Falle Lasy K„ Whortons, ill.- 
Moore. Margaret Bland. Rt. 1. Pittsboro 
Moore. Martha. 2008 Asheboro. Greenaboro 
Moore Nancy Motley, 200 Roanoke Ave.. Littleton 
Moore. Pals; Bottle. Box 125. Hickory Rd„ Whitakers 
Moore, Peg*. Jean. Church St. Ext.. Greensboro 

Moor. . I Mar,. Illl 

Moore, Sara Kllrahetl,. 

Moore. Sara I.ou. 116 E. Nance Si.. « Mir, III. 119 

Moran. Shirla] l.i... III. I. Ml. II I, Wharton. V J. ., I 

Morehead, Linda Jane, 207 N. Morgan St., SI,. II., .-,.! 

Mord I. Louisa, 60S V III Isrorlh s,.. Ralalgb 83, 119 

Morgan, Ann, Duster, 1137 Belvt re Ire., Gastonia 183 

Morgan. Martha Anne. 123 W. •>•■ I St., Stale., Ill, 911 

Moring, Mar, Jan.. 3111 V, II, no (1. I.r ,.|,„ro 119 

Morrl.. ha, J. an. II,. 227 «. Elo, St.. I.raham 5 1 

Morris, Mar, Eugenia, Box 295. S,l,a 

Morrl.. Pamela Ann. 1 Illl S. Fulton St.. Sall.bury 32 

Morrow, Jane s.. 936 N. Kensington St.. Arlington, v, . Va. 

Morrison, Ellaabetb I... 7200 Exeter Rd., Belbeada 14, M.l. ll'i 

Morrl Nana] Alpha. 5111 California Ave, Stuart. Fla. SO 

Morton. Ellaabetb Luella, 2118 Vernon Dr.. Char 119, 196 

Moaar, Dorothea Joan. Ht. 1. Swannanoa 9(1, Jacqueline Ann, 7111 Roslyn Rd., Winston-Salem 9o 

M.... ,. Mariana « ales, ..nil E. Graham St., Shelby 55 

Mo.s, Mrs. Barbara. Sutton Apt... Graenahore 911 
Motley, Hell, English, 828 Halifax ltd.. Danville. Va. 55, 37 

Motalnger, Mrs. Battle S.. Ila,.,,.i.,„, III, iiv. 

Mol.inger, Sandra. Rt. 3, Ta, lors, Ille 119 
Moslngo. Etta Frances, Ha, clock 

Mull. Ellen Edith. Rt. 4. Box 327. Morganton 53 

Mullen, Cells Mae. 2428 E. Gear St., Durham 72. 196 

Mullinlx. Barbara Benson, 111. 3. Mount Airy. M.l. 51 

Mumford. Patty Ann. 2112 W. Crrcnway. So., Graanaboro 72 

Murphy. Sylvo Jean. 207 Runner St.. Greensboro 138 

Muccoy. Rebecca, 320 Wcslwood Ave. Charlotte 72 
Myers. Kotherlne Yvonne, 9754 Gelger Rd.. Jacksonville, 

I la 


Myers. Lynda Gray. 21 Second Ave. Thomosvillc 
Myers. Margaret Elaine 330 Harris St., Leaksvlllr 
Myrlek. Joyce Elisabeth. Rt. 1. Ellcrbr 
Myrlck, Mar; Jo. 37 Arlington St., AahevUle 

Nance. Carole 2510 Monroe St.. Wilmington 
Nance, Beverly Jean, 500 E. Wright St.. Winston..* 
Nral, Emma Sue, Box 884. Greenaboro Rd.. Reid.< 
Neece Barbara. 603 Weatover Blvd.. Elisabeth Cll 
Neel, Patcicia Rose 1212 Rhcm St., Kinston 
Nccl. Rebecca Anne, 407 Fountain PL, Bnrllngto 
Nccrman. Marilyn. 2333 Hiawatha Dr., Greensbor 
Necse Kenan. 511 Wesley PL. Gccensboro 
Nelll. Caroline. 1418 Kcnilworth Ave. Charlotte 
Nelson. Mrs. Janice Wooaley, 156 Oakhurst St.. 


Nelson. Sherry Hellene Box 424, Lenoir 
Ncwhould, Ann Lawton. 709 Rudolph St.. Goldaboro 
Ncwlln. Anne Mooce, Box 28. Haw River 
Newman, Carole 725 14th PL. Miami Beach. Fla. 
N. ........ Cacolyn, Rt. 2. Box 287. Ahoskie 

Newton. Delia Carolyn. Faison 

Newton. Elizabeth. Highlands 

Newton. Rose Macie 762 Brookridgc Dr.. N.E.. Atlanta. 

Nichols. Carol Townsrnd. 1626 University Dr.. Durham 

Nichols, Rachel Jean, Rt. 2. Mebane 

Nicholson. Mary Katharine, 203 N. College St.. Moncoc 

Nixon. Mary Frances. Rt. I. Ml. iir, 

Noble Glenda. Deep Run 

Noble, Ina Janice. Deep Hun 

Noble. Nancy Ethel. Box 68. Faicv lew 

Nobles. Esta Mae Bt. 1, Chadhooro 

Noggle Linda Ann. 1039 S. Lafayette St.. Shelbj 

Nolce Macy Louise. 3111 Cambridge Rd„ Charlotte 

Nold. Margaret Suzanne. 180 S. Country Rd.. Rcllport. 

L. I„ N. Y. 
Nooc, Frances Bonnet, 414 Highland Dr., Leaks, Ille 
Norman. Mar, Glyn, Robersonvllle 

Norpoth, Marv Evelyn. 151 Oneida St.. Denver. Colorad. 
Norris. Carol, n Elisabeth. 76 Addison Dr.. Short Hills. 


H.,,,,1, I 

Oakley, Mrs. Mar, Anne. 929 clenwood Ave, Greenaboro 
Oakley, Peggy Jan. Rt. 2. Box 51. Hillsboro 
Obropta. II.,. Helen. 21 Bucnelt St.. Vv.,,.1. \. J. 
O'Connell. Carolyn Joy, 410 W. Main St.. Sanford 
OXonncll. Naomi Nell. Rt. 7. Jones, Ille Highl.. Sanford 
O'Connell. Sylvia June. 410 W. Main St.. Sanford 
O'Connor. Sherleen Sylvia, 111 Summit Ave, Greensboro 

Ogburn. Patricia Merle. 212 S. Mrndetihall. Green-horn 
tlgle-l.,. John,,.,. 23 1 King.port. Tcnn. 

<>K. ll. . Bait] I. ll-. 

Old.. Jane V. ,,,!,.,, ,,. II... Ml V,„|„, Ha. 

., s. ..i lharan EUaan, nun ti l Di ' 

Or.ult. Jan. Lr.l,, . 12.1 lllu.,l.le A.r I 
Ol I II. .la Sua, Ho. 12.! I r 

Or ad, Emma Sag, Hi I Dover 

Oaborno, Barbara lr. ,,. m t. ll... 17. Osh a nsi It, 

Osborne, Car 215 Meadow! It Dt - ill 

O.horne. Fran.. - I ,1. 

Oaborno, Mari.,,,. 804 il,li-,.i. n, i.,..„.i„„„ 
o.lkow.ka. Tamara, 919 B. 3rd -i v. Uaalnglon 

o Paajg, lane, ll,. 7. M 

Overatreet, Anna Kay, 225 V Ila.„ i.. 
Over Nancy, Hi. 2. Ban 7.-.H. Chavietta 

Owrn. Ann. L,,.„. III. I. |l„x 1IIH N. . II. , „ 
Owen. Paula Patriria. Wallarr 

Own... nunrgarel Elaine. 1607 < ..I.I, -r. ,.,..,, I..,, 

Ow.n. Pal., Nell, H«v 95, Hull, 

Painter. El.i. J„,,,l,„. lit. 5. Lincoln!. 
Pali. Ssrah Elisabeth. Box 1,1. Hooter.. 
Pake. Mary Phyllis, Box 211. Besufort 
Paramore, Beta) ll.l.n. 3 138 s. Wskeficl. 

Page v.. 

I2U I I. 

St.. Irlinot, 

Park. J.. 

aie Park Dr 

Park. Margaret EH,. . 1105 II ,11-1, or., St.. R.lrl.h 51. 

Parker. Carol,,, Aon. 6119 N, fill. Ive, lloi.r, 
Parker, Banal Alice 2KI Andrew. Ave. Graham 
Parker. Joan Fuller. 112 lore. I Ive., Oxford 
Parker. Judith Ann. 222 Mo.k-.ill. U... ~ali.l.„r. 

Parker. Mareie I 1112 Coke, Rd., R...I. Mount 

Parker. Mar, Towe 1621 S. College Park lie. I.r. r 

Park.. Ruth. III. i,. Lexington 

Parnell, Sarah. Rt. 5. Lrxinot,.,, 

Parrish. Elisabeth Dean. 5111 E. Virginia !-• II I I It] 

Parrish. Mitsi Jean. 3<ll E. Virginia Ave.. He-em. r I it, 53 



69ih s,.. 

Parrish. Rita Austin. 1322 
Par. hall. Doroth, Jean. 560 

Overland Park. Kan.a- 
Parson. Josephine Collin.. 812 Fort Tottcn Dr.. 
Parsons. Julia. 136 Cottage PI.. Charlotte 
Partridge, Marie 22 K. Weetmlnster PL. Chad,, 
Paschal. Gloria Elisabeth, mil WUIowbrook lit 

Pa., hall. Martha ion, 1 72 1 Roaboro Rd.. Hurl, 
Paschall. Nanc, Jo. Rt, 2. V.rlina 
Pa... Nane, Mar;.-. Hoxboro 

Passes. Ph,lli.. 111-16 76 H.I. Kan Gardens II, 
Pate Helen. 1410 Shawnee St.. Durham 
Pale, Janet Thayer, 2723 Stuart Dr.. Durham 
Patrick. laaala Florence 603 Wslnut St.. « a, ne 

Patten, Pairi.ia hna,.,,. 2 113 Reynolds Rd.. Wit 

Patterson. Carr,e Lela. Rt. 6. Hurlinglon 

Patterson. Helen. 119 dement A.... Charlotte 

Palton. Peggy Doris. 222 V. 
Paul...... Pal- Ann, 27113 Bvi 

Payne, EmUj Lyndall, Rural 

Pa,ne Thelma 

Black Mount 

Peacock, llarri, 

Box 627 

r Mollorr. St. 

Pcarcc. Virginia Elaine Price, ill, Rd.. Spark.. M.l. 
Pearman. Shirley. Rl. 1. Summrrfirld 
Peek. Hell, l.oui.r. I hr-lnul l|.l-. H-6. I I,, -loot S4-, ' 

Pccle Ethel Lucille. 3217 V. ilki n Blvd., I l.arl 

Peevy. S,l.i. KJo, 920 E. Msin. Wasblngtoo 
Pell. Lvnds Ann, 172(1 V Main ~i Ml I.r. 
Pcndcrgraft. Nanc, 1 1..-.1. 12" -, I ha,.. I II, 
Pcndcrgraft. Stuart Hall. 813 Old Pittsboro K.I.. 

Chapel Hill 

Pcndecgrsph. G»cndol,n Gra, . 21 Easlclll llr 

Penn,. Iris Pauline Rl. 2. Box 2 11. « hit., ill. 
Perkins. Jan.. Box HI. Wakefield, R. I. 
Perkinson. Sally Annie, H i.. 
Pecry. Andre) Fisher 

Percy. Patricia Ann. 35 Richmond Hill. New Canaan. C 
Pecrvman. Marjorle Maurine 715 Lauccl St.. Winston- 
Peter. Mary Anne 1504 Brigbtridge Dr.. Kingsport. T. 
Peters. Beryl Jean. 323 S. Pearl St.. Rock, Mount 


Franklin's Drug 


401 Tate St. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Southern Sales Company 

Electrical Appliances 

Kelly Springfield Tires 


224 East Market 

Greensboro, North Carolina 

P. 0. Box 615 Phone 2727 

Compliments of 

The Glass House Restaurant 

900 Summit Ave. 

Greensboro, N. C. 


Phone 2-5865 


1005 Spring Garden St. 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Opposite Aycock Auditorium 
Woman's College 



%e5 O 




For Your College Wardrobe 
Colony Shop 

Suits ♦ Furs ♦ Sportswear ♦ Hats ♦ Accessories 
t 'osmetics ♦ Lingerie ♦ Shoes 

Student Directory 

Mao, Ram 


Peterson, J..IU Carolyn MS Main Si., I li ., 

Petal Mar) Sou 1807 BMlabore St.. Raleigh 

I'.nli. Pale) I 121 B. S 1, St., VII I. 

Pettyjohn, Beltlojean, 1112 Yeardle] v.. . I , ... hburg, 

Pfaff. Geraldlne, 2018 v.. Pol I.. V, i..-t Salam 

Pharr. II... I,. I J phi..,-. 200 s. Mountain Si., 

Phllbeck, Mar] Ft -■ Rt. S, Baa 509, Shalb) 

Phillips, Bill,, fair. Thomai Si., Kannapolla 

Phillips, Carolyn Rulb, Box 68S, Kant li- 

Phllllpa, l>„r..ihy June, 29112 E. B. ....... r Ave., G ... 

Phllllpa, K„l„ Elolaa, Rl. 1. Boa IS, Robbliuvllle 
Phllllpa, Joaaphlno, 12 Eighth Si. S.E., Rlokor) 
Phllllpa, Mar, lane, Cameron 

Phllllpa, Rulb Mariana, 601 I nlversllj Dr., < . . — . . - 1 

Phllllpa, s,„i, lane, 60S E. Seventh Si.. In rlon 

Photl Georgli 9] i Gatu an., Norfolk 7. V». 

Plekard, Jacqueline, 2K2(i Fareal Dr.. Charlotte 
Plckard, Jean Fay.-. 1516 S. Park Ave., Burlington 
Plekell, Sail] 2305 Collins St., 

Blue Island, III. I I 



... , Morgan, 2822 1 
Plnnell, Nyrna Inne, 1<><> River 11,1. . Warwick, Va. 
Pinner, Noel, W. Main Si.. Belhaven 
Pluar.l. Carolyn, S30 Blllatde Ave., Charlotte 

Plllman, Jea lie, Rt. 3, Boa 18, Elm Citj 

Pltlman, Paul,-. 11(17 Falls H.I.. Rocky Mi. 
Tin.. Joan, dlt N. Main Ave.. Newton 

I'ill.. MUIle Ann. 611 N. Main A..-.. Newton 

Pleaaant, mill.- Rae, :II2 Phillips Si.. 11,,.,,..,. .ill. 

Piatt, Sarah Joanne. 113 W. Green Ct., Greensboro 

Pobl, Mary Frances, Rox :ia. Aberdeen 

Pollakoff, Sh.-ila Ann. 38A Tenih Av,-.. Charleston, ! 

Poole. Cara Ann. Box 12S. Condor 

Pope, Charlotte Ann. 715 Montgomery A,.-.. All,,-,,,,, 

Pope, Jennie Rae, lit. 1. Mooreeville 

Pope. Virginia Lee. 1 150 2nd Si. S.W.. Ilirki.ry 

I', r. Miriam. Cleveland Springs Rd.. Shelby 

Poller, Emily Laurence, 309 N. College St.. Wallace 
Poller. Jacqueline, 655 Irving St., Winston-Salem 
Poller. June Yvonne. 309 N. College St., Wallace 
Polls, Bertie Eileen, Hi. 1. LewisvUle 
Polls, i.„.„.. Louise, 216 Fifth St.. Spencer 

Powell, Alice Rose. 1326 W. Franklin Ave., «.a , 

Powell. Eleanor. 308 Woodsway Lane, Lenoir 
Powell. Martha BldweJJ, 810 D. St.. N. WUkesboro 
Powell. Jane Lee. 134 Frye St.. Troy 
PowlaS, Ann. lit. 6. Salisbury 

Pratt. Janet Lee, 202 Porches St.. Raleigh 
Prescolt. Marion Lois, 2708 Lockmoor Dr.. Raleigh 
Peestwood. Katharine, Rt. 9, Box 4. Lenoir 
Praam Tommy Gall, Rt. I. Box 864, Lenoir 

Prevail,.. Elsie Ann. 406 W. 17th St.. Luntbeelon 
Priest. Catherine Ann, 33 Clinton Ave.. Nya.k. \. V 

Proctor. Hannah Dixon, 601 E. Fifth St.. Greenville 
Proctor. Pamela Kent, York Road, Cockaysville, Md 
Pructt, Mrs. Anno, Box 449, Mt. Airy 
Packet!, Gaynelle, 110 N. Church St.. Mi. Olive 
Pogh. Annie Lou, 229 Guthrie St.. Graham 
Pugh. Edna lay,-. 640 E. Kivett St.. Aaheboro 
Pogsley. Beverly, Box 64, Greenwood. Delaware 
Poll.-o. Sarah Brooks. 642 Carolina Circle, « Inslon-I 
Pollen. Syl.ia. 307 E. Ridge St.. Rocky Mount 
Pulliam. June V.. HI Elicit Ave., Leaks, III,- 
Purring!..... Nella. 1501 Canterbury Rd.. Raleigh 
Putnam. Gloria Jane. Rt. 2. Shelby 
Pyotte, Ola 1........ 51)1 Hospital ..,-. Lenoir B.-tly Ann, 2(17 E. 1th Si., Wcldon 
Radford, Mar, Florence, 121 Railroad St.. Bonders. 

Ramsey. Kay Dean. Rt. 4. Box 208. Asheville 
Ramsey. Nell Louise. Rl. 4. Box 208. Asheville 
Rankin. Barbara Wray, Box 172. Slanl.-y 
Rankin, Jan, 2603 Sherwood St.. Greensboro 
Rankin, Mar, Soe. Sll N. Main St.. Mocksvillc 
Rapp, Mary Anne. 94 Pinewood Gardens, Hartsdali 
Rash. Rarhara. 47 Middlemoot A,e.. Ashe, die 

I-. ( srolyn Mi I I I 

. <■ a. 9111, Madlsoa 

B.I.. Kal.lgl. 

II.,. Shlrle) I,.... SIS Ca ran St., Burling IS, 51. 196 

Rayle, .. , Frai ■, Rl. 2, Scagrove 71 

Head. Julia Love, 537 Rowland St., Henderson S3 

Ilea,,.. Dal,-. 2223 Brlerneld B.I.. Klnslon 7 1 

Rcdwlnc, J I. n» 1 1.(17 V. . Side Dr., I . xingt.... S9 

II I, Mr.. Jo. V... II ill. 

11 Linda I Boa 172. III. I. J... Ill,- 7 1 

II.-..-.-. Mar, Fll I25n V Main s,.. Rulherfor 9S 

II I. CynihU Anne. 1537 Mineral Spring 11,1. . Beading. Pa. 121 

R Diana Elisabeth, (.12 F. Black St., Rod S. C. SI 

It Palsy Ann, Walnol 121 

Register, Brcnda Nell, IK. 8, 9 Bald 3 1 

Raid, Shirley, M , 121 

Reld, S„sa„ Hooper, 2(11 Knollv. I ..... Winston-Salem 52 

Rel ke, Jan. Sutherland, Cottonade Far.,.. Fayetlevill, 121 

Reltael, Haael, Eflan.l 122 

Ravellse, Marine, The Terraces, Camden, S. C. 5 1 

Rex, Diane Jeanette, 28 lean l»e., Marblehead, M 28, 56 

Rex, Shirley Annette, 1616 Fourth St.. Sallabnr) 39, 56 

Rexrode, Suzann. Elixaheth, nun 3rd Ave., 

Marll W. Vo. 

Hey -. Eleanor Law. 2(1 War. SI.. War, S -. S. C. Tl 

Re] -. Margaret Gayle, 1221 Pennrosc Dr.. Reldsrille 140 

Reynolds, Nanc] Tupper, 1028 Deep* 1 H.I.. 

Baltimore 18. Md. 122 

Rhodes, Jessie Mae. Hi. 1. Try,,.. 56 

Rice, Jonel Lee. 406 Yarmoulh ltd.. Raleigh 51 

Rich, Helen Ann. 1401 Nassau Blvd., Charlotte 74 

Richards, Nora C., Box 75. lear.l 74 

Richardson, Clara inne, 115 N. I ....... s,.. Charlotte 39 

Richardson, Mar, Inn, 111. I. Loulsburg 93 

hey, I erolyn Sue. McLean. Va. 

Richmond, Dorothy Louise. Rt. 2. Rocky Monnl 
Ridge, Mrs. N.-lli,. Itt. 3. ll.,x 133. l.r,-,n.|„„„ 

Ridinger. Charlotte. 137 Beech. Concord 7 I 

Rierson, Mary Ellen. 1618 Walker Ave., Greensboro 39 
Blggan, Mrs. Helen. 422 N. Spring St.. Greensboro 

Roan, Berntelle, Rt. 1, Box 111. Creseo. Pa. 122, I 1:1 

Robbins. Jean Ray. Ruff... 53 

Roberson, Peggy Elizabeth. 1005 Si. Da, id Si.. Tarboro S3 

Roberts. Anne C. King St.. Hillabora 93 

Roberts, Nancy Creola. Itt. 2. Weavervillc 93 

Roberts. Geneva. Box 412. Carthage 39 

Robertson. Looise. Rl. 1. Matthews 7 1 

Robertson. Mary Lois Garrell. 111. .!. Il„x 1 18. High Point 122 
Robertson, Nancy Ann. 1407 Madison Ave., 

Greensboro 52, 57. 147 

Robeson, Mary Bartram, 610 S. Weal St.. Cnlpepcr, Va. 19. 71 
Roblnell, Phyllis Deonna, 31(11 Westmoreland A,.-.. 

Charlotte 5 til. 5 I 

Robinette, Nancy, 1217 Cedrow Ave., High Point 39 

Robinson. Janet. Ill) S. Oakland St.. Caslnnia 93 

Itt. 1, 


II.. I. 

..,,,. I.,,i. 

,a Sue, Box 199. Hi..,,,. 
Gwendolyn, Box 1 19. Pan I rec 

Pam.-lia. 162 1 Morning-i.l, Dr. 
irie. 1008 Green St.. Durhan. 

3 Sc 

„.l V, 

Campbell Be, 

Morgoenya. Rt. 1. Box 328. N. WUkeabora 
Belly Anne. 126 III, Si. VV. .. Hickory 

lain,- Marie. 504 N. West St.. Fall. Church, Ya. 
.enna Elirahelh. 501 E. 10th Si.. Greenville 
largarct E.. 2112 Wright Ave.. Greensboro 
larger.-! Littleton. 21127 Clul. 111,. I.. Durham 
a...... Beverley, 1756 Varlna A..-.. Pclersbnrg, X 

lock. Judilh. 3928 Falrvlcw I,,.. 

16, i 



Rosa, Patricia, 2 nil Springy, I Dr.. Greensboro 74 

It..--, r. Ilarhara I..-,-. I35 V. . Radian.-.- Dr., l.r.-.-...l,.,r,, 75 

RoUSSCaU,,- Dian,. For. -t Hill- V. ilk. -I...r.. 50 

Rowe, Belt] Lou, In. 1. Garner 30. 195 

Rowcll, Belt] Mae, 306 E. Queen St., Edenlon 31 

Royal. Car., I,,, Rae, ',2 1 kshebore Si.. Greensboro 122 

Koy.ter. Heidi Shirlenc. Hi. 2. 1 aw.,,1.,1, 75 

Ku.-k.-r. Gloria A.irid. 2.1112 Market -,.. Wilmingloo 122 
Rodman, Patricia Harriet. 625 Mulberry Rd.. 

Martins, ill.-. Va. 122 

Kulfin. Mary I . n..r, . Rl. I. Tarboro 53 

Roily. Eleaoor Mae. Rox 208, Toy lor., ill.- 75 

I „,,,,,, Lalu, V i . 
II.... .11. Barbara, ml v, ►..■■ " -' I 

It,.... II. I.. I. J..,. MM ». »ll -■ . 

Russell, I'ai.. Jean, Rt. 2. Raefard 
Russell, Shirli | Gall 90] i r.aklla -, 

Hu.-.M. Wanda Lorral... II... I v.. 

Rutherford, ...... 124 i '■■•■ Ma 

Saddler. Belly Jnn. III. 1. I r„.l,, r 

Saddler, s„. i Jr ..i,„. n, i < r ...i , 

Safrit, Jo Anne, lot Mil. I.. II Ave., Saltsbur) 
Sale. Barbara 667 Ilk »,..,. -, Ilk.,. 

Saleeby, Mary Jeanne, 2113 Hall. 
Samrt. Ro.c. Redding Rd.. A.heboro 
Samiseh, Carol Cecil. 2621 kve. L, Brooklyn. N 
Sampedru, SyKia Marie. 921 M.rkl.a,,, ..... D 

San... Elisabeth < .......I 

Sand. Janeen Lorna, 23 Anhrej Rd., I pper M....I 
Sandrone, Mildred, Hi. 2. Slier I It] 
Sanders, Margaret Stuart, Rl I -..., .1,1.. I.i 

Mi r.. PeggJ I.. Hi, 1. II..- 208, hio.l,.,. 

Sander..,,.. VII,. Ma. in. I l,....|uapln 

Sarlin. Filial., ih V. alk.r. HiH I.i. ~i I.,,.,,. I Rila. 1608 Dare St.. Italelgh 

Saunders, Bloiee Smith, 145 Lakeahor. Dr lal 
Sanndera, Euoie.- D..l..r... Rt, 1- Elan Callean 

Saillnl.r-. Iran.,- Man..,,. 211 It. , . r I. . 11,1,. 


Sawyer. Jan. Crowed. Duplin St.. Wallace 
Scarborough. Shirley Kulh. 617 Fldor.,,1. St, I.- 
Scarborough. Virginia Von. H„x 151. 


S r haef.-r. Barbara Looi-e. 27 19 Country Club Kd.. 

n in.ton-Salem 
Scheldt. Ann Roth. 2338 Hathaway Hd.. Raleigh 
Schnell, Adelaide McAnally, Baa 57. Fine Blnl 
Scholl. Margaret H - Di v.. kineham 

Sehulken. Anna Marie. 2081 I he.lnul. » ilmiogtoo 12.1. 

Sehulkcn. Mary s a „,|ra. 609 I. king...... ,-■ 

( harlott. 73. 

SchuttX, Kliaabeth l.ulh.-r. W in.|„n-Saleo, 

Srh-.-.-r.. Ann H„-al.n. :i3ii Middle St., Mi Pleaaant, - i 

Sei.m. Mary Eli. th. Ill) »i|.„„ >,.. (|i„i„„ 

Scott, Betty Ann. Candor 

Scotl. Carole I..-. 22 1 S. I r. ....... I Dr.. I.r. bare 

s t. Marilyn, 18 7th I... VI .. Ili r k,.r, 

Seolt. Marilyn l.oui-. . 1(11 V.. «-,... Ive., 

« .l.-i. r Graves 19, Mo. 
Scott, Mary Flirah. th. 1753 Brooks ..... Kalelgh 
Scott. Nanc, Ellen. Danhor. 

Seolt. Sally. H„x 32. Concord 19. 28. 

Seriplure. Ann. 7(13 Fi.h.-r St.. Morehead I io 
Sealey, I „..j ( srolyn, Hi. 1. (>rr..... 

S.ehler. Jane Carol. III. .1. Box 85. I hina (....,. 

Seegec. Fla.ia Jo.ephine. 3 1 w, Dr.. Manha-..!. N. .. 

SettC, Mar, Looise, 2..H ». Broad St, Stamford. 1 ....... 19. 

Settle, Frances I.......I... 27.-. S. Hancock, Korkinghan. 27 

Sevier, Caroline V...... a I F.lwi,, PI., v.he.illr 

Seymour. Johnnie Ann. Box 113. Alamance 

Shamrl. Doris Mac. 2119 S. Broad S,.. WlnatoawSalem 

Shannon. Rachel. 607 llawlhorn. Lane, I harlo.t. 

Sharp.-. Joann Mari.-. Hi. I. Harmony 

Shall.-,. Sarah Gordon. Rt. 1. V Wllkeahora 

Shaw. ( hr.-li... Lorraine. Box 382. Kiehland. 

Shea. Deni.e. 19 I .n.ral -,.. , |. „ M. 

Shearin. Marjori. Ma.. Box 2 13. V. . I.I,,.. 

Sheets, Jaequelyn J..a..... lHim Robin Hood Rd.. 

WlnatonwSalem 56, 

Sheffield, Shirley, Hi. i. Box 560, WayneavUlc 

Shelton, w-Kia knnelte, 907 N. Ila,,., St, UaksvUb 

sh.-lto... Wtlma (...,.--,.. Rl I Stokeadah 

Shrpard. Carolyn Virginia. 122 Wears I Dr.. Chapel Hill 

Shrpard. Eliiabelh. 3(1(11 ( H.I.. Hal(i.....r. III. Md. 
Sheppard. Martha Ann. Kt. 6. Box 16 1-D. (.r. . ,.-!,.-... 99, 
Sherrid. Margaret Ann I Peggy I. 51(1 K,..l» I SI.. 

III. 1. II... 

,ak.. Mr-. Edwil 






Student Directory 

Shield.. III. .hell, V,,,,,.. 2IIII Hill Si.. Mur 

Shinn. lean Elisabeth. ii.i,i.,iii, k.i . 1 . „i 

Shi,,,,,..,. M.r, Margaret, III. I. Hal I 

Shlpw..h. Gloria, 1205 Vloc St., Crura 
Shlpp, n..r > Qnlnello, 418 Fifth A, 

Shock.-,. Har) P.. Ill:i Mrl.r, HIT 11,1.. 

Sneakier, Marvel Hun, Hi. 2. Boa 82, 

Shore. Jull. Ann. 1212 W. Fourlh St., 


Jane, Hi. 

i ..I 

Shr,-,,-, Carole Ka,. Mayodon 

SI,,,,-, M.r, Dale, Hi. I. Ran River SI, 196 

Sl„,f„r,l. Il.ii, H.. Ill Boiler Mr.. Clin 123, 170, I Tr. 

Shufnrd. Mr.. Nun. Clay Wllion, Box 7.",. Pelkvllle 12 1 

Sanaa*, Marilyn Gould, II W. Third Si.. Plj il, I.-,.-, 

Shuplng. S.r.h Frances. .1 1 3 W. Holder Si.. 

Sides, France! Lonlae, 2831 Bon Air Ave., 

Wlnalon-Salen SO, 155 

Sides, M.r. Ann, 2H3 1 Bon Air Ave., Winston-Salem 121. I'H 
Sldaa, Hulh. 1309 Baatarn A,.-.. Rock] Mounl 19, 39 

sign,..,.. Bonnie J,.,,.-. Box 16.1. s. Depot Si.. dor. nl .".I 

Slgmnn. Edn. Louise, S. College Dr.. N.» 53 

Slgmnn. Haael Sue. 3117 Tuckaseegee Rd., Charlotte 58, 75 

Slkos. Elisabeth Ann,-. 7 S. Seventh St., Wilmington 51 

SUbenteln, S.lly Kdn». 5506 Rnak Ave., Baltimore, 11.1. 32 

Simmons, Fannie Su,-. 1113 Portland Si.. Greensboro 59 
Simon, ton Hortenae, 321 Creaeenl Ave., Greenville, s. C. 95 

Simon. Rochcllo. Box 183. Talior City 75 

Simpson. Bt-ny Sue, III. 1. Box 372. KerneravlUe 75 

Simpson, Cora Joan, StoneviUe 52 

Simpson. lane Carolyn. Hi. 1, Box 117. Charlotte 121. 196 

Simpson, Su,- Ellen, 1101 South Si.. Gaatonia 53 
Singleton, Jeanne Prlehard, 408 S. Mendenhall St.. 

Souihsi,!,- Apis.. Greenaboro 121 
Singlot.ry, MarnU- Bell, 2013 E. Ramae] St., 

Baton Rouge, La. 53 

Sistarr. Marian Suzanne, 2008 Cpcm.ay Ave., Charlotte 53 

Skillman. JImiso. 2608 Portland A,.-.. Chorion,- 53 

Skinner, Peggie Jo. 1725 E. Blvd.. Charlotte 139 

Skint, Rasrha, 630 Slralford Rd.. WInaton-Salem 75 

Slado. Wanda Hoffman. 806 S. Elan, Ay.-., Greensboro 52, 155 

Slaughter, Mary. 1813 Edgewood Lane. Charlottes. ill.-. V«. 12 1 

Sledge, Nannie Lois, Hi. 2. Nash, ill.- 139 

Sloan. Ann Elizabeth. 1407 Canterbury Rd.. Raleigh 55 

Sloan. Barbara Ann. 1 1 1 E. 4lh St., Gaslonia »'). 12 1. 11.3 

Small. Kathleen, Hi. 2, Box 105, Tabor City 5 1 

Smart. Edyth Glynn, Box 43. Bostie 53 

Smart, Ruth E.. 712 Georgia Ave., Forest lit, 12 1. I 12 

Smiley. Mary Jane. 220 Milford Hills ltd.. Salisbury 75 

Smith, Barbara Jane. 211 W. Elm Si.. W ingate 91 

Smith. Belli.- Jeanne. Box 300. Angler 75 

Smith. Betty W., Wallace 12 1 
Smith. Christine Little. Box 237. Ookboro 

Smith, Clare Joan, Box 151. Conover 31 

Smith. Clifford. Stale Hospital. Morganlon 73 

Smith, Dorothy Anne. Guilford 36 

Smith. Cerrl Blonehe, 2216 Creseent A.e.. Charlotte 76 
Smith, Janle Belle, Hi. 2. Pike.ille 

Smith. N. Garden St.. Marion 9 1. 155 
Smith, Rt. 5. Goldsboro 

Smith, Kay Marie. Rt. 3. Box 11)5. K, m, r» ill. 91 

Smith. Laura. Box 174. Matthews 121 

Smith, Laura Lee, 612 Forest Blvd.. Marshall!... „. low. 75 

Smith, Lois June, 65 S.annnnoa A.e.. Ashctille 51 

Smith. Margarel E.. 738 S. Brady Ave.. Newton 97, 168, 1711 
Smllh, Margarel Elisabeth, 200 Ha. Creek Rd., Aahevllle 76. 9 1 
Smith. Marjorie Louise. Rt. 1. Ruffin 

Smith, Martha Boggs. 905 W. Second Si.. Roanoke Rapids 5 1 
Smith, M.rlh. Elisabeth, 415 S. 9. illow St.. C.astonia 

Smith. Mary Lou. 313 S. Columbia St.. Ca.lonio 5 1 

Smith, M.rna Beverly, 2216 Pembroke Ave., Charlotte 7 5 1 

Smith, Ouwatha. Rl. 6. Winston-Salem 75. I'll, 

Smith. Rebecca Louise. 615 W. Main St.. Elisabeth City 53 

Smith. S.ndr. Summers. 422 E. Radianee Dr.. Greenaboro 9 1 

Smith. Sarah Helen, Rt. 8, J.H.S.. Sanford 12 1 

Smith. Shirley Ruth. Houston, ill, 35 

Smith. Thelma. 213 S. Fielderesl Rd.. Draper 12 1 

Smith. Winifred. 236 Mlddlrton Dr.. Charlotte 19. 124 

Smilhrrman, Dorothy Mae, 1828 W. Polo Rd., Winston-Salem 71, 

Snell. Mary Rosalind. 2106 W. Polo Rd.. Winston-Solent 3 1 

Snider. France, Mae. Rt. 1. Thomas, ill. 56 

Snipes. Martha Jane. 1437 Agrwollo Ave., KnoxvUle, T. "... 121 

Snotherly. Clori. Marilyn. 606 Gatewood Ave., High Point 52 
Snow, Janet Loretta, Rt. 1. Walker!.,, n 

Snuggs, Helen Patriria. 207 Roberdell Rd.. Rockingham 33 

Snyder. Donn. Lee. 5306 Bireh Rd.. Fa, rile. ill. 9 1 

Sommers, Jane Ross, 1317 Lin, ill.- St., Kingsporl. Tenn. 91 

Somen, Csrolyn Jean, Rt. 2. Greensboro 94 



2211 ll„ k 


Si.. Km 

i ■..».!. <;.. 

Spangle, I, -.-.. Hi. I. 

Speagle, Peggy J,n,,. R 
Speas Renrle Kay. Baal 

Si i.t. Janlee Fa.,-. II 

Spell Ulee, Rl. I, Rnaeboro 94 

Spell, V Powell, Roieboro St., Rosebore 

Spencer, Ell,,, \„rri., 3011 Belcher Si.. Farm, ill. 17. .". 

Spencer, Marjorie, 900 s. Andrew! Ave., Goldsbero 
Speneer. Virginia Ann, III. 1. Walnut Cove 
Sple Ellen I 303 Mayflower Dr.. 

Greensboro 38. 76 

s ' innie Margaret. 326 Cameron A.e.. Charlotte 

Splvey, Barbara Louise, Rt. 7. Jonesbore Might. Station, 

Splvey, Patricia June. Box 32. Rt. 3. Tabor City 
Splvey, Shirley Lonlae, Boa 12. Ilr,,,,.. irk 
Splawn, Belly Louise. Rt. I. Boa 220, Rutherfordton 

Spring.. Harriet Dunn. Rt. 1. Mount , 

Spriugthorpe. Sarah Reek, Rd.. Mount Air, 
Spronl, Helen. 1387 Pa.lueket Ave., Rumford. R. I. 
Stafford. Dorothy Allen. Dixon S.-hool. Holly Ridge 
Stafford. Nancy, 36111 Kiel., Dr.. Greensboro 91. 125 

Mailing.. Anno Louise. 1231) Ileal Street. Hock, Mounl 
Stamper, Gladys Mori.-. 5152 Sunrise Terrace. Winston-Sale 
Slampley, Margaret Diane, 3020 Selwyn Ave.. Charlotte 
Stanley, Dorothy. Rt. 1. Four Oaks 
Stanton, Eva Janet, 105 N. Virginia St., Goldsboro 
Stanael, Jessie Ann, 587 Sherwood Pkwy., Weslfiold, N. J. 
Starr. Mrs. Barbara Stuhbloneld. Rt. 6, Box 13 1. Grecnsboi 
Starr, Mary Miller, 611 Memorial Ave.. N. Wilkeaboro 
Slauffer. Janet Louise. 409 Pine Hill Ct.. Anderson. S. C. 
Steaey, Gail. E. Lake Blvd.. Mahopae. N. Y. 
Steel, Linda Claire, 4308 Liberty Hights Ave.. Apt. C.3. 

Baltimore. Md. 
Steele, Virginia Ann. Sandy Ridge 
Stephens, Barbara Moore. Rt. I. Car, 

Stephenson. Lucille, Greenaeres. Saluda 5: 

Stevens, Margaret. Rl. 1. Goldsboro 
Stevenson, Mory Deanc, 907 E. Homestead Ave., 

High Point 
Stewart. Borbora Jane. 204 N. Lamar St.. 

Stewart. Kay Myra. 2209 Pin. .rest Hd., Greensboro 
Stikeleather, Emma Catherine. Rl. 1. Taylors, ill,- 
Still. Barbara Rita, 1614 Liberty Dr.. Greensboro I 

Stilwell. Nancy Marie. Lexington Rd., Thomas, ille 
Stil.ell, Shirley Ellen, 317 Polk St.. Thomas. Ille 
Stockton. Amelia, 463 S. Church St.. W inston-Salem 
Stone. Bubbles Diane. 132 Salisbury St.. Kerneraville 
Stones, Joann Painehaud. 127^. Oak Ct.. Greensboro 
Storey, Miriam Eldorado. Rt. 1. Murfrre.l.oro 
Storey, Sandra Parker. 1917 W Inward Rd.. Norfolk. V, 
Story, Marx l.illa. Eur,- 
Stout. Susan Caroline. 134 Thompson St.. 

Clarksburg. W. Va. 
Strickland, Josephine. Box 267. Oskhoro 
Strickland. Mary Anne. 408 S. Fourth St.. M.-han. 
Strickland, Patricia Mil,-. 117 V. . Socman St., Dnrhai 
Strong. Carolyn Montgomery. 741 Linrolnton Rd.. 

Strong. Katharine, 124 E. 55th Si.. Savannah, Go. 
Strother. Frances. 2134 Wright Ave.. Greensboro 
Sirup.-. Naney Jean. 1022 Marlin Si.. 


.1. I,. 


Slutz. Margaret Ann. Rt. 1. Box 162, Norfolk 2. Va. 
Sugg. Elisabeth Hamilton. 23 Jefferson St.. N.F... 

Washington 11, D. C. 
Sugg. Johnsie Ann. Box 81. Ellerbe 
Solli,.,,,., ton,. Rl. 1. Box 182. Mount Oli.e 
Sultan, Barbara Lee, 315 R.,.. Si.. H„.-k, Mourn 

Sussmon. Conine Barbara. 27 Maple A,.-.. Ce.iarhiir.l. N. i. 
Sutton. Harriet Richardson. 609 Edwards A.e.. Kinston 

So Merle Sue. 1029 Tarleton Ave. Burlington 

Sutton. Mildred Frances. Rt. 2. Mallh... 

Swaim. Palsy. Rt. 1. Whitselt 

Swain, Katie Marie. Rt. 1, Box 211, Columbia 

Swain. Rebecca. 132 Second St.. W ashinglon 

S.ann. Beverly Adams. 389 Monitor,! Ave., t.ho.ille 

Swaringen. Peggy B.rd. 1625 Wiltshire Rd.. Sali.l.or. 

Swart. Patrieia. Rt. 1. Box 197. Castle Haync 

S.arlz. Sara Rosalind. 115 E. Hrnderlite St.. Sali-l.or, 

Sweeney. Patrieia Ann. Elizabeth St.. Bennetts, ille. S. C. 

Swiger. Diana Adelia. 336 S. 24lh St.. Clarksburg. W. Va. 

Swindell, Priseilla. 208 Icing PI., Greensboro 

I ".I 

12". I •. , 

-I — 

line II.... IJ^ ,...1.1,,. 

I.lh.,1. M.r. I srolyn I 7 I -. -|„ ,,.,, 

T.lley. M.r,. 2117 s|,.« St.. ll.ndlrn 

1 1- I Onl r.rk \„|. „ -,, 

T.ndy. M.rg.rrl. II,. 1. tr,|.,. -,, ,,, ,„,. 

Tanner, Qara Josephine. 1102 Chostnnt St. II. ... I. .-..,. •.-, log 

Tarleton. Ike, Ellen. 82" I (....Monro. 7 ., 

T.tum. Eleanor Anne. I .,- 

taylor, hla Enid lii I x.- Preolon I ..nn. LSI 

Taylor. Dorothy Marie, lit. .1. H„x 121-11. I h.rl..ii. 7,. 

T.ylor. Elinor Geer. 336 Tr.n.|ull t.e.. < h.rl.,11. I n 

Taylor. Kn. 1118 V. 20lh St I I.. rl..n o s 

Taylor. N.„e, I.e. .,!.. Box 161, E..t Bend 

Taylor. Sadie Mse. Ill .-.. II,., g T g ,,,„ B , r „ „- 

Te.ehey. Carol,,, I.e. il„. 22", I Pole Rd.. 

Winston-Salem 123. in. 17a 

Te.gue. Di.n. Mons. III. 2. Lenoir 76 

r.-og.i. Dixie Crahans, Greensboro 123 

25.1 Maple 


Teagu.. Patricia, Box 

Teal. Kmmie I .,„ 36 Center 3t„ V, ad, -.|,„ r „ 
Teal. Maelh. Virginia. 223 W Hillrre.l Rd.. R.I. -,gh 
Tenter, Doris Rl. 1. Box 139.A, 
Teller. Romans There,.. I07 S. M. I, . I. oh. II St., 

Tempi,. Ruth l|„,. Ri. 1. Zrhulnn 

Templeion. Fdn. Rose, mo Seventh St., .,..,,.., 

Terrell, II. 207 E. Sl.le Si.. Black Mountain 

T.rr,. Sybil Inn, 311 I .... -i H.l. . Donglastoe 63, 

I,. I.. \. \. 

Ter.illig.r. Barbara. 1112 Fn... PL, Ro-Ho-Kus, N. J 

T.-.ter. Mr-. I B„,,i. 503 D h.„,l.,.r,h -I . I....,,. 

Tellerlon. S.r. Bo.d. 1014 l.l.l. .11 .1 I . r. . i, . I... r. 
Thaeker. Belly Fay. Rl. 1. Bo. 196-t. WhltSCtl 
Than,.-. N.oe, So.. 22 III I „n.i..„n- . .Ilh \,... I h.rl 



Thorn... Vmelia. Ill \. Mulh.rr, .|.. StS 

Thorn... Anne Carolyn, Rt. 5. V. i„.i.,„.s.lem 
Thom... B.rh.r. Wilson, IOB Hayflower Dr.. Cm —hoi 
Th„o,a.. Bene Louise. 33O0 D St.. Burner 
Thon.a.. Charlotte Campbell, 1I.-16 le, V,... .j„l„„l 
Thomas. L.nn Rolling. Robin Rood Rd.. H-2 rUllngkr, 



Thoma-. Mr-. Rolh P.. Stokl sdoll 
Thompson, Gerolha. Box 16. Mountain Park 126 

Thompson. Joan. IS Spears Ave., Aahevllle I" 27 95 
Thompson, Lola Berielle. 652 vt . I r .„,i si .. Statcevllle 
Thompson. Sara Jcanelle. H..x 121. 9 in.l — r 

Thempeon, Shu-ley tnn. Span. 77 

Thorpe. Sue Carolyn. Box 162. Cedar Fall. 56 

Thr...,r. \,,n Klissbelh. St. George, S. ' 12,. 
Thrower. Ssrsh Gail. 811 Country I luh Dr.. High Point 

Thunberg. Ann Leslie. 1 118 P.rkrie. A.e.. l,..ll.,ille 126. 168 
TlbbelS, M.r. Miee. 326 1 «„rthington St.. 

N. W. Washington 15. II. C. 5 1 

Tie.. Evelyn Inn,. 532 Morven Rd.. Wadnsboro 77. 135 

Tid.cll. Eleanor Ruth. Rl. 2. R..x 563, Rr... n .„o,o„, 03 
Tiemann. Marianne. 189 S. Main St.. M.nehestcr. Conn. 

Tilletl. Margarel Je.n. Rox 118. V. .nrhe.e 77 

Tilley. Timberlake U3 

Tilson, Ann. Claire. Rl. 2. I h.|„ I Hill 95. 175 

Til.,.n. None, 1.1,1... Rl. 2. I h.,.,1 Hill SO 
Timmerman. Margarel l.oui.e. IU7 Br, n M.ur Lane, V 9 

Rt. 10. Atlanta, Go. 77 

Tinsley. Mary Jean. 315 9 oodrow A.e.. High Poini 126 

Toler. Ann. 808 N. Virgin,. M.. I.„l,l-l„.r„ 77 

Toler. Mary LonlsO, 22115 EUlngtOU St, l.r. , ,i.|,..r„ 95 

Torrsns. Peggy 1,1. line, Rt. 1. Waran 54 

Tossm.n. Rhona. 3912 Roscercst A.e. Baltimore 13. Md. 55 

Towne. Ellen. 1709 I .,„„,„ St.. King.porl. Tenn. 126. 170 
To.n-end. Pr.-..|. 311 California I 1.. \« Va. 77 

Townsend, Sarah NanderlUe, 1116 E. I7ih St.. 1 ,-.,!.. n..„ 52 
Trader. Helen Core. A.rnls Ferry Rd.. Rt. 1. Raleigh 56. 95 

Trainor. Sally Ann. 917 William, BLd.. Springfield. III. 51 

Trent. Sara. Rt. 6. Reid-, ille 95 

Trepke. Mary. 710 Br.,„k-id. Dr.. High Point 126 

Triplctt. Norma Gay. Rt. 2, Box 268. Lenoir 51 

Trollinc.r. June Ro.ena. Illo Coalfield St.. tike,,. V C. 77 

Truetl. Barbara Ann. Rox It. Bry—n III, X I 126 

Trupp. Johanna Lee. Falls Rd.. Lulher.ille. Md. 55 

I > t 

fix . 




Student Directory 

l„,k.. I.,.,k.(. I, .„..,,.. III.' \ir t i„M I.... I.„ 
furling 1,,,,;- A 108 I lnir.-l.lll Dr.. I a, .It., Ill, 

Tumor, Ellen < lairs, 101 B. lack St.. Mebana 

Turner, lr ... 1711 Baaanaba A,,.. 

Slalan bland 11. N. ». 16, 23, 

Turner, Patrlaia, IIT s. Edgewortfa St., Graaniboro 
Turner, Rabeoea Ha,, laekaon 

Turner, Hull, Braoka, "1. 2. II. ..,!.. 

Turner, Shirley, King 

Turner, Wilma K..,. Boa mil. Sugar Loaf 11,1.. 

II.- raonvllla 

I nderv, I. Dalalna Cri 

I ndarwood, Laura. Hi. I 

I ndero I. Margaret J 

Uprhurrh. Battle Jane, 
I aale, BUaabetb, Bug 51 

■ 653, Mi. Boll) lid. . Chariot! 
Hlghwaj 2211 N., Hoekingha 

Vanover, Barbara lean. 111 Harrison St., Swannaima 

Vaughan, K... 1 1 r. Dale A,,.. (.,.. la 

Vaughn, Patricia, 912 oli,o St., Greensboro 1< 

Volonla, I hri.oula. IS01 Fairmont St.. Greensboro 
\,-r„..„. Mar, A,,,,. H,.x .'12:!. Mayodan 
Vi.k. June i:.r„I,„. Seaboard 
Vlefcere, Virginia Sua, 2I(>8 Club Blvd., Durham 
Villi,,.-,. 11.,,,,,,, Jewell, 1 1117 Clegg Si.. Greensboro 
Vlneent, Shells Kay, 1601 Independence Rd., Greensb. 
Voorhees, Ann Randolph, Till llyron Aye., 

Miami Beach, Fla. 
V..-. Elaine Marie. 302 N. Elan, Ave, Grcanabora 

w added, Letlle Sue. Eunnlce 

Wagner, K,„il> Martin, 1238 Lebanon St., Blu. field. W. 1 

Wagoner, Jewel] Deal, 212 w. (lak,lal,- St., Monnl \ir, 

Walden, Lany Kalhrrinr. Orange St.. Tabor, 

Waldroup. Kalhcrino Ann. Ilayravillc 

Walk,-. Carolyn. 1644 Allen St.. Spring6eld, Ma... 

Walker. Alice Dillon. 610 W. Second St.. Washington 

Walker. Elizabeth Jane. Laurel Hill 

Walker. Hilda Lee, 1300 Brooks Ave.. Raleigh 

Walker. Martha Jean. 131 Orchard St.. Mt. Airy 

Walker. Nina Kin,;. 2332 Elizabeth Ave. Winston-Salem 

Walker. Rebecca, Rl. 2. Summorfirld 

Wall, BHUe Jo. 3711 (lak Grove Ave.. Crc-nsboro 

Wall. Clandina Iris. Pinnacle 

W all. Patricia. Rl. 3. Burlington 

Wall. Margaret Janclle, 1113 Homeland Ave. Croen.bor 

Wall. Sally Key. 1226 Providence Rd.. Charlotte 

Wall, Shirley Jean. Box 33. MeLeanavUlc 

Wallace, Jacqueline, Rl. 2. Bo* 298, Edenton 

Wallace Joann 2713 William St.. Ilurham 

Ialton. Evelyn Odessa. Ash 

I alien. Mary Eliza. 102 Greenwood PL. Morganton 
I'allon. Sue 1(19 S. 5th St.. Wilmington 
ialton, Nancy- Marie 537 Tarlclon Ave. Burlingtn 
l.,r.l. Mn. ton. 600b Monument Ave. Richmond, 
lard. Mary Daniel. 2139 E. Fifth St.. Charlotte 
lard. Palsy Othello. Rl. 1. Box 264. HaDaboro 
i'arford. Marria Ann. 343 S. Hawthorne Rd.. 
W ins Sale, 

Warren. Patricia. 161 Dorchester Ave. Asho.illo 

Warren, Sonja, Washington Park. Washington 

Waters. Mary Irene Rt. 1. Box 227. Plnetown 

Watson. Gloria Ann. Ridgoland. S. I . 

Watson. Sally Falls. Rt. 4. Box 710. Charlotte 

Walts. Ester Jean. King 

Walts, Martha, 2719 Tanglrwood Lane Charlotte 

Wall,. Mary Doris. N. Main. Stanley 

Wayoick. Alice Faye Eugene St.. Gibsonville 

W a, nick. Mr.. Arlono Emily Criscl. 1309 C Walker 

Webb, Anna. Sv. aitabore 

Webster, Nana] Mae, 2.-.H7 Miller Park lr. win .Salem 

Webster, \..r,„a Jean, Rt. 2. Boa 27. Hadlaon 

Waekworlb, Bar, I. Bfl Darn tl, St., Springfield, Ma... 

Well k. I.I II.. 1.-.27 S. Hawthorn 


Weiss, Barbara. 281 < ral A,... Lawrence, N. V 127. 

Welch. Margaret Handy, 808 S, Transom Dr., Greenabere 

Wellona, Delia Anne, Hi. .!. Saltna 

Wallona, Mary Evelyn, Rt. .1. Selma 

Wella, Jane Marl.. Boa 171, Mar. Hill 

Weat, Margaret, 1221 Merdeeal Dr.. Raleigh 

Weat, Linda Jane Rt. 6. Baa 2.-,2. Kin. I..,. 

West. Francis Danes, lit. 2. Franklin 

Wealbrook, Doris, Rt. 1. Ir,,„, 

Westmoreland, Franc. Am,.. I l Bell St„ Tabor I Iq 

Westmoreland, Sural, Katharine, Boa .17. Gl nvUla 

w eatray, Mary. Enfield 

Wharton, Mrs. Hilda !>.. 2112 S. Chapman Si.. Greensboro 
Wharton, Jane Grave. 911 N. Elm St., Greensboro 
Wharton. Kate 1007 W. Market St., Greenabora 
Wharton. Rose Evelyn. 1007 W. Market Si.. 

Greensboro 26. 78. 

Wheeler. Nancy freight,,,,. 112 Stedman St., Fayetlevllle 
Whelan, Margaret I.. .161111 S St., N.W .. Washington 7. D. C. 
Whi.nanl. Sara Elizabeth, Rl. 1. Lawndalc 

White, A.l.lia Rhodes, 118 Camden St., W Indeor 

White, Carolyn Yvonne Rl. 1. Greenabora 

While Janclle Elisabeth, lab 

White Katharine Aycock, 205 S. Wilson A,e, Dunn 

While Lillian Diane. 204 Forest Hill Dr.. Greenabere 

While Peggy Mae 1219 Gaslon St.. Charlotte 8 

White, Sue Perry, 61 Mark,!. Hertford 

White Wcela Louise 1010 E. 30lh St., Winston-Salem 

Whltebnrat, Grace Bcauforl 

Wbltener, Sydney, Rl. J, Box 303. Hunter., ill. 

Whitfield, Janyce. Robersonville 

Whitfield, Joyce Robersonville 

Whiting, Jean Cameron. 7811 Exeter K.I.. Bolho.da. Md. 

Whitley, Phyllis Anne 5 Chiles Ave. Ashcvlllc 

« hit 

a Fla 


Whitley, Virginia. Box 296. Fremont 
Whillork. Anne 1419 Charlotte 11.1. . Albemarle 
W hillock. Sara Louise 108 Fairviow. Lake City. S 
Whitlow. Becky Lou. Rl. I. Box 292. Lexington 
Whillinglon, Vcarle Odessa, lion Eighteenth St., 

Whitworth. Carolyn Kaye. 1010 Roaeblll Ave, II, 
Wicker. Sally Ann. 327 Grace Si., R.„k. Mount 
Wieae, Elizabeth. Legerwood Stalion. Lenoir 

Wieae, Mary Pag,-. Legerwood Siaii,.,,. Lenoir 

Wiggins. Clara Jean. Hi. 2. Box 26. Rr>.„n lily 
Wiggins, Linda Carolyn. Dudley 

Wiley. Jo Ann. 2 102 Clifton Si.. High Point 
Wilhclm. Ann. Boonvilla 

Wilkerson, Gcraldine 814 Walnut Ave. Charlotte 
Wllkeraon, Nancy Cornelia. Rl. I. Rovl.i.r,. 
Wilkerson. Sandra Brewer. Rt. 9. Box 74. Lexinglo 
Wilkc. Ilru Van. 3118 A.h Si.. I.caksvillc 
Wilkie Carolyn, Box 1003. HenderaoatvlHe 
Wilkinson. Dorothy Gall, 26 Perfcelion Ave. II. I,„. 
Wilkinson, Marlha Frances. 7412 Alaska \.c. V^ 

Washington 12. D. C. 
Wilkinson. Mary Wimherl.,. 327 \vanl Si.. 


Barbara Ellen. SOS W. 27lh Si.. I.umb.-rl, 


Bcnnie Ruth. 514 lave Si.. P. O. 817. 

Narrow.. Va. 


Bonnie. Bt. 2. East Bend 


Elizabeth Ann. Manleo 


Frances Jeanrlle. .122 Circle Dr.. Fa, ,11. 

W illiams. 

Frances Louise. 1506 Fairfax Ave. Elizal, 


Hiawatha Jean. Boavcrdam 11,1. . Hov 801, 


Jewell Deal, 242 E. Polo Rd., Win ,.s 

w Uliams, 

Margaret Blaoche Box 384. Silcr City 


Mar, Faye, Rl. 1. Robhlns 


Mildred Elizabeth. Three Mile Rural -tali 



P.=e> loan. Boleros. 


Sarah Kalhryn. New ion Grove 


Sue B.. Pear Tree Poini Rd.. Norolon. Co 

w n, Virginia 

WUUferd \.,.l,.. h, 
WUllngbam, Hon, J„ 

713 I 

li. I 


6 1. m.,.i. si.. Brevard 
Willis, Patriria Ann, I K.I Vr.,.,1.11 St, Mink I ad in, 

Wllo.oih. N.ll Bennett, I'Hi Beaak St., » ,,.- Salem 

Wll.on. Beta) Ann. l.illloi.,,. 

« .1 Ball M.o. li... 7g, p„lk,lllo 

Wilson, Fa. rone M.ln St., P1I..1 M 

w il.,,„. M Jr . Franesa Rl I, Ban 166. D. 1 .,eit.-.lllo 

Wll.on. Mar, Leonard, 167 III. r,. II I... 

Wilasn, Miriam Ell.sboih. III. Z, N.I... 

WIISOD, Orlo.l. Anno. III. I. Il.„ 91.1. Iloid.vllle 

Wll.on. RebeCCa Jane 815 Wa.hlngl,.n A.e. W . I,|..„ 


Wll.on. Sylvia, 2 W. Hrolhor Dr. I.roo 
Wilson, Mr- Vila. I.. 1(17 ll'Forroll St, 

» Inch, iter, i.ra.. Howard, MM »■•-• 

W inrhclrr. Mar, Harl.oo. ,IO I \,.r, t, 

u,i ,,,.1,1 \ii., Ann. Choeewtnlt) 
Winfr.,. Barbara I., no. Hi. I, B... 239. Pf,g,„.„ 
Wlngalo. Mar, Alice 109 Meridian ■.(.. ||„,ho,f..rdt 
Wlngfield, Jo Anno. Il„. I 1811. H.-id.ville 

Winkler, Margaret Ann. B..s 118. CaatenU 
Winkler, Reba, IIS Broadway si.. Lonob 
Winn. Luc, Gary, Hi. I. Boa 2n I, flandiaaaa 

Winn.r. Virginia 12 12 P.mlio,, llr «.,..„l.., 
Win. |, a, I. LoulM l.orham. Il„, (M, Urn lil. 

Winston, Carol, Hi. 2. Virgin,,., v.. 

Wi.o. 11,11, Paulino. (r..-.,,„r. 

Wisseman, Mary Graham. 313 E.lgo.orlh St., i.r I.. 

Wilhrow. Jan. (arol.n. III. I. II.,. 281- t. Marion 
Wolfe Mar, Smith. Hi. 3. Monnl oh,. 
Wolf.. Sail] Park.. 111. .1. Mounl Oli.o 
Wolfe. Sara Jane 1 911 1 Dilworlh Rd. E.. I h.rlolle 
Wood. Janice F.,e Rt. 2. Clayton 
Woodard. In,,. ISO] Lui -I ll.aufor.l 
Woodard. Lorlei. Rt. I. Box II8.A. Croon. 1. era 
Woodard. Nancv. 11117 Nioh.,1. Dr.. Kaloigh 
Woodard. Rulh Lucinda. Hr,...., I it. 



Inn. 117 W. Wa.hingl.m \..„ II ,.,. r (,(< 

Woolard. Boll. Sue Hi. I. Box 1811. Washington 

Wooaley, J« Anne Jonestown Rd.. Hi. 2. WlmrloabSalea 
Woolen. Anne St. 

Wooleo. Ka, Sh.lmiro. I01S W. Rranoh -t 
Woreley, Ann Regins. 408 Fa. lorn Si.. Croon. illc 
Wrenn. Sail. Ka>. 1811(1 Ingl.-.ide Dr.. Cl 1 1 nail at II 
Wrench. Vyrollie Rt. 2. Box 262. II.,-. I... r.. 

Wright, Annette, 11(16 Riverside t,o.. Elisabeth (it, 

Wriehl. Annie Carolyn. IHln Catawba lee, I harlolt. 
Wright. Ksthryn Ann. 813 E. Main. Linrololon 
Wright. Pat-, O.lom. F. ( huroh St, Let 

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. Phyllis Carol, n. 2IHII The Plaza. I harlolt. 3 
■ nis. Elisabeth Adele Rox 86. Hill...,. S. I 
a. Jean. Rl. 1. BarnavHla 
a, Clara. Ill Maryland Si.. Spiodale 

on. Suzanne 735 I akc Dr.. Baliimore Md. 

Martha Lee Box 211. Ta, l..r.. ill, 
e. Alice Faye, Hi. I. Box 237. Iliokor, 
r. Angela Elaine IOl Roanoke Ave. Roaooke R 
:. Ann. Box 61. 

B. Barbara Joan. 1339 W. Fourth St.. Win.ion 
c. Ella Jean. Ill V „ung Si.. Henderson 
,, J,„oo ll.i.lo. 111.. I ..„n(r, llul. llr. Iharl 

.. Mrs. Mar,. Rl. I. llor.. ~l 

:. P.lrioia Carol, n. Ta, lor., ill. 


i M.. Brevard Rd.. Aedon 
I anise, lit. I. Box 162-A. Marl. 
Anils. 1930 Thoma. t>... I ha 
2513 Camden Rd.. Creensboro 

. 2912 E. Be.seoicr A>, Green 

Zarhary. Sail, Drnoice Ch 
Zch. Betty Grace 1117 Magnolia Si.. 
Zeigler. Kay Kennedy. 2707 Haielwoo 
Zclinski. Ruth Helen. Rl. 3. Lincolnloi 

Rd.. Graham 


A Girl in a Library 11 

Administration 38 

Administrative Assistants 41 

Alumnae Association 148 

Art Clubs 168 

Beauties 185 

Carolinian 154 

Choir 169 

Club Presidents 142 

Commercial Class 130 

Consolidated University Council 22 

Coraddi 174 

Dedication 8 

Department Heads 156 

Elections Committee 19 

Elliott Hall 28 

Faculty 162 

Faculty Informals 158 

Festival of the Arts 166 

Finance Board 19 

Freshman Class .... 46 

Golden Chain 21 

Honor Board 19 

Honorary Organizations 153 

Interfaith Council ... 179 

Interfaith Forum 178 

Judicial Board 20 

Junior Class 80 

Lecture Series 190 

Legislature 1 8 

Marshals 192 

National Student Association 26 

Orchestra 1 69 

Outstanding Seniors 29 

Phi Beta Kappa 163 

Pine Needles 194 

Points Committee 19 

Recreation Association 144 

Religious Organizations 180 

Senior Class 98 

Service League 27 

Social Science Forum 152 

Sophomore Class 58 

Student-Faculty Reviewing Committee 19 

Student Government 16 

Television . 1 72 

Theater of the Woman's College 170 

Town Students Association 146 

Upperclassmen and Commercial 

House Presidents 24 

Young Women's Christian Association 181 

in fflvnwviam